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Suck it Up - we're the only player in town

Air North sucks. I used to fly back and forth Nhulunbuy/Darwin with them until about a year ago. No complaints about the pilots, cabin crew or planes - but the customer service staff (Darwin) and corporate types need to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and shown a mirror. They're also mega over-priced (but who cares in a monopoly eh?)

I was in Darwin with my daughter for a Chief Minister's award so we flew back at Government expense. Understandably the NTG wanted to be cost effective, so we returned to Nhulunbuy on the smaller propellor Embraer that went through to Groote Eylandt. Daughter had about 7kg of her 15kg limit, I had about 9kg of mine. My carry on laptop bag then became an issue - it was 350g (yes, grammes) over. "We have strict weight limits on this flight!" proclaimed Ms Air North Attitude Queen.

Then the fun started: Can we combine our limits? No. We're way under for hold luggage, does that help? No. So what can we do? The solution was to put my laptop in my soft, hold luggage bag - with a 'fragile' tag! Same thing. Same weight. Same flight - but in the hold.

And so we boarded the flight. And it was half full. And of course as you'd surmise, the laptop got smashed.

A complaint was made. The 'investigation' Air North conducted, rather predictably, exonerated the airline of any wrongdoing and no redress of any kind occurred. It was basically, we're sorry you feel the way you do - but no dice. Goodbye.

We don't have to fly with them any more - that's a win I guess. Goodbye indeed!!

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
DestinationNhulunbuy NT, Australia
BookingThird Party

Damaged baggage

Just traveled with Airnorth from Nhulunbuy to Cairns flight was fine they don’t have care or respect for luggage I was upset to fined my luggage damaged and spilling out onto the baggage carousel on collection this wasn’t good enough.

Successive delays/poor communication

The departure time for my flight from Melbourne to Toowoomba has been delayed three times so far. It was delayed one hour by the time of checking in, followed by two more delay announcements of an hour each. No proactive communication by text, email or phone call. The screens in the terminal display incorrect information. There are no ground staff at the boarding gate except for appearances after boarding time to make an announcement of further delay. Air North is not a discount airline but is acting like one. The ground staff are displaying poor customer service. The time saved by flying direct to Toowoomba has been lost - flying Qantas via Brisbane is looking a better option at this point.

Amazing, Considerate and Very Helpful

Every few months. My daughter with a 12 week old baby and a 2 year old left from Toowoomba Wellcamp for Townsville today. We were late and staff were so amazing with helping her with removing capsule and luggage from car to make sure she made the flight. Thankyou Air North.

September 9th 2019 Update: Love Air North

I travel with Air North to Townsville often. Booking our Seats is easy on line and they often have Specials on Fares. Very comfortable seats with plenty of leg room.


Airnorth frequently runs late, cancels flights and changes scheduled flights with little notice. It's very unreliable to travel with from Maningrid a to Darwin, Darwin to Townsville & on to Toowoomba. Their food is better than Qantas.

Total crap

Two days to fly from kunnunurru to Perth. is pathetic. Can't run on time can't give information.Rude staff
The whole airline is crap and should have its licence revoked
I will never fly with them again.TOTAL RUBBISH AIRLINE

Great customer service

We traveled from Broome to Darwin via Kununurra and were impressed with how good the staff were. We received a light meal during the flight which was great. The way in which they ensured all passengers got a drink/drinks and their meal throughout the entire duration of the flights was most noticeable and much appreciated.

Only way they survive is they have no competition and government support

We have to travel with this airline often and seldom ever get a flight that's on time or goes at all. All that aside the amount of staff that are rude, unhelpful and just don't care is unbelievable. And sure you get all of this for double the price of any other airline. They are a joke to the industry.

Fantastic airline fantastic service

I am fed up with reading poor reviews of Airnorth as myself and my family fly with them every few weeks and i have to honestly say they are wonderful. We had a situation recently that forced me to cancel at last minute and the team were brilliant. They accommodated our needs without charging a fee. The cabin crew are fantastic, especially Liam who is sooo kind to everyone and so friendly. Really cannot fault them. Thanks Airnorth you have my vote


I have flown from Darwin to Dili and Dili to Darwin a lot over a the last 5 years. Air North are as unreliable as it gets. Frequent delays, constant changing of flights and downgrading to smaller planes and therefore not fitting all the passengers who have booked. Basically they dont care and are rude, unhelpful and shamefully unapologetic.

Lost a whole day of our holiday

Lost a whole day of our holiday due to flight being changed to a later time. After sitting at the airport for 6 hours the flight ended being late again and delayed it by another 45 minutes. Never fly with Airnorth if you don't want your holiday ruined like ours was. Damn you Airnorth an absolute disgrace.

Appalled do not recommended

Have booked flights from Toowoomba to Darwin for my daughters wedding, there are 3 of us, we have physical medical issues, and didn't want the long waits between flights. So booked ours with a small delay, they have changed our flights twice. My mother is 72yrs old she has already had one hip replacement and is having a 2nd soon, I am due for a hip replacement in 5mts time, my partner has had 3 disks joined together and needs his hips and sacrum joined. So sitting and standing around for long periods of time are very excruciating for all 3 of us. When they first changed our flights we explained we can not have long extend periods of sitting and standing around in airports They obviously do not care about the health and welfare of their customers. They have now change our flight again. We book through flight centre, I have explained our medical conditions, they contacted air north and their supervisor didn't care at all. This complete disregard for customer health wealth and safety is appalling. They do not care in any way at all about their customers. Discussing.

Absolutely Terrible Airline

Took AirNorth from Darwin to Dili. Return flight was delayed for hours and then we were told that the plane was too small to carry all the passengers. Some passengers must stay behind and catch the next flight which is one day later. In addition, the ground crew (male) was useless and rude which refused to answer what happened. Never ever will take this airline. Should give zero star if I can.

Avoid. Repeated failure to depart on time.

100% late departures in my experience Mel-WTB and return. Will never use again after this. Inconvenience of travelling to Brisbane and then by road is more than outweighed by actually getting there and making connections. Qantas fares and Jetstar - World's Worst Airline - performance.

Qantas take note

Flew from Townsville to toowoomba for the first time with this airline I had never heard of this company before. When I boarded the aircraft, an Embraer 170 (also never heard of) I was delighted to see the seats were two either side and talk about comfy and leg room was amazing. The cabin crew were friendly and efficient getting us away smoothly and on time. There was a cabin service and I was offered a chicken wrap to which I asked how much but it was all complimentary (except alcohol) wow after flying with the low cost airlines for so long this seemed a thing of the past

I can't wait to fly with them again and I really wish they bring there business to more southern parts of Australia it's what this country needs

Left on the tarmac at Kununurra

We were unknowingly bumped from our flight on Sat 1 October 9am from Kununurra to Darwin due to overbooking. We received a text at 6 am that morning telling us we would not be on that flight despite us having booked flights 3 months earlier with cheapo air. The text gave us a phone number to ring which was never answered. Hopeless.
We had multiple appointments- both business and family- to attend in Darwin that afternoon. We missed them all. We were placed on the next flight - late that evening which was too late for us-- and had spent the entire day sitting in an almost empty Kununurra airport. Then we missed our flight from Darwin to home. Both airnorth and cheapo air have been uncontactable by phone but plenty of email have been sent in both directions-- all promising to do something but nothing has happened and it is now 3 months later.

Pricy, tad chaotic at checkin but on board ok

Start wasn't promising, very expensive fare was booked out of DRW into North Queensland on a QF fare. Obviously overheads are high for a small airline but I could have save $200 and spent 6 sleepless hours roaming CNS airport with an overnight flight connection to the same destination if I could be bothered, I wasn't and my company fortunately came to the party. Only found out who I was flying with when I was at the wrong counter and QF staff directed me down the terminal. The Air North (TL) counter was chaotic, they were trying to check in 3 domestic flights as well as one international. Tip if Capiteq Inc (Parent Company) is reading this, separate the Dilli Flight to the Domestic you had adequate desks and staff. Most of the problems I saw came from the Dilli flyers. Despite being a bit flustered staff were friendly and courteous. I then was able to settle into the Qantas club for a bite of breakfast not expecting much on board. Note to travellers apparently if you book fare directly through Air North you won't get access to Qantas Club not only that no status credits are earned on fare so buyer beware. Ok we boarded slightly behind time, no problem. Aircraft Embraer 170, next reservation was that I have flown on these Brazilian made jets with other airlines before & they have no overhead locker space & seats are really tight. Well overhead lockers still had inadequate space but seats were not too bad better than expected. On board no inflight entertainment but we were fed breakfast and a hot breakfast at that, well done TL! Something the bigger airlines would do well to give the choice again, not everyone likes cereal. Flight crew were also very friendly nothing was any problems and fairly attentive to passengers. Summary: IMO you will pay a premium for convenience with this Airline, they service routes the bigger ones won't. Bad points: Despite advertised links to QF FF Program no status credits are earned on a few ticket classes beware(Especially TL fares), check in poorly run (Chaotic), & price. Good points: Staff very courteous, hot feed on longer flights(Big thumbs up), & convenience they fly direct to destinations others ignore.

No problems

I have not had any issues with this airline. The staff are friendly, pleasant and helpful. It is little bit expensive but that has to be expected from an airline which services remote towns / communities. Flight has enough leg room, seats are comfortable and pilots were experienced. Smooth take off and landing and had no issues with the cabin pressure.

Absolutely insane prices between Dili and Darwin

Air north currently have a monopoly on this route since Air Timor failed in 2012. Since then they have jacked up their prices more than 50% to the point where it now routinely costs AU300 - AU600 each way for this 75 min flight. (Previously tickets were able to be bought at a starting price of AU180). They only allow 20kgs checked baggage and charge an extra $5 per kilo over....yes even if its only 1 or 2 kilos and get this we have found their Dili cales are always 2 - 4kgs heavier than Darwin. Air North....I will not be travelling with you anywhere, ever if I have a choice.What you are doing is simply wrong. Fair go Air North!!!

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