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I've been a long time advocate for this company. Spent thousands of dollars and always stated they were value for money.

Staff were always helpful, service was always great...until recently...

not once, not twice but 3 times I was let down by this store...

Taking on their advice to ensure delivery and paying extra or the courtesy and it just didnt happen.

No bother to make adequate reparations for consistent inconvenience caused but rather a bit of a slap in the face.

Will not return to Artist unless they can make amends and will be advising all my students and peers to do the same.

Sincerely dissapointed

Love it!

About a week ago i purchased the LP60 wasn't expecting much for the price, but its a beautiful looking guitar, and myself being a beginner it really doesn't matter, but i was pleasantly surprised, it sounds far better than most guitars i picked up at my local music store of around the same value..

It feels good, heavy and solid... looks, well almost too good to be played LOL, really enjoying it so far.

Service from Artist guitars is excellent, shipping was really fast, no complaints about packaging.

Actually, i'm about to make yet another purchase from the Artist Ebay store, either the AG45 or an STH, lol i'm hooked

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Return Claim MadeNo
Glad you’re happy with the LP60 Glen! It’s a fine guitar. If you need a hand choosing your next axe let us know.Thanks, actually ordered the AG45 the day i posted the review, and STH last week.. been playing the AG45 non stop since it arrived, Loving its tone, its literally the perfect guitar for a beginner such as myself, feels good, thin neck, action was set perfect, looking forward to playing with the STH when it arrives in a couple days. As for my next NEXT axe, that Gnosis 6 is looking pretty sweet! Anyway thanks again!


I chose the courier option however I wish I had chosen the local post... It took ages to get to me...but when it did...yaya ..what a beautiful piece of craftmanship for the money...it is as awesome as it looks and plenty of room for pitch bending...it does have a bottom E buzz but no different to the Fender squire tele /strat range...more bang for your buck...really happy with this purchase...

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Thanks for the review Sarah! There should be no string buzz on our guitars so if you're having issues with this please give us a call or reply to the invoice we emailed you. We'll gladly troubleshoot your problem.

Very friendly staffs

I love visiting music stores and Artist Guitars' staffs at St. Peters are very accommodating. They even recommend me the right gauge of strings for my electric guitar. The Elixir strings that they've had recommended was so good to the feels and just right for my sweaty hands because of its coated feature. Great customer service guys!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationSt. Peters

Best value for money beginner guitar

The product was so good that this is the first review I've ever done for anything. Bought the 3/4 Classical guitar value pack for my daughter and the guitar was outstanding not to mention it came with gig bag, picks and extra strings. I had previously bought a 3/4 Yamaha for my son 2 years ago and just the guitar itself cost almost double what I paid for this guitar, add all the accessories and its more than double and the Artist guitar is a better product. The inbuilt tuner is just fantastic and makes tuning very easy for the kids. Also got the guitar 2 days after ordering and was informed all the way or its progress and arrival. I'll definitely be back to get another for my youngest.

I’m over the moon

I an artist guitar package and i got absolutely love it. Their online store is very honest as you get exactly what you see.
Oh I have fallen in love with my guitar and my wife gets jealous of her.

Best quality for small amount of money EVER

I have bought a few things from artist guitars (diy guitar kit, strap, guitar and bass strings, capo, etc) and all of their stuff is just so good quality. My diy guitar kit was only $99 because it was marked down in a sale, and Everything was made correctly, like the screw holes are in the correct place, the neck fits perfectly, and once it was put together, it played, looked and sounded amazing. If this is what you get for $99 here imagine how good the 400 guitars they sell would be. I will buy from them again soon
Also they have free fast shipping to anywhere in Australia! I recommend artist guitars to everyone

Great Instruments at Great Prices

I have been playing guitar and bass for over 40 years - some of those years as a busy professional. When I started out entry level instruments were pretty crummy; guitars that had an action you could walk under, and sounded just as bad. To get anything near the quality of the Artist guitars and basses meant outlaying for an American made instrument and was very costly.

Now that I only play professionally occasionally I don't need a lot of expensive kit laying around. I bought an Artist PJ-Jazz hybrid bass and got an instrument that in my youth would have cost over $1000.

This bass came in dire need of a setup. That is to be expected; most instruments need setting up to A: getting them to a point of general play-ability, and B: getting them set up to the individual's requirements.

My bass came with the action set very low, and as the bridge adjustment was at its highest and there was no neck relief it meant a truss rod adjustment was in order. This is a simple job but beginners should get a teacher or music store to show them how it is done. Fortunately I have done this dozens of times.

I also prefer flatwound strings so I scrapped the factory set. These I put aside; one of my students may make use of them. When I came to put the new strings on I found that one of the machine heads had not been drilled to receive the string. A quick email to Artist and 3 days later I had a new machine head in my hands. Installed and I was ready to play. Very good after sales service.

I must point out here that in my career I had only ever played a Precision bass. This is the first bass I have owned with active electronics. Artist could do with publishing a brief leaflet that explains the operation of these. It took me a while to figure out how to get the best sound out of the active tone controls. Fortunately I am a set it and forget it kind of player so once I got the tone I was looking for I left the controls alone.

I am delighted with this bass. I won't try to compare it to my Pro instruments because, well quite frankly it cost a tenth of the price. It is easily good enough to gig and that is saying something for a $250 instrument.

I am amazed at the quality and the service. If I had had access to kit like this when I was starting out . . .

I would say if you are a beginner; buy this instrument because I don't believe you will get more for your dollar elsewhere. If you are a pro buy this bass as a reliable backup, or just jam with it, gig it. It is a good instrument.

Great online store

Artist guitars really is a fantastic all round music shop. Quality products at affordable prices.
Fast post and good customer communication. I have this website bookmarked and will buy again from these guys!

Amazing value!

Found just what I was looking for online shopping for a musical instrument. I’m blown away by the playing quality of my purchase and the price was better than what I have previously paid elsewhere. Perfect for muso pros and beginners.

Amaziing people with products that never disappoint you

Artist guitar should really put "bang for the buck" as their tagline. Buying a first instrument can be daunting. You spend hours figuring out if 100$ will be worth it. For me, if I ever have to make such decision, I will never hesitate to make an instant choice for what artist guitar has to present. Not only do they sell best products for the money we invest, but their customer service is just too good.

If i even have to recommend anyone here in Australia to buy a musical instrument, Artist guitar will always be at no. 1 of my list.

The LP60 is a great guitar for $249.00

Purchased online in December 2018. The overall presentation and build quality of this guitar just surpassed every realistic expectation that I had of a guitar at this price point. It is simply flawless in it's finish. Shipped and arrived in 3 days - packaging was good enough to protect the guitar from responsible freight handlers, but could do with bubble-wrap-airbag packing between outer box and guitar bag. Anyway it arrived in mint condition and the package had clearly been well respected during shipping (well done Aus Post Express).
Guitar had been checked and set-up before being shipped from Sydney. plays great, sounds great, with the Wilkinson pups doing their job adequately.
Came with soft gig bag, stringed, plus an additional set of strings thrown in, tuner, strap.
I will definitely buy another artist guitar

Best Ax

I looked & watched the YouTube reviews & Thought for the price why not. I'm so glad I did as this Guitar has been one of the best I have ever owned. Action like SG & LP ! I will be buy'n their Hollow Body Next ! Can't go wrong. Out of the Box - Oiled the neck put Super Slinkies on & Wow!

A Fantastic Online Music Store

Great products and customer service!
I have bought many items from Artist Guitars over the last 4 years from Hard Cases, Electric Guitars LP’s and Strats, Acoustic’s, Amps and Mics. All of their products are well priced and of a very high standard. My latest purchase was an 8 string electric guitar.

Excellent Price & Great Service

I have tried to learn playing the guitar a number of times and thought I would give it a go again. Not wanting to spend to much in case I lost interest again I started looking on Gum Tree and surfing the net where I happened to find Artist Guitars. They had a factory 2nd Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack on sale for $80. I was a bit hesitant at first to order one thinking there must be something wrong with the guitar for this price. After having looked at all the good reviews on their site I ordered one and was not disappointed when I received it. I received it within a week as promised and was well packaged. You would never think the guitar was a 2nd. I would not hesitate to recommend Artist Guitars to friends and family.

Great quality and a very professional operation

My third and most recent purchase from Artist Guitars was a Drum Stool. It arrived on time and well packaged. This was the motor cycle seat model. It was very easy to assemble and I was really impressed with the quality of the product. The components were really solid and well made. I purchased a similar item from a competitor a few weeks ago and had to return it due to its poor quality. For the money, this stool represents outstanding value. The seat padding is very firm. I would have liked it a little softer, but my research suggests that they all tend to be firm. I had a couple of questions about the item before purchase and the staff at Artist Guitars were most helpful and fast to respond. They even offer a "free returns" policy up to 100 days after purchase, so really I could not go wrong. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Fault Free

Ordered an Artist LSPSCEQ Small Body Guitar! Arrived when promised. Amazed at the quality of the product and the sound

An excellent tenor guitar

I bought an Artist Tenor Guitar, it is an excellent instrument well made with good quality woods and tuning pegs.
I have recorded with it and also used it in my stage show.
My collection of guitars include Martins, Gibson and Taylor acoustics this little guitar holds its own!
5 stars!!

Good company to deal with.

I ordered some effect pedals and I wanted to return one and the company was very fast with its delivery. I was impressed. I'm looking at getting a guitar and with the great service I received, I am confident that will be a great buy as well.

Great choice of products and great service

Artist Guitars provides fantastic after sales service. Returning goods is easy and replacements are delivered very promptly with delivery status emails. Their on-line chat service is most helpful, friendly and efficient. Good quality products at great prices and helpful staff - Artist Guitars are a pleasure to shop with.

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Questions & Answers

I have a classical accoustic guitar that I have had for 48 years. It is made in Japan out of spruce and mahogany with the serial number 19674 can you advise me how I can find out the brand please.
1 answer
If you look inside the soundhole you should see a label with the maker details. If there's no information here, it's very difficult to tell, best to take it to a local guitar luthier.

I have seen nothing but great reviews about the actual guitars from Artist Guitars, but at the moment I am more interested in their accessories. What is the quality like for their cables especially?
1 answer
Great noise reduction cables

Had anybody got the Artist TXC10 classical guitar? If so what do you think of it,thanks.
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