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Product: Ok, Customer service: Well meaning but absolutely hopeless

Purchased an electric lawn mower. The product itself is quite good, robust, well made, mostly metal and I expect it will last for some years. I don't have a large lawn at all but if the lawn is long then I can only just get it done before the battery runs flat.

The purchase came with a bonus leaf blower, it never arrived. I contacted AEG probably 10+ times over 5 months and whilst every reply was very courteous and apologetic and every reply said that it was now on its way, it still never arrived. So here we are 5 months later and I am again told "sorry, our bad, I've checked and you will definitely receive yours....as soon as we have them in stock". Sure I will. Funnily enough they have enough of the "bonus" item in stock to sell them at 2 of the 3 closest stockists to me.

They are a shambles.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great Customer Support Line

What a shame to read how unhappy other customers have been with AEG's after sales service. I have a new AEG oven (installed a couple of months ago). Today I had a small issue. I rang the customer support line and spoke to Leanne. She could not have been more helpful.

AEG poor after sales service

AEG makes money on call out fees for fixing ovens. We have an old AEG oven from 2001 and we emailed AEG customer service with details of the temperature gauge problem and photo of the model number. They knew exactly what the issue was but did not tell us over the phone or by email that the problem could not be fixed as they no longer make the parts. Instead they happily sent out someone to take a look and tell us that there are no parts and charge us $185 ! The ethical approach should have been to tell us this over the phone. Poor after sales service. Why would you trust them and buy a new AEG oven?

Return Claim MadeNo

Stay Away- They Think We're Idiots

I had hoped of writing a different review from all the others here but... lies, lies and more lies... paid cash for a $1600 dishwasher from Harvey Norman, was told I could have it right away then once I purchased was told it was on back order but not to worry AEG would sort it out. Locked in delivery date only to have nothing arrive and no phone call. After making a complaint was told I was being upgraded, machine arrived 5 days later was nothing like we ordered, not built in, no cutlery drawer, completely different but had the rep telling me it was the same. I shared the differences and he agreed we had the wrong product, it took some convincing peeps so be aware! Just had our replacement installed today and it's still not the upgrade we were promised... it's an outdated model- Favorit, not the Pro-clean we bought which displays the time on the floor, a feature we loved so much in the shop - Stay away peeps they think we're idiots!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo


I purchased an AEG SBE 630R hammer drill and found that the keyless chuck was allowing drill bits to slip
After sending it back to where I purchased it from it was sent off for repair but after using it a couple of times the problem re emerged
Unfortunately I let time slip by as I hadn't used the drill but when I contacted AEG they advised that the chuck was a consumable and warrenty was for only 3 months
I am now wondering what the 6 year warrenty actually covers

Baffled by rude customer service

Person who answered my call asked for a reference number and then berated me for not giving her the 'short version'. She actually said 'I said I just wanted the number in brackets'. (Well excuse me)!

She also laughed at me for thinking that my washing machine would arrive on the day I was told when I purchased it, before conceding that it would be. I hope the quality of the $1500 washing machine far exceeds AEG's treatment of customers.

Never Buy AEG -- garbage products and poor service

I live a renovated apartment and all the appliances are replaced by brand new ones by Meriton. I use all the other appliances (from other brand) for every single day and they all work very well. However, I used AEG dishwasher for only 3 times in total, it turned out to be completely not working! I called the AEG support to repair it and book for today's morning and operator confirmed the booking on the phone without any ambiguity. However, no one comes today! I called one day off to wait them, but obviously they lied to me! Then I call the support again, their attitude shocked me -- the operator ([name removed]) denied they have booked the service and even said that if I want to complain, go and complain then! I have to say -- NEVER buy AEG product, not only for the poor quality, their poor service is unacceptable as well!

Appalling customer service

Scheduled delivery was not available, AEG called on Friday while we were at work, asked for message or call with details. No call. Followed up on Monday morning. Gruff and grumpy telephone operator. Couldn’t reorganise delivery due to time difference between NSW and Qld, onus put on me to ring back in an hour...no offer to call back when their warehouse was open. Made a comment about poor customer service to be met with a sarcastic “have a nice day! “ . Prestige product with bargain basement customer service!

Poor customer service

They have cancelled my booked delivery the reason been one of the product was our of stock and could not reach me out to inform the product availability. they tried to contact me over a no caller ID phone line. Customer service staff is very rude and dis respectful. They have no protocols for notifying the customer via email, text message or in this case Harvey Norman where I organised the products products before cancelling the delivery.

I was waiting for the delivery to happened on the expected date since I receive no response from the delivery team I called them to understand delivery got canceled leave my time, money and resources wasted for the day.

I regret buying their products did not canceled the order only because these were appliances I organised for my newly build house and was already had arrangements with the builder for installation.

Don't buy AEG power tools without checking the warranty catch

I recently bought the AEG 18v combo kit from Bunnings. After I bought it (my fault) I checked to see if their "6" yr warranty was transferable if I decided to sell any or all of my items. Sent AEG an email and the reply was the warranty is "not" transferable. So in my opinion AEG doesn't really think their warranty is worth much if you can't transfer it. I probably wouldn't have bought them if I had known before hand. So buyer beware.

Dodgy product

Purchased a new condenser dryer some months ago . 1st cycle fine, everyone after that 30 seconds into cycle stops, Water container full symbol keeps appearing. Dam shame it is plumbed in figger that. Have there so called tech guy out ,does a diagnostic WITHOUT putting the machine through a cycle no problem found, leaking water through the air filters must be designed to do that NOT. Now comes the fun part GETTING A REFUND. 12 calls later and a number of emails with all the information they required guess what NOTHING. No email a dodgy product still sitting in the front room probably still leaking water onto my carpet. Have tried once again this afternoon with the response WE WILL RING YOU BACK .Its so good paying for a product i cant even use. Should start charging storage and interest fees, bet the situation would get resolved pretty quick then. Lets see if Consumer Affairs can help out so i can provide for my family


Our washing machine is faulty at 2 years old, so covered by the AEG 5 year warranty. Whilst the machine has performed perfectly up until now the customer service is absolutely dreadful. Really really bad. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. 2 weeks and we still haven't had an engineer come to repair it. Fuming! Constant promises of call backs which never materialise. I only bought this brand after being persuaded by a Harvey Norman salesman supposedly because of the excellent quality. If only the AEG customer service team had a clue what they were doing it might have been worth the money!! Terrible.

Washing machines

The worst possible customer services. I waited several weeks to receive my refund from my faulty machine. Their accounts department is in Malaysia. They never return calls or emails. AEG IS OWNED BY ELECTROLUX. It’s a rip off wanna be upmarket product. Definitely stay away. You’d be sorry.

Terrible Post-Sale Service

We have 4 appliances bought from them after being convinced by Harvey Norman Springvale for AEG's supposedly excellent customer service and 5 year product warranty. They were far from cheap but we were (or thought we were) going for quality product and after care. We have had a massive leak from our washer from their installation - mind you, before we even got to use it. It's been more than a week now and we have not had anybody come by to check it and the leak has caused massive damage to our cabinetry and floor and we had an independent plumber come to verify that it was indeed caused by shoddy installation of the hose which was not affixed properly. This was on top of the installers putting in "wrong" holes to drag the hose through making unnecessary holes in my cabinet. I have written emails, contacted their customer service and to date no proper response except that someone will get back to me. It's been a week! Is that acceptable whilst I go without a washer (bearing in mind I haven't even tested the other appliances yet) and wait out the damage to my cabinetry and floors to get even worse? Rest assured we will be taking this up with Consumer Affairs.

Updated: Just as we threatened to take them with Consumer Affairs, their contracted driver/ installer contacted me and offered to pay compensation out of his own goodwill. We appreciate the gesture but our stand remains that AEG is terrible with post-sale customer care. We are fortunate that their contracted driver was a good bloke.

Poor after care

Purchased an AEG dishwasher which i am happy with however a dodgy install led to a slow leak which penetrated my kitchen floorboards. After calling AEG the tech came out and rectified the issue and aknowledged the installation was the cause of the leak as hose not fitted properly. AEG has denied me repair compensation for the floorboards leaving me several hundreds of dollars out of pocket and taking them to consumer affairs.

March 21st 2019 Update: Worst possible after care service!! Do NOT buy

Hi. Purchased an AEG dishwasher which leaked. The floor boards in my kitchen are ruined and buckled. When they started to bubble in June 2018 i phoned a plumber who checked my water pipes and said there were no leaks. Then I phoned AEG to inspect my dishwasher. After several days a Tech came out who acknowledged a faulty install and rectified the leak. Since July 2018 i have asked for any type of recovery which AEG has denied. They simply washed their hands using a technicality that it was the install not the machine that caused the slow leak which has ruined my kitchen. Since July i have spoken to Electrolux customer care on many occasions without any success and its now March 19. I keep getting the same response that someone will contact me however i have not had a phone call since my complaint back in July 18.

Overpriced for the "quality", not worth the price

We bought all AEG products for the kitchen. They are expensive, “high end” products, which do not live up to the cost. We would not purchase or recommend these products.
The manuals that came with the products are actually black and white manually stapled photocopies! They are quite unclear and did little to help with how to use the products.
We have spent much time dealing with customer support, who are sometimes helpful, sometimes not. I doubt if the below is a complete list of all of the problems that we have had over the years.

Induction cooktop - HK673520FB
Controls are dysfunctional – you cannot easily select a given heat since they are too small. Often you need to press these buttons many times to get them to work. The cooktop will often turn off or on (without you knowing), seemingly if heat or moisture are placed on top.
UPDATE: the large burner on this cooktop no longer heats properly - Feb 2019

Oven - BE5013001M
The oven trays actually warp and bend up under heat! Food slides to one side. Amazing (we have replaced them and they still warp under heat)
Controls are very difficult to use and default to silly settings
The “telescopic runners” are flimsy, have fallen apart and are impossible to remove and clean. They are now bent and broken
The grill falls off its supports all the time, onto whatever it is cooking. It is now permanently misshapen and tilted down at the front
The light globe in the oven went out within about a year. There was no description of how to remove it in the photocopied manuals. The AEG support people did not even know how to remove the globe. They had to send out a service guy, to replace a light globe!

Combined Microwave/Oven/Grill - MCC3881E
Controls are difficult and dependent on meaningless icons which must be remembered
The grill is completely dysfunctional – it takes a very long time to grill cheese, since very little heat comes out. We simply do not use it, it was a complete waste of money

Rangehood Exhaust fan - DL8560 - M
Very loud
Collects oil, needs to be cleaned “every week” as we were told
Controls are very difficult - they sit under the rangehood, so you cannot see them and must work them by feel.- a stupid design

Dishwasher - F78002VI0P/AU
Controls are all numeric, with a brief sticker description. The sticker writing disintegrated very quickly, so you have to know which codes to use to wash dishes (like with all the products). After repeated complaints they did replace this, although they initially refused, repeatedly.
Cup holders disintegrated within 6 months and had to be replaced.
Generally though, the dishwasher is their best product.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Care Factor 0

Unfortunately not really surprised that i have received no reply from a represantative from AEG. Good to see care factor is clearly 0, the site says it is monitored by a AEG Representative, obviously not important enough.
Probably a simple fix or investigation but looks like im on my own with this one, or just put it in the bin.

AEG Poor Customer Service

We got an AEG dishwasher F77000MOP/AU with our new apartment.

A pump inside the dishwasher failed after a few months use and flooded our apartment. It is disappointing that a new dishwasher failed so quickly. After several attempts through 2 repair agents the dishwasher was repaired.

My property manager called AEG (Electrolux) to put in a claim to cover the expenses of cleaning the carpet after the apartment flooded due to the dishwasher failure. She has spent over 5 hours chasing this up on the phone and the staff have been quite rude and unhelpful.

Finally she was sent a claim form which she filled out and returned a month ago. We still have not heard anything back and the cleaning expenses have still not been reimbursed. The claim form was sent by post and also emailed to Electrolux. She is reluctant to call again as she will be put on hold for 45mins and the person on the other end of the phone probably will not be able to help anyway.

Would not recommend AEG (Electrolux) due to poor customer service if anything goes wrong.

Sent away for two weeks to authorised repairer - came back nothing done!!!!!

AEG demanded we send our washing machine into their authorized repairer to fix a clip-on detergent drawer fascia. They told us we couldn't do it ourselves, we needed a technician - For a plastic clip on fascia. So we send it off... 2 and a half weeks without it, and it returns with nothing having been done. They told us the entire control panel had to be replaced. The repairers did. not. do. anything. It still has no fascia on the drawer and the control panel certainly wasn't replaced as it had discernible marks on the side that would obviously not be there anymore had it been replaced as they told us it would be.
So as we live rurally, we had no access to a laundromat. AEG did not even offer us a replacement washing machine for the interim, did not offer vouchers or any compensation. We have 3 small children so I have been painstakingly hand washing our usual two loads per day in a 9kg washing machine, every day. Aside from the physical strain and emotional distress I've endured, I still do not have a repaired washing machine. This is absolutely the most abhorrent way to deal with customers, especially on a machine that cost us $2500.
Will never purchase from this company again, their horrendous customer service - And the fact they still have not helped us at all, aside from costing us 2 1/2 weeks without a washing machine for nothing. Just... Horrible. The washing machine itself is only 14 months old.

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Thank you all. Nearly bought an AEG wall oven. Will steer clear ... thank goodness for this great website and service.
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