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NQR Grocery Clearance Store

NQR Grocery Clearance Store

3.8 from 26 reviews

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  • 2 reviews

Please put a price tag on your products


We shop weekly at Nqr Frankston and are happy with the staff . But it would be nice to have the correct prices displayed on all their items and not having to ask the staff what price is this ,due to no price tags.Even worse wrong prices displayed and not knowing until checkout , it wastes our time and yours.Hope someone at Nqr reads this and that we are not wasting our time.

Value for Money
Product Quality
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Store LocationNqr Beach street Frankston
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  • 83 reviews

Their pricing and range is good....

Value for Money
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Customer Service
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Cheapest store in Aus


Great range of snacks, beer, wine, spirits, dairy, crafts, pet food and my favorite... Ice cream. Something for everyone. Really.

Great bargains. One staff member (works saturdays) at frankson NQR, completely rude.


Was served by a lady that rolled her eyes at me and gave me a blatant stare and made rude remarks everytime i made civil polite conversation with her. Other staff have been fine, but this lady on Saturdays is completely rude. Poor customer service.


JoybellBayswater North

  • 4 reviews

Good place for bargains


We regularly shop at the Kilsyth shopping center weekly. Although we do use the other supermarkets there we always call in at NQR and see what bargains we can get. We rarely walk out without purchasing something.


StephenCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

  • 17 reviews

Good value, we always check at NQR before going to Coles or Woolworths!


I'm talking about the Kangaroo Flat store. First of all it's important to remember that NQR stands for "not quite right" so many of the products offered are close to the "use by" or "best by" date, or deleted lines or end of line so what's available varies a fair bit from week to week. However, once you understand and accept that this is the nature of the business, it's a great place to shop. The staff at the Kangaroo Flat store are always very helpful and friendly and make shopping there a pleasant experience. I note that a lot of the staff have been working there for some time. There are generally good specials in the frozen and dairy sections and recently I have been buying some very nice Belgian beer at a great price!

Beware the Rose


Our store at Kangaroo Flat offers a good range of products at very good prices and products change regularly. To save a stop at the bottle shop on way home from shopping decided to try your Rose....unfortunately it was undrinkable

Great deals and bargains


Prices are amazing on most things. They have a big sellection of frozen foods and other goodies. Dont expect a supermarket because it a bulk buy store. Always have differnt specials and products you wont find at safeway or coles. Worth checking out.



  • 3 reviews

Great but encourages you to overeat!


Good stuff, cheap with ever changing variety. Lots of chips, nuts and drinks. But sometimes gourmet specials. You might buy too much of the wrong stuff though and that's the downside



  • 15 reviews

great place for budget shoppers


i have shopped in NQR BALLARAT many years,always look in on a weekly basis,rarely leave without a load of super specials and named low cost groceries.I have yet to buy an item that was nqr,yes they have items we have never heard of that are end of run,cancelled o/s orders,over stocks but to date everything has been in perfect condition,the coolroom section always has some super lowpriced bargains in there,Just dont expect to do a full shop there,i go there first,then ALDI and then the big two for those MUST HAVE lines,being a pensioner i have to watch my pennies,THANK YOU NQR great staff great prices.

Treats we would otherwise have to go without


Jim Wu

Jim WuMelbourne

I love this store!


I'm a recently converted, now-passionate NQR shopper. I will go here every week to see if there are any bargains among the food I want, and then i buy up big. Their wine selection is also quite decent, I've found a few beautiful wines for $5 each



  • 4 reviews

Worth a look every week


If you see this shop, just keep walking past. Do not enter these dirty shops


Upon entering nqr shops, you notice the dirty floors, shelves and products. When I have purchased anything, I can be assured a trip to the doctors the next day. FOOD POISION HEAVEN. My advice if you see a nqr shop. Just keep walking. Want cheaper foods? Aldi, Coles and Safeway in my opinion are much cheaper and cleaner anyway. Time for this chain to close up again.

Bad Products, poor store layout, dirty shops, dirty floors. Grim and grot everywhere.



  • 60 reviews



ifi am at the shopping centre where the NQR store is I usually stop and pick up a few bargains. theprices are cheap, but I wouldn't expect to get my weekly groceries there. stillwell worth a look if you are after a bargain and if you need to buy in bulk. the last time I went into the store I was amazed by the politeness and friendliness of the staff member at the checkout.
cheap prices
Cant get everything I need in one shop.

Need for Understanding



JessLee1988Victoria, 3550

  • 9 reviews

Not for a full grocery shop


I love NQR. My local has very helpful and friendly staff and great bargains. You couldn't do your whole shop here and you have to bve flexible with brands etc but it's great to visit on the way to doing your big grocery shop for the week and I feel I have saved money there. I work in a cafe and we often get things cheaper in NQR than from our actual suppliers!
Specials change often so you can't get the same things each week



Terrible Store- Terrible Service


There was a poor range of stock available, and prices werent as competitive as I had expected. Service was less than adequate with an unprofessional approach and two issues with the register operator that required Manager intervention. This was an extreme waste of time, and I wont be returning, not soon, not ever.

Bad customer servicde, poor range, not that cheap.


rosiedesilvaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 8 reviews

great to stock up before a party


I always head to NQR if im expecting guests or going to a party, they almost always have a large election of nibbles, dips, cheeses and soft drinks at a fraction of the cost of the supermarket. The yoghurt is also very cheep and i often freeze this as 'ice-cream' if its close to the use by date.
Gives you the opportunity to try products you may not usually buy eg i tried the '5am organic yoghurt', which was about 50c a tub, and i loved it, now i get it from safeway but it's about $3.50!
The service isn't great at my local, and it can be hit and miss depending on what's in stock



  • 169 reviews

Suited to some


I have been to my local NQR a handful of times and I probably won't be returning any time soon. This store is great for the people on a tight budget but thats about it. The store layout is appalling and they have very narrow aisles with high shelves. If you like buying in bulk or items close to expiry dates then this is for you. If not and you like to buy everything in the one store (like me) then this isn't for you. There items change on a regular basis and there is no consistency with this store
Great for budget conscious

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Questions & Answers

pam carter

pam carterasked

Do they have pasta as I feed the poor in the community

1 answer

Hi Pam, As I said in my review, NQR stands for "not quite right" which means that they deal with "end of line" close to "best by or use date", deleted items, over production and such so you cannot count on them to have a full range at any time. However, they have most things most of the time. They generally have pasta of some sort; we were there today and although we didn't buy any pasta I recall that they had the dry pasta which they have pretty much all of the time, plus some of that very nice filled San Remo ravioli (or similar) in the dairy case. We weren't looking for pasta today so I didn't notice the price - sorry. What we purchased today was minimal but we bought high quality (relatively low fat and relatively high protein) frozen pizzas for $1.99 (440 gram) which is super cheap as an equivalent item in Woolworths or Coles would be $7 or $3.50 or $4.50 on special. Occasionally they have commercial size packs of stuff in the dairy case at amazingly low prices - yoghurt and sauces etc. Given the nature of your interest I suggest that you subscribe to their email which will give you advance notice of their weekly specials so you can review things on line rather than having to make a check in person. There is a nice young bloke named Rick (I think) who is the Manager and two very nice young women (named Sarah and Tina from memory) who are the Shift Managers and perhaps it would be worthwhile for you to introduce yourself to them?

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