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Abbott's Village Bakery Light Rye

Abbott's Village Bakery Light Rye

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KateDarling Downs, QLD

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Used to be great.


I used to love this bread, but I feel like the recipe has been changed over the years and not for the better. Whiter, less flavour and sugary-er. Quite disappointed.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $4.00.

Won’t be buying anymore.


Have bought Abbott’s Village grain breads for a couple of years. But recently they have changed their packaging and the quality of the breads. The dough is tasteless and the seeds are almost none existent. Will not waste my money on this product any more. Helga’s is no better. Seems the selling of poor quality grocery items in Australia is becoming the norm now!!

Paying For Air Pockets


Three loaves now with massive air pockets, it's not rocket science, just make bread minus the air holes, please. Helga, here I come.


BrianPerth, WA

  • 2 reviews

No more light rye for me..


It appears that Abbotts Bakery have changed the light rye recipe and not for the better. They probably make more profit on the new recipe but only in the short term.

Better for my gut


Thank u. I find this bread nice to taste and light. Even full grains have caused issue for me this bread is enjoyable.


WillyCasino NSW

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Holy bread


I have been a keen consumer of Abbott's bread (wholemeal) for a few years. But about the last six loaves or so, huge bubble holes have been in every slice. Sorry, but now I'm a very happy Helga's bread man. No holes and no problem!

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Flavour and texture


I thought it may have been a bad batch but no they all have a side taste and I don't like this current texture , please go back to the original recipe, l will not buy this product any longer, please let me know when you return to the good recipe.

Now full of air.


We have been buying your Light Rye bread for many years, even before supermarkets started discounting it. Is this the reason you have changed the texture from quite firm to full of air. Now when you toast it, it goes to nothing. Come on, stop filling dough full of air. The slice thickness is great. Don't downsize.


jennywooGippsland, VIC

  • 21 reviews

used to like this bread


I have been buying this bread for a few years. It used to be a very nice bread. For the last few months the bread has been very soft and doughy almost the consistency of a cheap white bread. I have found Helga's bread has changed also. Are they made by the same bakery?.
Today I got so fed up with this soft doughy bread I got my bread maker out and will be making my own.
very disappointing.

soft, doughy, no body. even stays soft after a few days. has recipe changed?

Light Rye


Have finally found a bread that the whole family is happy with. i.e. Taste, Texture. Quality
The main problem is the thickness of the slices. For our smaller children they are just too thick at 15mm average. Would like to continue buying this bread but for our children's lunches it is too thick for them to
bite into. I will have to find other alternatives.
Taste, Texture. Quality
Slices too thick 15mm, Very Expensive only buy on sale.


RospatSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 48 reviews



I liked this bread as it doesn't seem to have too much sugar or salt, and so is a good base for any fillings, and toasts well. I am suspicious of breads that have too much flavour as it means they may have additives and I prefer my bread to be bland and healthy. The texture is good too.


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



I seem to be on a right rye bread mood at the moment and have tried it in all the brands I can find. So far, this one is not my favourite. Helga's has more flavour and the Aldi one is almost as good as Helga's and is much cheaper. Overall, this particular bread is okay, but I like it only when there is no other light rye to buy.
This is really good right bread with just the hint of rye.
It is expensive, so I have only bought it when it was on sale. Sometimes, the supermarkets have specials where you can buy 2 breads and save money, so thats nice. This bread is very very light in flavour and also doesnt have the thickness taste as the other light ryes I have tried.


EileenGarrawayVic, 3178

  • 113 reviews



One of the best brands of bread that I have had in a long time and I would recommend it to other people without hestitation.
It keeps very fresh and the flavour is just perfect. Nothing bad could be said about the Light Rye bread as it has everything that you require in a bread and by that I mean when you put on the butter or margarine the bread stays intack and does not end up with holes. This bread is great for toasting not too thin and not overly thick. I tend to buy different varieties of this bread as they are all very flavoursome.
Nothing bad to say about this bread at all.



  • 95 reviews



I only discovered Abbott's bread when I was in the supermarket and saw it on special. I thought why not choose a different brand. I am happy I decided to take the leap to try this bread.
It was great for making sandwiches and toasting it.
The texture was nice and fluffy, I am very fussy when it comes to bread, and overall Abbott's is a good choice. No negatives about the bread, it lasts in my household of 2. It is a nice rye bread, very filling might I add.
Stays fresh for longer, cheaper than other breads. Nice flavour
Nothing negative about this product



  • 33 reviews



Abbott's Village Bakery Bread is very new to me, discovered very recently due to it being on sale. Having tasted it, I will not be returning to other breads whenever I can purchase Abbotts. It was great in a sandwich and equally delicious toasted. My family loved it as it also went well under the griller, which is their favourite way to eat bread.
Fantastic taste and texture. Happy with the price-tag considering the quality.
None that I can think of. I recently had my Grandmother visit and she complimented me on the bread. It must be great. I haven't heard her compliment me on anything before!


JaejaeWA, 6059

  • 72 reviews



This is a delicious rye that is offers the taste of a rye bread without the denseness. It is a large loaf that is still able to fit in a regular sized toaster. Good value for money (particularly when on sale), it is popular with everyone in my family (including children). It keeps well in the pantry and is still fresh after two days (after that I'd recommend toasting!). This is the kind of bread that you would be wise to buy if you would like the 'homemade' experience from the supermarket.
great taste, good size, value for money.
probably looks a little too 'healthy' for young children to be enthused about.

Questions & Answers

Liz McLeod

Liz McLeodasked

My elderly Father In Law purchased a loaf of Abbott's Light Rye on Wednesday (at Woolworths in Gladstone Park, Victoria).
This load contained a TOOTH PICK. Luckily it was discovered before he injested it. We are now very concerned by this incident.
How do we know this is an isolated case.

2 answers

You will need to report the issue to the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) who is a government authority about the foreign object being in the product. http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumerinformation/foodcomplaints.cfm


Hi, I can't helpyou wth this enquiry at all! Yes, contact Food Standards..

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