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Almat (Aldi) Laundry Liquid

Almat (Aldi) Laundry Liquid

3.2 from 21 reviews

Scent changed

I have been using Almat laundry liquid concentrate Spice temptations mostly because I liked the smell. I still have the container from last year with some liquid. I bought a new one this year, when I opened it I noticed the scent has definitely changed and it is not good. And without any notice.

Purchased in January 2019 at Aldi for $4.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Watered down

I have been using Aldi non bio for over a year and have been very impressed with it. It gets things really clean. However, the one I bought last week is not the same. It is like it has been watered down. Also my skin has been itching for a couple of days.

Almat concentrate washing liquid.

In a word ...Brilliant. perfect cleaning and leaves a lovely after scent. And far cheaper than leading names. A1 Product Aldi.

My clothes still smell of sweat after use.

Maybe I should be using biological washing liquid because using either the Almat Non-bio or Almat Colour there's a faint whiff of sweatiness when ironing. I don't usually write reviews but when it comes to washing liquid, you shouldn't have to worry about the results.

I have never had a detergent that cleans badly food stained tea towels as good as Aldi gel detergent

Does what it says cleans at low temperature and removes stains even bad stains like curry and tomato.It saves me money because I no longer do i have to heat up to 60 degrees on my white wash.

Was surprised how easy it as yo clean clothes one capful & it lasts so long s

Having use man washing products was very surprised at the cleanliness of this product & recommend others to give it a try the price was much cheaper than other products & lasted a lot longer with excellent results I am very happy with all product bought at Aldi plus staff are curteous & very helpful no waiting in lines to be served immediately check outs are opened Well done Aldi

Save time washing

Aldi Almat washing liquid, for the low price is one to definitely jump on. As good or better than the leading washing brands. Happy with every wash. Thank you Aldi


After using Bio Zet for a long time I decided to give this laundry liquid a go as I had seen an advert for it. I am half way through the bottle and the rest of it will be going in the bin. This product has made ALL of the clothes in the machine smell like baby vomit and in fact the clothes smell worse after being washed than what they did going into the machine when they were dirty. I always use a cold wash so whether or not that has something to do with it I don't know but you would think that it would clearly state it's not for use with cold wash. The container is also a poor design and it ends up dripping down the sides of the container and congealing around the neck. Thanks Aldi for making me come to work today in clothing that smells of vomit, isn't that what everybody looks forward to on a Monday morning? There is something terribly wrong with this product. And for those that are wanting to know which one to avoid, it was the pink container I got. Not sure if the others have the same issue but definitely steer clear of the pink container, that is unless you love the smell of baby vomit on your clothes.

Excellent product

Excellent product aldi washing detergent on muddy white tshirt. On a 40° wash. Came all off.I couldn't believe the results Great price too. smells Great. And small packaging great for the universe

It's ok and good for value

Don't get me wrong for 50 washes as bottle says for that little price is amazing compared to me spending 10.50 on washing liquid and it wasn't lasting long
Only one con is i have found it must be the fragrance or something in the liquid that is making me and my daughter itch like crazy
Who knows we may have sensitive skin

Wonderful -cleans my clothes and smells beautiful!

This laundry liquid is valuefor money plus I give it top stars for cleaning! ... I disagree with bubblerats and think she should buy a new washing machine! If you wash pet mats in the washing machine the filter has to be cleaned more often and it can stuff up your washer!...I take my pets mats to the Laundromat!

Don't waste your money

Bought this after seeing a to program on to which said the Almat powder was great. Thinking that the liquid version would be equally as good. WRONG. Firstly I thought that I was not putting enough liquid in. NO. Made no difference. Still came out poor and had to rewash many, items several times to get it clean. The bottle does not have a collar to catch excess or dripping liquid so it congeels at the neck. A very disappointing product will not buy again....using the rest of the bottle to wash rags and pets blankets. Not good for anything else.


Great value for money! The size is really good and you only need a small amount! I use this on my partners work clothes and it leaves them smelling great! (He even has fellow tradies telling him his clothes smell great


Having purchased ALMAT washing liquid before and was raving about it......what has happened the last ones I got a few weeks ago and I think someone has watered it down and there is no nice perfume anymore what is going? very disappointed would like some explanation What has ahppened Aldi

below average

I used to buy the aldi almat laundry clothes washing liquids when it was like a paste and it used to a superb job at cleaning the clothes and then they changed the formula to this new formula which I was not happy with / I would only use the new aldi almat formula to wash towels

The older ones which I don't think they make were choice and the aldi almat triple enzymes formula is alright as well Or can be also used if the clothes are mildly dirty though if the clothes have stains then the newer versions are not affective / I would say to aldi bring back the old style though it doesn't have to be as strong though lots of improvement needs to be made

Best liquid detergent l have ever used, l am 74!!!

It is beyond me why any one would knock this wonderful detergent, I have lived in many parts of the world, believe me for the cost this detergent is amazing. Leaves the washing soft, lovely smell, & very thrifty.

Disappointed Aldi on your product change

I am extremely disappointed on the change to the Almat clothes washing detergent. The previous product left a lovely fragrance in the clothes and washed well with only the recommended amount. I used the Tropical Breeze in the pink bottle now renamed Tropical Burst and find you have to use double the recommendation and still NO after fragrance. Quality has gone, it is now very watery.
If it does not change back I will search a better quality elsewhere "Marketing" - Please change it back!!!
Fragrance in the bottle
Fragrance does not last and watery.

It's interesting there are three posters with negative comments. All three also posted only one product review on the date of membership. If the product used to be so good how come none of you posted a positive comment on it before? I don't usually post positive comments as if I am paying good money for a product I naturally expect it to be good. It was only when I was looking to see if anyone else was questioning the new flaws in this product that I found the forum in which to post my complaint. In saying this, if I heard that Aldi had changed this product back to it's original formula and I retried it and was happy with it again, I would be more than happy then to take the time to write a review commending them on listening to the complaint of it's purchasers and restoring the product to it's high standard.

this product does not work

this product was changed i have bought the product for the last 4 years and was very satisfied with it not any more for some reason it has been changed for the worst i will not buy this product any more and demand my money back thanks,i have washed with this new product almat and clothes still dirty.
it gave me a nice clean wash and was very economical but no longer
now it looks like it has been watered down and made very weak you need lots and clothes still dirty.

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was the best now so watered down

Was good - now pretty ordinary

I've been using Almat laundry detergent for the past couple of years and was very happy with it. Recently they've changed the product. It appears to be watered down and I find I have to use more than I used to to get the same results. Like so many other products - marketing and the bottom line takes precedence over customer satisfaction. Shame on you Aldi, you pretend to advocate better deals but thats not actually correct is it.
Was an excellent product
Now watered down and not cost effective any more

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Have been so terribly disappointed with the current Almat laundry detergent, tried it once, buying another product now.


Overall, I think it is a very good product. It removes stains and leaves clothes clean and fresh. The fragrances are lovely and linger on the clothes which is very nice. The price is fantastic for such a good quality product, I would recommend this to anyone.
I like this laundry liquid, I think it works very well at removing stains in both hot and cold water. The fragrances are very nice and fresh and make clothes smell lovely. The cheap price is very good and I believe it is good value for money because the large bottle of Almat Liquid lasts ages.
Nothing I dislike so far.

I so loved this product...Good value, Good cleaner, Beautiful smell....SO WHY DID ALDI CHANGE IT????? BIG BIG MISTAKE...The new product SUCKS.....Now i will be looking for a new laundry detergent....Very disappointed after using the new version of the product. Totally inferior to the original version from my point of view.

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just wondered what price is Almat liquiid love it our Aldi is a bit far away from us ,but picked some up in Melbourne last week end, will get a friend to pick up some more, we are from Mildura WHEN are we going to get a ALDI in mildura PLEASE PLEASE? regards Jan Allen
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If you want to ask aldi questions - I would recommend to call their head office which is in minchberry nsw

Someone tell me ingredients? I have very sensitive skin
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I think aldi almat is made up of water and crap, I suppose If you have sensitive skin I would recommend buying and using either the new Zealand clothes washing liquid or omo for sensitive skin - it's 20 bucks though, well worth it in my opinionThe new Zealand laundry detergent is called ecostore clothes washing liquidAlso omo makes a sensible clothes washing liquid that is suitable for sensitive skin that is available at the major supermarket chains

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