Parts / Service - AVOID

Trying to get my 92year old Mothers Air con fixed, was diagnosed as a faulty capacitor - called Actron to give them the model and serial number etc - given wrong information regarding capacitor size by the Actron Service / Parts division. I paid someone to come out and fix it, but as it was the wrong part they had to go back and get the right one - costing me $150 more in service fee as I had to pay for the bloke to drive in peak hour traffic to get the right part...

Purchased in February 2000.

Hi Jason, We are sorry to hear about the issues you have had. We appreciate you taking the time to place your feedback on Product Review, your feedback is important to us. Can you please email us on service@actronair.com.au or call us on 1800 119 229 (National 8am-5pm AEST) so we can investigate what has happened in your case. If you could also provide the phone number you called on when requesting this information and the date and time of this call we can try and trace this call as all calls are recorded.Call was made to 1300 522 722 at 11:27am on Tues Jan 29th 2019Hi Jason, Thanks for these details. I will forward these details onto our team. Update - Our team have checked phone calls around that time specified and there is no call in regards to a capacitor. Can you please PM us the number you used to call our 1300 number, your address and the company you used so we can narrow the search further.

Actron air ducted system

Not the cheapest quote for ducted air, but the most detailed and had two systems to choose from- three or two zoned. Very quick installation from acceptance of the quote, considering it was installed in November this was amazing! Installers were on time and efficient. Have used the system all summer even on the 45+ degree days and it has been awesome! Very quiet units both inside and out and quick cooling- I only use on low setting and its cool within 10min. Very happy so far :D

Purchased in November 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Good
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Grace, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you are enjoying the comfort of your Classic system.

This is my 2nd unit in fifteen years and still the same issue it just is not doing the job

I decided to purchase a NEW ACTRON A/C for my upstairs living area (ducted) however as with the last unit I purchased fifteen years ago I am bitterly disappointed, the unit just cant cope even though I was advised this unit was what I needed for the job. The unit is very quiet but takes hours to cool the upstairs and then not the temperature I want. I also wanted to separate one of the bedrooms to have its own climate control as my daughter suffers from asthma and overheating and was told this was not possible.

Purchased in August 2018 for $5,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Average
Room Type Large Bedroom
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Hi Stamatis, We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your system. We appreciate you taking the time to place your feedback on Product Review, your feedback is important to us. Upon further review of the issues, we noticed some of these are not product related issues and will require a review in conjunction with your installer to determine the cause. To start could you please email technicalsupport@actronair.com.au and give us your name, address, email, contact number and the serial number on your outdoor unit. The team will be in contact to discuss the issues with you and help you find the best solution or you can call us on 1800 119 229 (National 8am-5pm AEST) and discuss these issues with Technical support in the first instance who can work with you and the installer to find a solution. Thanks – Andrew

Perfectly cools and heats!

My ActronAir Classic has been on point for two summers now. It has coped on the 35 degrees plus days well and can be kept on all day no problem. It cools the house fast and efficiently during the days and helping us get a good nights sleep. The controls are simply and easy to use, from changing air flow, temperature and setting timers. I would recommend ActronAir units to all my friends and family!

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Andrew, Thanks for the review. We appreciate all feedback on Product Review. We hope you continue to stay cool in Summer and warm in winter with your ActronAir Classic system.

This is perfect, should have done it sooner.

This unit cools the entire house very quickly and even in the extreme heat we have had over Christmas. The controller is very user friendly, even my 7 year old can use it.

Purchased in December 2018 for $6,800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Home Insulation Level Good
Room Type Whole House
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Hi Allan, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on Product Review. We appreciate all feedback and are happy to hear you are enjoying the comfort of your ActronAir Classic system.

Actron air is a waste of time and money

Actron air ducted system broke down in 2015 call actron air to come out one of the gas line broke them replace the the front condenser broking gas line compressor start up capacitor 2019 hot weather this peace of crap actron air ducted system broke down again not worth it money wast of money

Date PurchasedAug 2012
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Hi Marc, I am sorry to hear about these issues you have had with your unit. If you can leave me your details (phone, email, address and serial of the outdoor unit if available). I will arrange our service team to help you out. Thanks - Andrew

Perfect Air Conditioner for home

Actron AC was installed at my place in Jan 2013 and is working perfectly fine since then. Never had any issues with my air conditioner and get the cooling immediately on the hot days and heating on the cold days. Very efficient unit. Also, great after sales Service. Will definitely recommend Actron AC to my friends and family.

Date PurchasedJan 2013
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Hi Vikas, Thank you for taking the time to place your comment on Product Review. We are delighted to hear you are pleased with your Classic unit. Your feedback is important to us. Thanks - Andrew

Great for our house specially during summer

This was all we needed to cool and heat our 3 bed room house. We also have a long hall way so got surprised how well this air con unit works as the tubes are super long! It takes mere seconds to cool the house or heat the house and we love the system

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Excellent hardware, & works superb but useless delivery by supplier

This is the 8th Actron AC or fridge unit I've bought in the last 4 yrs. It's great gear, Aussie made and outperforms like for like other brands. I know this 'cause I have a Fujitsu and an identical rated Actron in the same floor plates/heat loads and the Actron simply outperforms the Fuji. Cooler quicker & quieter and needs to be turned down sooner. I first got on to them by a fridgie mate who swore by them and he was right. So when our office AC faltered and was beyond economical repair I had no hesitation getting my electrician to fit a suitable sized Actron. Problem was he's not an Actron dealer so it had to come thru another mob. Because of the AC units size & weight Actron was supposed to deliver straight to site but the driver refused to and drove off using an unsustainable excuse that he couldn't reverse his truck into our property!! What a joke. He said "because of WH&S" he would deliver it to Synergy (the supplier) 2 suburbs away. Delivery driver probably running late or because it was a hot day. Talk about useless. Why hire a driver who cannot reverse his truck? The dealer then argued with me about delivery so I simply booked AND PAID a local removalist and they picked it up and dropped it off, reversing their full size pantech into our site with no problem. So.... great gear, highly recommend over cheap chinese or even the "major" Jap brands that seem to be mostly made in Chine or Malaysia or elsewhere.... but make sure you "source" through a supplier that is helpful and get a man to deliver it. Synergy might be good at banging split systems into single level houses but of you want real service, look elsewhere.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Cannot cope with hot days

Currently, the temperature outside is 39 degrees, inside temperature is 30 degrees with air-conditioner on 16 degrees. This is very inefficient. Have come home from work with an air conditioner that works well. We have not used this much - only on hot days 30 plus. At least it is still going today. Usually it stops with very hot days ie over 38 degrees.

Date PurchasedNov 2012
Update - Actron came out and replaced the starter motor (worth $400) and the condenser. Out of warranty by two months but no service charge or cost for the parts. Very pleased about that. It now turns out one of the original problems was the electrician who installed a 25 AMP switch instead of a 40 AMP switch. Got an electrician friend who put in the 40 AMP switch and rewired a cable that could take the 40 AMPS. So far so good.Hi Morning, Thank you for working with us to resolve the problems you experienced. Providing a great customer experience is very important to us, and we are sorry that your initial experience did not meet that standard. We appreciate the chance to work with you to resolve the situation, and remain available if you have any further questions or concerns. Our customer reviews are very important to us, and we hope that you will be willing to revise your review based on your further experiences. Thanks - The ActronAir team

A Quiet & Efficient Actron Ducted Add-On A/C Unit to Existing Brivis Gas Heater

With summers getting perceptibly hotter in the generally cool climate of Orange 2800 (as borne out by the historical climate patterns of increasing summer averages for nightly maximum & daily maximum temperatures), unbearably hot evenings over consecutive nights suggested greater relief was needed other than our usual 'modus operandi' of utilising multiple pedestal & desk fans near open windows upon temperature equivalence to effect flow thru & circulate the now minimally cooler overnight air.
Ultimately the home's central mass of warm air wasn't being evacuated nightly by the time temperature equivalence came around the next day & subsequently closing off the house to the hotter air.
Our thermally efficient double brick & canvas awning covered windows home needed some additional mass cooling assistance: bring on the air-conditioner!
We chose an Aussie made Actron add-on ducted A/C unit over a like branded Brivis unit (Brivis installed for gas heating as updated in October 2016) at the recommendation of the installer (Climate King of Orange) due to claimed superior reliability, flow thru design, quieter operation & cooling efficacy at extremes.
It certainly didn't let us down whatsoever for the numerous times it was utilised upon installation at the tail end of summer & even into autumn.
We tried installation earlier mid January however, due to all local installers being overbooked post Xmas & the higher temperature extremes, we were quoted a four week time-frame.
The relatively large outdoor condenser unit at the rear of our house is reasonably quiet, as borne out by our closest neighbour stating they barely hear it upon exiting the back of their home some 6 metres away over a 1.5 metre dividing Colorbond fence.
Size & noise of the outdoor unit is somewhat negated due to the unique airflow design, as it is drawn inward from the front & expelled upwards (as opposed to backwards) allowing for a closer installation to the rear of the house.
The roof cavity mounted indoor cooling unit was easily installed between the existing gas heater blower unit & the existing ducting, albeit with a different size coupling & the associated insulated dual copper refrigerant piping snaking between the indoor & outdoor units. A PVC condensate pipe runs directly into the adjacent gutter from the roof-space.
Operation via existing Brivis control panel is as simple as a mode change from heating to cooling & vise-versa.
Product warranty is for 5 years & hoping to get at least 17 to match the previous gas heater's lifespan.
I hope to update this review regarding electricity usage via a full summer's usage in the future.


Two years old the control panel had to be replaced at a cost of $180 plus $200 service call which is not under warranty. Five years and eight months Just out of warranty the soft starter had to be replaced at a cost of $650. lucky the technical had a spare one in his van.

Date PurchasedSep 2012

Best designed unit...silent in operation and so cool

This unit would have.to be the most efficient unit I've seen and experienced.
2nd to none in efficiency,style,.and comfort.
Other manufacturers should take a leaf and adapt to this design and efficiency.
My hat off to the manufacturer and my congratulations to a job well done in the best air conditioning unit ever...

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great System

I have waited a little while to post a review on this air conditioner (Actron SRG151E), just so I could determine how it performs in the extremely hot weather that we have been experiencing in Sydney lately. This system, (the main unit, an SRA153C in the roof cavity, servicing 8 x 10inch outlets over 2 zones and all new ducting) replaced a very old General Electric system that we had for 37 years. The house we live in faces due west and cops the sun from morning to dusk, so it is an extremely hostile summer climate as many in western Sydney would probably agree with. The new Actron was installed in early December before the extremely hot weather hit and it handled those conditions with ease with the inside temperature set at 22 degrees celsius, with air coming out of the 2 zones at a medium fan setting. When the 40 degree days arrived, the unit also kept a constant inside temperature of 22 degrees, albeit working a bit harder with the outside temperatures, so in that respect it performed very, very well. The outside and roof units are much, much quieter than what we had and much quieter than our neighbours older model Actron, which we hear over the what noise is emitted from our unit, so in that respect even though it is only new it seems to be very quiet in comparison. For us the choice of this make and model of air conditioner has been a good selection and I must compliment A Grade Air Conditioning of Seven Hills in Sydney, for not only doing a great installation but on their advice on selection etc.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Large, noisy and bad at heating.

If I had my time again I wouldn't purchase this unit. I find myself jealous when I see and hear my neighbours and friends units compared with mine. My neighbours have commented (thankfully not complained, yet) about how loud my outdoor unit is in comparison to theirs. I've only had my Actron for a few months and cooling wise, it does as expected. I did tons of research into the Actron Classic before I purchased it but I wish I had of taken the advice of many reviewers and at least taken the time to listen to a working unit before making my final decision. In comparison to other brands, the Actron Classic is large and noisy.

Update: Oct 2017. We have just been through winter and this system is terrible and inconsistent in the heating mode. It's currently on 26 degs and it's blowing cold air, not working properly in one of the rooms and I even had a guest ask me once to turn it off because of the "cold air" it was blowing on them? Terrible. I have blankets covering me and the unit running while it inconsistently blows a bit of warm and then cold, it shouldn't be like that. I feel truly gutted given the money paid. The installer (Infiniti air) came out a few times to look at the system and they did try to help but in the end they told me there was nothing more that they can do unless I pay extra for modifications. Seriously?? If there's nothing more that can be done than the unit must be rubbish! I would have liked to of given a better review because the installer has been polite and obliging but i'm left with disappointment, regret and a unit that's only decent for cooling.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Very Happy with it!

Very happy with the air con system. Very easy to use and simple and easy to keep it at the temperature that you would prefer. Lots of different settings to use to make it the most comfortable but its still easy to use. would highly recommend it to anyone needing an aircon

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great product has services us well

After 10 years of faithful service and freezing our butts off in the hot QLD summer, finally the compressor went. It was replaced in three days and away it goes again freezing our butts off again. The Air Con is to cold for my wife, where my son and I cannot have it cold enough. 22.5 is the compromise and she will sneak it up to 24 when she can :)
As for the company that installed, they get zero stars. Nicholas Air Conditioners in Brisbane where terrible. They ended up sacking their installer as there was a class action about to hit them. Still that was a separate issue the product has been great.

Date PurchasedJun 2005

A Great Choice

Our Actron ducted system was installed by DJS Air to replace a 39 year old Westinghouse. The installation went without any drama and was quick and clean. The new unit is quiet, powerful and effective. Pleasing to look at. What more can you want. Hopefully it will last as long as the old one. Good that it is made in Australia.

Rock solid, so far...

Our Actron ducted system is two years old this week. Faultless so far. Replaced an old EmailAir system and is quieter (inside and out), more efficient and more effective. The Classic series are conventional cycling (non-inverter) systems but include some modern electronic controls and high quality components - works perfectly for what we want. Can't comment on after-sales service - haven't needed any. Got ours installed by A-Grade Air Conditioning from Seven Hills (word of mouth reference) - ignore their crappy website, they were very professional and seem to have done a quality job.
Overall I'm pleased to support an Aussie-made system that has met all expectations.

Such an awesome air con and lovely company to help with any issues!

Has been such a reliable air conditioner and the company who makes it is really on point with their help. They will send you instructions for a quick fix if any problems occur and it's super easy to fix. I would write more, but I am just so cool and relaxed :)

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Questions & Answers

Hi Team, Do you have an agent in or around Alexandra Victoria 3714? I need to replace the insulation around the copper pipes. The unit is 6 years old. many thanks Chris.
1 answer
Hi Chris, Our closest agent is Clydesdale Bros Heating & Cooling 0428 141 000 0418 387 486 233 Anzac Avenue, Seymour VIC 3660 Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues. Cheers, Andrew

We need to replace the ducted unit in our home, have a few supplier quotes & am now looking into unit brand reviews. The quote I have is for SRA131C SRG131E and says: ActronAir understands the requirements of the harsh Australian climate... But even while air temperature may be 43°C, your air conditioner could be in a position where the temperature reaches as high as 50°C. Most systems are only designed to a maximum operating range of 43-46°C, and have inbuilt safety mechanisms that reduce output in extreme conditions. Discovering that your system has effectively stopped working during a heatwave would be an unpleasant surprise to say the least! I can guarantee that for at least 2 months of the year, in my location, where the box sits the temperature will exceed 46 degrees. In this scenario, what does the safety mechanism within an Actron Air Conditioning unit actually do? Say if I had the temperature set to 18? What do other air conditioning brands unit do? Thanks, Michelle
2 answers
We have an Actron unit and on really hot days (like 42+ ambient) our unit has just stopped working, It's like it's over heated and thrown in the towel.. What I do now if I need to run it on really hot days is go and set up a light misting spray over the compressor coil so that it helps the fans dissipate the heat faster and keeps the unit running. it's annoying to have to do it - but apparently that is just how they work in extreme heat.Hi Michelle, Once the ambient temperature exceeds 50C at the location of the outdoor unit it may trip on the high pressure safety switch. If this occurs a code will be displayed on the wall control after the third trip which will be E9. The safety device is required to protect the internal components of the system. To avoid excessive heat build up at the location of the outdoor unit it is recommended to install the unit in a location where the hot air from the fans will not recirculate back onto the air inlet of the coil. If this is not installed this way it will cause the ambient temperature at the location of the outdoor unit to be higher than a system installed in a well ventilated area. If you have any additional questions please contact us on 1800 119 229.

I am building a new house and my builder is giving this AC as a part of inclusion. Just wondering, does this AC (SRG131E 12.24kw) suitable for 31 sq (236.3sqm internal area) double floor house or do I need unit which has more capacity like 14kw?
1 answer
Hi Kishore, your enquiries have been received via email and Global Rez should be in contact with you within two business days.


Classic SRA131A (12.8kW, Single Phase)Classic SRG091E (9.0kW, Single Phase)Classic SRG101E (10.2kW, Single Phase)Classic SRG131E (12.2kW, Single Phase)Classic SRG151E (15.0kW, Single Phase)Classic SRG171E (16.9kW, Single Phase)Classic SRG131E (12.4kW, Three Phase)Classic SRG151E (14.7kW, Three Phase)Classic SRG171E (17.0kW, Three Phase)Classic SRG201E (19.1kW, Three Phase)Classic SRG231E (22.4kW, Three Phase)Classic SRA260E (24.0kW, Three Phase)
Reverse CycleYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Heating Capacity8.5kW10.62kW12.17kW15.12kW17.57kW12.3kW15.0kW17.92kW19.34kW23.0kW25.5kW
Cooling Energy Rating1.5stars
Heating Energy Rating2stars
Cooling Capacity12.8kW9.0kW10.16kW12.24kW14.97kW16.8kW12.4kW14.68kW16.99kW19.06kW22.35kW24.0kW
Indoor Unit Height412mm410mm410mm412mm412mm412mm412mm412mm412mm435mm485mm485mm
Indoor Unit Width1050mm850mm850mm1090mm1290mm1290mm1090mm1290mm1290mm1420mm1470mm1470mm
Indoor Unit Depth340mm595mm595mm615mm615mm615mm615mm615mm615mm680mm695mm695mm
Outdoor Unit Height990mm805mm940mm990mm990mm1045mm990mm990mm1045mm1045mm1105mm1105mm
Outdoor Unit Width1320mm1000mm1245mm1320mm1320mm1460mm1320mm1320mm1460mm1460mm1685mm1685mm
Outdoor Unit Depth580mm370mm535mm580mm580mm580mm580mm580mm580mm580mm685mm685mm

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