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5 Star Chef 710W 19 in 1 Automatic BMSSH010

5 Star Chef 710W 19 in 1 Automatic BMSSH010

2.0 from 5 reviews

Sent it back

I bought this bread maker mainly to make dough as I bake in the oven and have a Pizza oven which I make the dough for in a breadmaker. My old trusty Panasonic broke down after 12 years and so I decided to buy this one, what a mistake. The first 2 lots of dough I made resulted in the outside of the machine getting so hot you could not put your hand on it. The recipe book is useless as it is all chinese bread recipes with eggs and milk and other ingredients we would never put in a loaf of bread. I tried a loaf from start to finish but ended up with a brick. Tried six times to make dough of various hydration levels but all failed due to the heat produced by the machine which broke down the gluten in the dough. Fortunately I finally got my money back when Ebay stepped in and told the supplier to refund me instead of trying everything possible to avoid paying.

Purchased in January 2019 at Ebay.

Build Quality
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Bread Quality & Consistency

First us was great

Brand new and used for first time today.. perfect loaf. Used Lauke Soy and linseed, used 800gm, 2tbs caster sugar, 3 tbsp olive oil, tsp salt, 1 sachet yeast. Set to 8, dark crust for 750gm loaf. A little,over 3 hours a perfect loaf. Reading other reviews, I must add that this is a first use, need to see if it continues to work as good as the first time. So far so good.

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Have fine tuned this one after about 5 loaves.....now I place a full packet of Laukes bread mix, 600gm, instead of sugar I use 3 tbsp maple syrup, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp salt and 1.5 tsp yeast. But I have increased the amount of warm water to 340ml. I set the unit at 8 (for multigrain), medium crust, 1000gm loaf. I now get a loaf that is a light lighter. Originally it was a bit doughy. I think the extra water did the trick. My mistake on the first note...It shows 800gm, but I was using only 400 gm. Apologies.

a big metal heap of junk

Before buying this machine, I asked if it had a Gluten Free setting. Definitely YES .

Was in hospital for months and didn"t even think of it for couple of months.Finally tried and NO GF setting. Have tried every setting I thought would be much the same , a lot of expensive GF and other ingredients in the bin.
A heap of junk

Contacted the company never replied.
Probably a waste of time trying for a refund but will make the effort

Buyer beware!

Be wary of 5 Star Chef! Bread maker had been used approx a dozen times before tripping safety switch. Was definitely this appliance that caused safety switch to trip nothing else as it happened 3 times before I threw it out. No where can I find a company called "5 Star Chef" probably some piece of junk made in india/China that makes total rubbish. Do the maths it's actually cheaper to buy bread!

Bit of a Hit & Miss

This is a lovely looking unit, very easy to use, cleans up really well and easily, but a bit noisy, good for me as I wear a hearing aid, nice load beep. I love the fact that you can remove the fruit & nut dispenser so you can give it a real good clean. The bread recipes that come in the little white book bake what looks to be a perfect loaf, but they turn out to be a very heavy dense bread that after three hours of cooking taste like its not cooked properly. That being said when I used my Lauke bread mix using the measurements in the book it came with, I ended up throwing it out just an awful brick of bread. So I decided to use the measurements that I used to use in my Panasonic bread maker 600g of mix, 360ml of water, and 2 teaspoons of yeast. The result a beautifully high light & fluffy loaf of bread. So basically I would suggest using the measurements that you used to use in any other bread maker that you may have owned. If you have never had a bread maker before go with the measurements on the actual bread mix itself, it will be a bit of trial and error. This is the only reason I gave a 3 star rating, if you have never used a bread maker before I think people will be put off by the bread recipes in the book and think the machine is faulty. Its not but as the machine comes from out of China the book does not go into any real detail. I have had this bread maker for around three weeks now, so I can't comment on how long it will last, but for the price which is excellent I was willing to give it a whirl before I brought the replacement part for my Panasonic which I have kept just in case!

Questions & Answers

@WennyA- you say this bread maker is useless because it does not have a button to make your bread gluten free? Doesn't it actually depend on the ingredients you put in there decipher whether it's gluten free or not?
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Dont know a lot about gluten free cooking as it was not long ago that I was put on a restricted food program. Apart from the ingredients there must be a particular way the bread is cooked. I tried 3/4 different settings and the result was a disaster. Recipes were given to me by people who had made them in a machine with GF setting. The last recipe I used with amounts of ingredients to suit breadmaker, overflowed and filled fown into the sides of the machine, this was on the setting I thought would be closest to GF. Apart from that the machine isnt much good, tried to make a fruit loaf for my daughter and the fruit container although it was clipped in fell out into the dough , no matter how many times I clipped int in fell into the mixture. Fortunately I kept a check on each stage. Frankly the bread maker is a dead loss. If I hadn't been in and out of hospital and too sick to do anything would have sent it bsck for a refund well before this


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