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I still haven’t received my products months later. I preordered an item in June, paid for it, then they sent me an email saying it would be delayed and was sold out (why was I still allowed to buy it if it was sold out) then gave me an arrival date in August. Heard nothing so complained then got a reply saying it would arrive mid September. Will never shop here again.

Fast delivery, good sales, gift wrapping service thumbs up

I am actually considering unsubscribing from their emails as I keep buying too much stuff for my daughter! Really good service, fast delivery, fun merchandise, and the gift wrapping service was a great time saver for this year's birthday!

Terrible Service No Contact On Online Orders

I placed an online order a month ago, there is a hold up on one item out of about 12 items. They have not sent what they have available now. Waiting on one item to hold up a large order is nothing but ridiculous. Other online stores send back orders separately but not the ABC Shop Online. I gather there is no guarantee these items will arrive for Christmas at all, as they never make any contact with you. They need to look at the way they are running this store, no wonder they are not doing well with the ABC Shops. I would say too ikey to pay for two lots of postage, no good customer service here. If I have to wait any longer then I will have to cancel this order as it is needed for Christmas. Plus they are very expensive as well, I won't be ordering again of them as they are just plain and simple terrible.

Not worth the effort

These guys are totally unreliable. I purchased a book to be delivered overseas for a birthday present, 6 weeks later still no delivery. I contacted them and then I find out that book is out of stock until August, another 6 weeks away! I cancelled my order purchased it somewhere else and it will be delivered within 5 days. If they wanted my business they could of got the book in sooner. Over 12 weeks is just ridiculous. Didn't bother to keep me informed either. Do not recommend!

Ordered 2 items only received 1

First time online order with abc online. I paid for 2 items and only received 1. The receipt inside the box says both items have been paid but nothing about if the other item being on back order or not. Hoping it's still on its way as I've not been notified via email or phone of any product delay. Sorry I'm a little disappointed but happy with the postage delivery time.

Very abrupt workers in shop and on phone!!!

I ordered three weeks ago season 2,3,4,5,6 all were available at that time (they didn't have season 1 so I ordered from another supplier)I paid straight away as this is a Christmas present only to be rudely told that I may or may not get it delivered before Christmas as they couldn't now source 3,5 I was spoken to very badly and I will never buy from abc again. I am house bound so I cannot just look through the stores as I was advised to .

Great service, but expensive DVDs

One thing that I really like about the ABC shop is that they provide great, old-fashioned customer service. Many times I have ordered in a book or DVD to have them very efficiently call me as soon it has arrived in stock. Having said that, the merchandise can be expensive, and it can be much cheaper to go to other retailers for DVDs in particular.

Easy to use and fast website

Like the quick and easy flow of this shopping site. Easy to look for what I need and lot of choice. Also, quite impressed by the delivery and customer service. Only problem is that some of its products are a bit expensive. Good quality ABC stuff which you can't really get anywhere else.
Usabilty, delivery speed and customer service

Almost a Favourite Aunt (Online)

(Remember the ABC used to be referred to as Aunty) I've ordered many times from the ABC online shop and I do applaud them for working to improve the site. For example, originally when you paid via PayPal you didn't get auto tracking for your items like you did if you paid by credit card. Nuts! So, glad equity across payment methods is there now and I am sure it reduces a lot of phone questions put to their staff.

The shop site is attractive and easy to navigate but I wish their search frame would delete their own words inside it when you begin to type. Not the cheapest place for DVD's and I think they could bulk up their rewards system. I've spent quite a lot there and never get a free offer or anything similar and that drops my loyalty and now price and availability are my prime considerations when choosing who to order from, as well as dispatch times. ABC are fairly good re dispatch - usually on second day after ordering - but beware Christmas and other busy periods. I have found that paying for the 2 day express option no better than the 3 day one so consider this and where you live. I'm in Sydney so not really worth paying more.

They post via the St Leonard's Bulk Centre and I have had problems with this Centre not sending packages on for lengthy periods (a week in one case for a premium express package). ABC won't simply ring them and have it moved on but they do lodge an enquiry. On two occasions this has 'unblocked' the parcel within 48 hours. Still annoying though to lose so much time for nothing. The ABC's range is pretty good across say BBC shows and series and it would be rare I would find something on another site that I couldn't find at ABC. On several occasions I've found something at ABC online shop not available elsewhere. Better site information about DVD's than most competitors. Ability to provide DVD reviews also.
Range, Availability, Attractive site with extra DVD info.
Price, occasional wait times after dispatch, inability until recently to track PayPal purchases

Great to use easy and fast!

I ordered a few items for Christmas from the ABC shop on line and found the delivery was very cheap $2.95 at the time.
I got my products with in two weeks and found them to be of high quality.
Fast cheap delivery
Would like more to chose from in the kids toy range


ABC Shop is the most overpriced store I've ever seen for cd/dvd, not only that but the staff are very reluctant to even look at customers let alone serve them, it's safe to say I'll never return.
Store layout
Poor customer service, overpriced.

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