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Contaminated Fuel -Croydon Hills / Ringwood North

7th Dec 2018 I purchased diesel (filled tank) at the Croydon Hills outlet and then made another purchase on the 12th Dec 2018 of diesel (filled tank) at the Ringwood North branch.
Shortly after leaving the Ringwood North branch, i get a notification on the dash that I have water in the fuel filter.
Took vehicle to local Ford dealer and was advised that the the fuel in the tank was contaminated with water.(sample supplied)
Having received a bill for $370 for repairs and a further $90 in fuel costs, I decided to lodge a claim with 7 Eleven who allegedly investigated the claim.
Their response stated that "it was inconceivable that i was the only recipient of contaminated fuel" and that my claim was being rejected.
I made further contact with 7 Eleven after receiving their reply and stated that i was deeply offended with their reply which in effect implied i was lying.
Given the fact i had purchased fuel from two seperate 7 eleven stores only days apart and that on each occasion I filled the tank, i politely suggested that they should revisit my claim with the view to resolving it in my favour.
They replied in early Feb 2019 and advised the claim was again rejected.
Having reviewed several comments and posts on various sites, it would appear i am not the only person who has been treated in this manner by this company.
7 Eleven can be assured that I will never spend a single cent in any of their outlets ever!!!!
If i could give them no stars, I would have.

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCroydon Hills & Ringwood North

$1 coffee is the best

I love your $1 coffee! You can never be wrong when you can see seven eleven and quickly get a coffee for just a dollar! the best and cheapest way to keep yourself awake on the road! kudos

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo

The best customer service ever

The staff at the 7/11 on the corner of Asmore Rd and Southport Nerang Rd are the best I have ever come across. I have watched over the last 4 months of being a regular there for my coffee :) They treat each customer with the same personal touch, regardless of age, gender, colour or limitations. Every single person is made to feel that that store is open specifically for them. Well done guys, you make my day every day.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store Locationsouthport nerang rd/ashmore Rd

Worst customer service crnr Stud Road and Clow Street

I had voucher for discounted petrol , shop keeper named Saji refused to accept it and he made me to pay to full amount. He was very rude and arrogant. The petrol price in other bunks and pertrol stations was $135.00 cents on 31st May 2019 but only this shop price was $167.00 cents. It is a daytime robbery. I do not recomend this shop for anyone. Will complain to consumer court as well about petrol price hiking.

Store Locationcrnr Stud Road and Clow Street

Rude manager, aggressive service

7/11 - 17mile Rocks
Unexpected transaction decline. Offered to return with payment. Even boss offered to pay direct over phone. Manager was excessively rude and aggressive. Situation was handled poorly and with little regard for service. Manager was non approachable and was not open to compromise to resolve the matter.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store Location7/11 seventeen Mile Rocks

Great experience

I have visited the 7- Eleven on Hay St in Perth several times this year and I have always been greet warmly and found what I was looking for.

The 7-Eleven app provides frequent discounts and product freebies and the items have always been in stock and available.

Keep up the good work guys!

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHay St Perth

Mad man in Carpark permanently.

i parked my car in 7/11 Rockdale, cnr of Bestic st & West Botany Rd. I hear a voice calling, hey you come fu#kin here now.
He then sceamed out profanities, insults
& persecution of my nationality.
This is the 4th time this has happened at that perticular store. I rang the store twice but they were too busy to listen.
This vile individual sits in 7/11 car park all day often drinking alcohol.
After his insults he came up to my window & started ranting again. And at this stage he told me one of the 7/11 workers told him I don't like him, which is very true as he has done this a few times before. At this stage he concentrated on an other person. And started to scream obscenities & to tell us to leave 7/11 car park now, like he owns it.
I have been a loyal customer to 4 or 5, 7/11 stores in my area & I like the store owners in my local 7/11 very much.
But yesterday was the straw that broke the camels back.
I will never go to a 7/11 again only because of the fool in the car park.
I can't understand how a business could allow a drunk to sit in a car park and abuse customers.
If you see a dark

grey ute dont park close.
Or if you are of Greek origin avoid this store as he hates all Greeks with a passion & may start on you.

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationRockdale.

Treated like a thief

Every time I go into the 7 Eleven on Chapel St Prahran, I at times encounter a young blond woman who makes me feel like I am a thief, I ask for the cigarettes and she holds them back until my efptos transaction goes through. I am a professional and regular customer yet she behaves as if the cigarettes are gold and that I am about to steal them. Ridiculous and I have not encountered this behaviour anywhere else. Will be buying my cigarettes elsewhere from now on.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationChapel St Prahran

fuel app is not what they offer

After using the fuel app to secure cheap fuel correctly there was a failure in the app and i was notified as such by there system. I had numerous emails over the following days providing the info to that i was sent and they are useless and wont fix the problem I missed cheap fuel, they cant provide one piece of service. Dont but their fuel as its as good a quality as the servce they provide. Dont expect help if you have a problem

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationSeven eleven Wantirna

Dirty Fuel

I also filled up with unleaded at Green Point NSW on the 18.4.2019
The following day I managed to go 1k before the car shook and shuddered and finally stopped
Nrma finally got me going but also said that 7/11 and United are notorious for water/dirty fuel
In his experience fuel problems with cars are usually associated with those two brands

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGreen Point NSW

7Eleven Just Go Card a Scam

I don't like credit cards but occasionally I need one to do things like book a car or hotel.

I went into 7/11 in Australia and purchased a 7Eleven Just Go Card. The reason I purchased it is because it states on the packet and in the product disclosure statement it can be used "anywhere in the world". Once I loaded the card with funds I then used it to make a $50 purchase here in Australia.

My card was instantly suspended and all funds frozen. The reason, I used it in Australia which is where I live.

When I contacted customer support they refused to reactivate it unless I supply a scanned passport, a utility bill and the reason I bought the card.

Apparantly 7/11 doesn't think Australia is located "anywhere in the world".

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationSt Clair, Australia

Water in fuel - 7-11 Greenslopes

I filled my car up with special unleaded on 11/03/19 at Greenslopes 7-11. My new car basically broke down a few kms later and the mechanic has said there is water in the fuel line. Has anyone else experienced this? What was the outcome when you lodged a complaint?

Rude staff off food

The food I bought for my gf was off I’m lucky I didn’t feed her the 3 month out of date yogurt . Also there is an Indian man there that likes to insult the way people look there facial hair and ask personal questions and make rude comments .
Usually the food is fine , but few occasions near death experience

Terrible customer service at this store Pascoe Street &, West St, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

Worst customer service from a lady staff this morning(1/2/2019).not something you would wanna face on the first day of a month.
I would have given a no star if there was an option.
While i was trying to show my fuel app for redeeming an offer on my turn.staff ignored me with an attitude and said "next please" to the person behind me in the que.
I said i haven't finished and requested to redeem the voucher on my phone.
She declined my voucher redeem request and said only one voucher per person
So should i pay for fuel first,then go back and stand in the que and pay for coffee?? What the hell is happened with that staff..never again i am going to use any service from this store.

Not Leichhardt, sydney.

I've been overcharged at 711 consistently at both the Norton St location and the Crystal St location.
I never receive the 3 for $10 because I go there to break $100 and end up getting a couple things.
I paid $6 for each supposed 3 for $10 item. Unless it was misplaced under the 3 for $10 sign.
Also I pay almost $4 for a doughnut, (Krispy Kreme) and they're brick hard like they've been stored wrongly or something, are they old? What gives? Why do I pay almost $4 for doughnuts that end up disgusting me because of whatever happened to them that I only find out After it's too late and im not at the store
Also, now that I'm paying $0.15 per bag, why is it allowed to charge $0.50 for one straw? Is that due to all the drug users I'm penalised?
I'm seriously considering boycotting 711 forever if I can learn to maneuver around them. They rip you off in almost every possible way!

Also, why am I charged full price if the Slurpee machine is completely liquid instead of frozen shave-ice texture along with the extra $0.50 for a product that is sub par

Shity as customer service

I'm not going to waste my time explaining, I wasted already too much...
Bad, bad, bad experience.
Avoid this cheap people.

Does not provide “customer service”

Company policy not to provide restrooms/toilets. Poor business practice. How is that a “service station” or appropriate “customer service”? Very disappointing.

Very inappropriate staff member.

I was in the Ferntree Gully store today to buy petrol. The non-Australian staff member started off by telling me I was beautiful and asked me if the name on my necklace was my actual name. He then proceeded to ask if I was married (I am) and did I have children. He told me his name (unprompted) and said he is there all the time. He asked why he hadn't seen me there before. The whole scenario was quite creepy and inappropriate considering I have never met him before. Needless to say, I couldn't get out of there fast enough and will not go back.

Staff error in not collect for my fuel even though I gave them by debit card.

I filled my car with diesel fuel on 4th Jan at around 10am. I went inside the store, got myself a cup of coffee and proceeded to pay for the purchases. I handed my debit card to the employee and she processed it, and then handed it back my card. I assumed that she had charged the full amount. Coffee and fuel. When I was at home, I received a call from police that I had refused to pay for the fuel and should rectify it immediately. Totally surprised, I checked my account and sure enough, only $2 were debited. So I returned to the Entrance Store and paid for the fuel. I know the staff there and always buy my coffee. The employee told me that I had handed her $2 cash and then left the store. I reminded her that I did not. I paid it through my debit card. She denied this.
So I went to the police station and informed them of this but they were not interested. I then complained to the 7/11 online and their reply was that after their investigation, their manager stated that I had done the" runner" and this is their final decision. I am now seeking legal advise and will definitely follow this in the court.

Classless treatment of customers

1. Nagging people to buy confectionary instead of letting people decide for themselves
2. Demanding that people prepay for fuel (which I subsequently oblige by buying only $5 and demand a receipt whilst paying on credit card then watch their face as you fill up). Another trick I use with these rude attendents is wet a $5 note in the wash bucket and stick it to the attendent's window that way they have to go outside to take it off of the window...
3. Deliberately delay activating the pump....(which is bad for busy days because customers line up and can't get fuel as quickly).

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I left my park lights on at 7/11 and this girl serving wouldn't open pump and then when I approached her she said my park lights must be off otherwise I can't get fuel. She wasn't polite either.
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