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Fraudulent activity - Account Hacked

We always thought that Afterpay is a reliable source of payment option for our customers, and we did not expect that a fraudulent activity can happen at our store via an Afterpay order!
What is worst is that Afterpay did not even detect it is a fraudulent activity until we, as a merchant, call the customer service team to notify about this. The team even initially advised us that the IP address used to make the purchase is in Australia and it's good for us to release the order. Little did they know that our system has actually detected the IP address used to make the purchase is actually in another country, Indonesia.
After all our explanations to the Afterpay team and request to check this fraudulent order, it is good that Alana finally decided to call the Afterpay account holder to verify the purchase.
Alana has confirmed the next day that his account has actually been hacked in to make this purchase and request us to cancel his order with refund.

We as the merchant cannot filter such cases all the time and this should be the duty of Afterpay to notify us and not the other way around.


Bad communication

I used them to pay for an online order. The order was cancelled by store. But the Afterpay invoice wasn't cancelled so after contacting Afterpay their attitude was very unhelpful so at present I'm stuck with money owing for nothing.

Cant Live without it

Easy Setup and great for those raining days affordable payments and you get to have the items straight away not like other payment type arrangements love it I just cant get enough


Brilliant idea

So much better than layby. Easy repayment plan. Bonus is, that you get your products immediately. Genius system. Would highly recommend this service. A+ Thank you After pay well done


Unable to remove card from their system

I have requested to removed my card from this system and their answer is that they can't event if you don't have any due payments. Pretty bad system. Best to use a credit card that give you points and 55 interest free!


Fantastic merchant Support

Called up this morning with an issue, my call was answered very fast and was easily dealt with. The called up a few moment later with a question I forgot to ask in my first call and the service was just as great! Couldn't recommend the Merchant Support more!


Good experience

Afterpay is very easy to use flexible payments method get reminders when payment is due and get all things of difference categories
I recommend it most from other sources i like it


I never want to be without it

being a pensioner this give me an opportunity to buy something i want and be able to pay it off and still have it at home i love it . great


Afterpay 5 stars, customer service 1 STAR

I love Afterpay, however, I am convinced their customer service reps 'cut and paste' their responses to enquiries from a script. I have yet to have a single query answered, sure I get a response, but I have never had my issue resolved. For instance, I messaged AP about receiving a SMS saying payment was late, but payment had been made, payment shows as paid, and the order shows as finalised in the app. So I message AP to ask if they can confirm the payment is received in their system. The response I get is that I can raise a dispute about late payment fees. No confirmation of payment as requested, no explanation about why SMS was sent or told to disregard message as it is paid. Afterpay do you even read messages, or do you only read the type of enquiry, e.g. payment enquiries, and just 'cut and paste' information about that general topic? Please address this immediately, and you'll have another 5 star review, otherwise it stays a 1 star review.

Love Afterpay

Really like the flexibility of repayments and how they are structured into 4 equal amounts. This ensures I know exactly how much to repay beforehand, allowing me to factor repayments into my budget.



I just unsatisfied because II can't remove my card, even after I pay off the amount I owed! I contact them but got the answer that I can't remove it! I can remove my card easily from Paypal, Ourpay, and other 'option payment' except Afterpay!



I love After pay! I have never missed a payment, as I don't spend above my means. Customer service have been very helpful when I have needed them to contact a merchant for refund and have after pay act on my behave. Perf


Love afterpay

Thanks to afterpay I' got to go on a flight from Townsville to Sydney to visit my niece and I got to see Sydney vivid lights it was completely amazing


Afterpay is great

Great service expecially if you don't want to own a credit card, very handy and much better.
Staff are very helpful and i've never had a problem with it, thank you


I love afterpay

Had a bit of a mix up with the new ID verification and it was fixed within 24 hours so I'm satisfyed with the customer service and support i was offered.

Utter nonsense

I have been using afterpay for 3 years now and never once had a problem until the start of the year when my account was looked for 9 months even tho everything was paid and everything after finally getting my account back it now has been stopped completely and i now have no afterpay account!!! I now have to go to the bank and get a new card if i want another afterpay account thank you for absolutely nothing!!!!

I love Afterpay!

I love the convenience of Afterpay especially when I had to buy several items of clothing for a new job. It allowed me to budget my money, get what I needed on the spot and pay over 4 payments.


Love afterpay . Am member since last 3 years

Love afterpay great app for low income. I can buy straight and pay later . Am member with after pay since last 3 years and I buy all my things I need with after pay.



A great way to keep yourself from getting into enormous debt and still be able to purchase what you want when you want it. It is controlled. I love afterpay.


Afterpay great service

AFTERPAY IS BRILLIANT SERVICE...HANDS DOWN THE BEST...Over five times I've had problems with my order through numerous different companies toll via after pay all have been my fault. And within 24 hours every time they correct my order delete an item or correct repayments promptly and go farm beyond to help numerous numerous times. A lot of other places wouldn't even contemplate deleting an item adjusting repayments but after pay does brilliant job getting all this done through different businesses and I've done this numerous times to say the least


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my card has 2 months left to expire but it wont let me put anything on it
No answers

Anyone else’s barcode disappeared on a Samsung ?
No answers

My AfterPay app won't open on my Samsung phone. Message is: "Unfortunately AfterPay has stopped". I have uninstalled it. Reinstalled it. Tried turning phone completely off, and trying again. I haven't tried resetting phone completely - that seems a hassle to me and won't I lose stuff stored on my phone? I cannot get any answers from Google at all on this matter! My AfterPay account is fine, up to date, and works fine from my laptop. Just WON'T OPEN ON MY PHONE! :( HELP!
2 answers
Does your phone need updating? The other thing you can check is the permissions on your phone. Finally, storage/memory space. I don’t have any experience with android (I don’t like all the ads involved with them). The above are the usual culprits on my iPhone. Hope you manage to get it working!Still not working - I did a full reset of my phone, to factory settings, and it STILL will not open! I can use my account via my laptop, but for instore shopping, I need to rely on being with someone else whose phone I can use. VERY frustrating! :(

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