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A Real Cool World FlexiBath

A Real Cool World FlexiBath

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Great product

Great product, no complaints. Does the job well, very spacious so it will last us a good couple years for our camping trips and perfect because it folds up very compact for packing into a full car of camp gear.

Purchased in April 2019 at Baby Bunting.


We have a small shower and no bath so bought this when our baby was 6 months old and had outgrown being bathed in a tub on the bench. He loves it and is still using it every day (he's now 2). He can lie down on his back with his head out of the water at one end and his feet pushing on the end at the other. He Mostly he sits in it and plays with his toys.
It folds up easily and stores in the corner of the shower and we don't notice it in between use.
The clip broke off after about a year of use, I can't quite remember the details but my husband and son accidentally dropped something on it I think. We have found another hook from something and now use that and it works perfectly.
I can see our son fitting into it for another few years, and we will buy the bath support for the next baby so we will have got fantastic use out of it.
Great design
Some mould on the soft plastic in the corners from folding it up wet

Update: we have been using the bath support for the past month with our new baby and find it's very supportive for him and he really relaxes in the bath. Update: our eldest is now 3, our baby is 8 months and they sit next to each other in their own Flexibaths. The original bath has a fair bit of "mould" on the parts of the bath that fold against each other (eg the corners) which I haven't been able to scrub off despite my best efforts. I figure if it's not coming off with scrubbing then it's not going to affect my sons. Still think this is a fantastic purchase!2017 update: original bath split at the edges after 5 years of daily use. Great value!

Average product

We bought this item about 3 years ago. It was used occasionally for our toddler averaging once a month then. It has been used more frequently recently since our second baby is born 6 months ago and the flexible sections have started to degrade and split with gaping holes for water to escape.
Small and compact
Short product life.

Compact Bathing Solution

I hate having things lying around the house and we only have a corner spa bath, which is not so practical for bathing a baby. We purchased a flexi bath mainly because it folds up and can be stored much easier than a regular baby bath. I sit this bath over my bathroom sink, which allows it to be a the perfect height for me and is also useful when draining the bath. I love that it has a bath plug.
Easy, compact fold. It is a great size for a bath when unfolded and is not in the way when not in use. It has a bath plug, so no need to try and tip the bath to empty it

Great idea

good size bath, love how it folds to store etc. bath seat/support was good too. The only thing it needs is some sort of stand. we had to put ours on the floor in the bathroom (dont have big enough bench space in there and kitchen too cold), so wasn't good on our backs. Only used it for a short amount of time, then we just put baby straight into normal bath.
easy to use, folds to store. bath seat good too.
no stand, heavy to lift and empty with water in it.

Very handy bath

We have been washing our daughter in this bath every day for two years. The joins are splitting now but I am going to buy a replacement as we have been otherwise very happy with it.

Our daughter is approaching 3, is large for her age, and still fits in the bath (sitting - she can't stretch out). It is the largest baby bath we could find on the market.
Larger bath for toddlers
The clip to hold it shut doesn't work very well.

Great product, poor quality

We have used our flexi bath 2-3 times a week for four months now. Unfortunately the flexible sections have already started to degrade and split, leaving gaping holes for water to escape. On contacting our retailer they agreed to replace it free of charge.

The folding functionality is wonderful and the bath itself functions well. Despite manufacturing quality issues I would still recommend this product to others with small houses - we simply could not fit a full size bath anywhere.
Great space saver, good size for range of ages
Poor manufacturing quality

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Would you please be able to tell me where was your flexibath made ? Was it from China or Denmark? Thanks.

A baby bath that doesn't take up space!

This has been pretty useful. In the past we had baby baths that sat like great obstacles in our bathroom or laundry. It's nice to be able to fold this up so small and tuck it to one side.
We have the red one, which looks very nice, and which I think will make an attractive drinks bucket when it's no longer a baby bath.
On the down side, the catch that keeps it folded closed protrudes into the bathing space when it's in use. It's small but a bit annoying.
I think it would be a pretty snug bath for a two-year-old, and it's a little on the deep side for comfortably holding a newborn, but very suitable in between.
That would only be a concern if you don't have an adult bath - an 18-month-old can easily sit in the normal bath, or have a shower for that matter. And it's not many baby baths that can be used for something else afterwards.
Space-saving, attractive, good quality, easy to use.
A little expensive, not a huge age-range but converts to other uses.

Love this item, wish I'd bought it sooner

We live In an apartment with a small bathroom and no tub. There's not even space to put a regular baby bath. At first we bathed our newborn in the laundry sink and then held him in the shower. By 11 months he weighed over 11kg so it was becoming impossible. I found this at a baby store and bought it straight away - its fantastic, is sturdy and it folds up but can be filed deeper than a regular baby bath so it can be used when the chid us older. The packaging says it lasts till four years but I suspect my son will be too big by then. I wish I'd gotten it when he was newborn, but still very happy with it.
Space saving

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update: We had another child and purchased the newborn support with it. Sometimes both kids would fit in the tub. Even now at 5.5, my eldest still likes to use it. We now live somewhere with a huge tub but still like to use this as it saves water

Great little bath

I have used this bath for my baby from when he was newborn to his present age of 7months. Initially I found it hard to find a height that was comfortable for bathing him as the bath is quite narrow and deep. I then purchased a bath aid which helped immensely. As a 7 month old, he no longer needs the bath aid as he can sit up which is lucky as with the bath aid he was running out of room. The bath folds up really easily, doesn't require much storage room and is good quality. Being able to fold it up, came in really handy when we went on holidays and stayed in a place without a bath. I can't see the bath lasting him much beyond 18months but will make a great toybox.
Folds up easily, compact, good quality

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Is the Fleixi Bath big enough for a 2 yr old?

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A Real Cool World FlexiBath
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