Great Unit and Warranty Fix

You understand how you take things for granted when they dont work . Our 4 year old ESP Platinum gave up the ghost on a 47.3 degree record day and threw a E15 error code. It was a stinker of a day in Adelaide . I phoned the service warranty number was redirected to a Vic help desk and advised them of the issue. They were extremely helpful and understanding of the issue but couldn't do too much until the parts were flown over from NSW and a local technician visit to check the unit 7 days later. VIP Air-conditioning were the servicemen and their capabilities to fix and repair a faulty motherboard and circuit breaker really impressed. Kudos to actronair and VIP for the service and warrant claim being honoured. Maintaining the service requirements regularly is my takeaway advice to new buyers.

Purchased in January 2015.

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Hi Quen10, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you have chosen ActronAir and are satisfied with our aftercare support in conjunction with VIP air conditioning.

Absolutely fabulous.

This review is for the Platinum Plus with the Que controller Read this in conjunction with my report on PR for ActronQue. We installed the Que zoned to four areas. The cooling efficiency far exceeds our expectations. Inside unit is exceptionally quiet. It is very quick to cool large areas. We really like the accuracy of maintaining temperature. We also love the remote access via wifi when away from home. Outside unit is not noisy (compared to experience or reports by others ). It may depend on your installer. Ours was amazingly good. Bayside Comfort Solutions in Mornington. We could not fault their attention to detail in both the sales process and more importantly their installers (employees, not contractors).

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Excellent Unit

We purchased this unit during our home renovation, we are so happy with our unit, works great - Gives me great piece of mind on hot day with a toddler! We also have the Wifi and its awesome, can turn on/off from outside the house
This is our second Actron Unit and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another when the time comes.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Crap machine & terrible customer care

After reading a lot of good reviews (must be fake by actron staff members) we installed top of the range Actron Platinum ducted system in our home. It’s really frustrating that whenever the temperature goes 40 degrees the whole system shuts down. Initially we thought we have problem with our electricity system and called electrician few times but they couldn’t find any problem with our electricity. Then I called the person who installed the system and been told that this is how it is....just put water on the outdoor unit and then restart....this is really frustrating....I have to go outside on a 40 degree celsius temperature, put water on the air conditioning system to cool it down so that it works!!! This is ridiculous!!!

NB: Sent this exactly same message to Actron Facebook page more than a week ago and they just ignored & decided not to respond!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Absolutely fantastic

I installed an actron air ESP Platinum Ultima in 2014. This is the fourth system that I have installed. For the love of this system I installed this 19 kw unit in my house. I unit works like it should. I have never been disappointed with it. I have 8 zones with temp sensors.
Yes I installed actron. Why? Because I like it.

I read all these comments on product reviews and a lot of the problems I’m reading are people who have installed these units without the knowledge and how to properly install these great systems.

Everyone I install these for say how great they are.
Yes the outdoor unit can be a little noisy, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little rubber to absorb the noise.

The truth

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Very happy with our choice

After looking into a few of the big brands we selected the Actron based on reputation and being locally made and supported.
It works well in an air-conditioners nightmare house; a mix of large living are with a lot of west facing glass and small bedrooms with minimal glass. It does a great job.
The ActronConnect remote control is great. I can check the house as I'm leaving work and have it comfortable by the time I get home. Much smarter than fixed timers when my daily schedule is so variable.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Initial Teething and Poor Service, Now Been OK

Initially when installed unit ran very well in Summer but started playing up and just cutting off in Winter. It took months for Actron to properly attend and properly find and resolve the issue which they did do eventually after an extreme amount of complaining on our part and in the end demaning them to refund us and pull out the unit.

ActronAirs customer service/support process needs a real shake up and sorting out clearly. There are state based service teams, no single support number, emails go unanswered, calls unreturned, blame passed to the other locations or staff and no ownership of issues.

The only plus has been our installer who has been on our side throughout and helped follow up with Actron.

Since the initial issues were resolved we are into our second winter without any issues this time around luckily.
ActronAir did give us an additional 1 year warranty extension as compensation for the issues.

The unit is very quiet, easy to program and use. We have the ActronConnect module but as has been found online there are some major security concerns around this and also how long the ActronConnect devices will continue to be supported.

Actron really need to pull there finger out on the software side and provide an open API that will allow the use of home automation devices or bridges.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Perfect system - unbelievable installing team - Nowra

The system is just what we wanted. The installing team were on time, efficient, and effective. Each member knew their job and got on with it. The team is a credit to their company and need to be congratulated for their efforts. The system itself is quiet, effective and versatile. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Love our comfy Actron Air

We've just built a new house so we weren't going to waste time and money putting in a cheap unit. We've been more than happy with our interactions with the engineers, customer care and the installation team. If you take the time to learn how best to use this product, it will work well for you. If you expect to treat it like a split wall unit, you are cheating yourself. Let the installers do their job (which is flawless) and ask them how to use it properly. The ESP works an absolute charm. With a young baby in the house, we needed to ensure our home would be comfortable all year round. We don't see it as 'aircon', we see it as extra comfort. There's no noise, no cold/hot spots and it's efficient at cooling/ heating a space quickly. Everyone comments about how comfortable our house feels. Do yourself a favour and own the best. It's well worth every penny

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Replaced Live-Ezi

We had so many problems with a Live Ezi system that it was credited in full & we chose to pay the extra for Actron.; it was money well spent. The Actron has been running for 2 years without any attention except for cleaning filters & is better in every way than the Live Ezi. The duct system is basically the same & controls are in exactly the same position.We do not have separate metering on the power, but costs seem to be lower than for the Live Ezi system. Cannot speak more highly of Actron or of the installers, Air Rite of Nambour.
My working background was at a senior engineering level in air conditioning, now long retired, so that I had the technical ability to compile a file on the Live Ezi system faults, which were many & not due to the installer.
The Actron has run in days of 40C & early mornings down to minus 2C & controls to within 0.5C whenever checked.
Many complaints of airconditioning systems are due to faulty duct design & wrong positioning of thermostats, so the choice of installers is most important.
Update after 4 years of running:
A sensor on the outdoor unit failed at 3 years, & was replaced under warranty. Actron updated the software at the same time, & in the remaining summer months of early 2018, two zones reset themselves from 24C to 22C while running, one zone doing it twice; no action on this yet, so waiting to see how this summer goes.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Has an engineer I rate this as the best choice air con system

I did a life cycle cost and engineering analysis of the systems available for a ducted air conditioning system The new system was to replace an ageing Hitachi system that was noisy and unresponsive to controls. Also spare parts were becoming a difficulty. R22 refrigerant was also expensive if recharging was necessary.

I chose the Actron Platinum plus to give 4 zone control. The quality of the hardware is only as good as the installer. Crew Air Condioning in Sydney gave quotes until we agreed on the scope and price. I didn't screw them on price because I wanted them to have enough money in the job to not cut corners. What a fantastic crew in Paul and Gary. They were efficient and thorough in doing the install and commissioning.

Service, warranty and spare parts are important for the long term. Actron is Australian manufactured. The on line reviews about these matters gave them top marks compared to overseas manufacturers. Read the terms and conditions. The fine print may contain reduced warranty for labor or leaks. Also some companies insist on a costly service every year to maintain warranty. I had Actron in a previous house for 15 years and they were great.

Crew re used the existing ductwork, modifying it for an extension and adding automatic dampers. They also tidied up the original install to make access to the roof space easier. Importantly they balanced the system to reduce noise. Not every installer does this important commissioning.

It's the best system for a residential home I have come across. Very easy to control with lots of programmable functions to suit our requirements.

They gave me a warning about maintenance technicians. Make sure the maintenance technicians get into the roof to inspect the drain from the drip tray. Water attracts rodents and insects. Baits work by creating thirst in these creatures. Also there is a need to check ductwork. Dust and insects on circuit boards can cause them to short circuit. Most technicians don't get into the roof space! They flap around and then do their hardest task of the day? Writing you and invoice for doing nothing. Before you call a technician check out your system as to recommended maintenance and stand over the guy!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great ducted a/c system - Actron ESP Plus Platinum 17kw Single Phase

This ducted a/c system is fantastic, it was installed by a local Newcastle company and they were very accommodating and professional (all for a price of course) but our local Daikin man couldn’t be bothered answering my quick questions on the phone. A lot of an a/c experience comes from the installer rather than the equipment, as such I’ll discuss both here as it will help anyone researching a/c.

We have 4 zones but it was around $300 a zone so not a huge portion of the overall cost and worth adding whatever works in your house. I would have had more zones if it worked in our house, no pint doing half a job, will affect comfort, useability and house resale.
• Living zone, which is an open area containing kitchen, dining, family room, lounge room, open hallway
• Study zone
• Master bedroom zone
• Kids bedrooms zone (3 of)
• We didn’t get a/c running into another room we have the rumpus/pool room, it’s the lowest point of the house, on a slab insulated by the story above and the cold air flows here naturally anyway. We could put a dropper in in the future and run a duct down through a kids built-in, but it seemed overkill and so far we’re happy with that call.

Product Pros
• Cools our two story family home really well – we have been setting it to 26 in summer so as not to get a huge bill
• Cost effective to run – this system
• Standard vents look great, controllers look great
• Super quiet outdoor unit, we have version 3 of the ESP plus platinum which I’m told had is better for this.
• Loads of options on control panel, scheduling, zones, etc. easy to use
• We added better insulated ducting ($200 more) to go 1.5. All installers in my area use 1 rated duct as standard. For the price I figured why not, the green forums recommend it and roof cavities get very hot, it might stop heat transfer.
• We have two control panels installed, this is where you can adjust everything for the system, turn on zones, off zones, fan mode etc. This is handy as the bedrooms are upstairs and both controllers have temp sensors in them so we have one upstairs and one downstairs – it averages if zones from both regions are on, else it uses the one sensor if only related zones are on.
• The controls are hard wired, whereas the top of the line Daikin system we compared to came with a tablet style wall mounted controller that only worked on wifi. I work in network engineering and I don’t want my a/c on wifi, I would like to be able to connect to wifi as an extra but don’t want the extra load on the network, the extra wifi signals around kids and would like to avoid future connection errors/frequency issues and trouble makers with wifi hacking etc.
• It’s much better than splits, and we have had a new Daikin 5 multi head split a/c ($12k worth) in the last place 3 years ago. We chose to spend our money on ducted instead this time (hindsight’s wonderful) and are very happy we did. It’s a smoother, nicer, quieter, more energy efficient solution (much lower bills for us on similar sized areas).

Product Cons
• Air noise through the return air vent. The return air vent they fitted in my house was a bit small. They just went ahead without much warning as this fitted around my existing roof studs, if I had my time again I would replace it with a larger one and reinforce around it as recommended with the system.
• On a recent 40 degree day it could only get the house to 27 - I emailed the installer to ask if I had it on the right setting (high-cont) but no reply..
• The electrician duct taped the electrical cable for the system through my roof, and not out of the way, right where you need to move through halfway between floor and ceiling in the roof. This doesn’t seem professional and I have been running some Ethernet cables since (the proper way with clips out and of the way) and the a/c cable was in the way. I guess most people don’t go in their roof space often, but when I pay a professional I expect a professional job – not sure if building code accepts duct tape as support for live cables powering large ducted a/c units?
• Mobile app not supported out of the box – this is a $500 extra, whereas Daikin included this.
• Price – this is a premium ducted system, as such it is priced that way ($14k). I felt like they put a bit of extra fat/contingency in there for a brownfield install. I’m happy with the value for money/price but many would prefer to save a couple of thousand and have a lesser brand/less options/zones/controllers. I got the guys I trusted to install the system and didn’t have any issues – that’s worth financial value to me.
• I had to knock out a bunch of bricks in an internal wall and put in a lintel to allow ducting from level 1 to level 2 – I did this up the top of a 6m stairwell and then boxed it in with plasterboard – it’s still over 3m above head level and looks great. Without doing this the installers were going to go through cupboard space (on my wife’s side of the built in – it wasn’t worth the repercussions to consider that!)
• The electrician originally had wired the temp sensors wrong, for a couple of days after the install it was only reading one value. This caused the bedrooms to keep getting colder and colder as the system tried to get the sensor on the other side of the house to cool down! The electrician came back, apologised and was professional and friendly and fixed it quickly.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

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ESP Platinum Plus ERV3-17AS / CRV3-17ASESP Platinum Plus ERV2-14AS / CRV2-14ASESP Platinum Plus ERV4-19AS / CRV4-19AS
Indoor Unit Height412mm412mm412mm
Cooling Capacity12.5kW2.85kW14.4kW
Heating Capacity14kW2.7kW15.4kW
Indoor Unit Width1290mm1290mm1290mm
Indoor Unit Depth615mm615mm615mm
Outdoor Unit Height990mm990mm990mm
Outdoor Unit Width1320mm1320mm1320mm
Outdoor Unit Depth580mm580mm580mm
Reverse CycleYesYesYes

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