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Almat (Aldi) Powder Concentrate

Almat (Aldi) Powder Concentrate

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The worst ever skin reaction to this product... Been through hell with a huge rash over both arms and body...
And cost me ALOT of money in Antihistamines and Ointment to try and get better...
Definitely DONT buy it

Purchased in April 2019.

Causes Irritation Yes

Causing major itching - beware !

I have been using this product for years - great for stain removal but in the last month - it has causes a major skin itching - starts small and progressively goes all over body. Other family members now also affected - no stain removal
Is worth this ! They must have changed the composition - very angry.

Respiratory reaction to Aldi laundrey powder

I found that the smell from the powder contentrate unsettling, but the impact of washed bed linen on my breathing was worse - it produced coughing, wheezing and sufficiently serious discomfort to prevent me from sleeping on bed linen washed using the product. Lessening the amount used made no difference. I might add, we had no issue with the clleaning properties of the powder.

Gets out dirt like no other, just wish they have a fragrance free version

With prior detergents, I used to have to pretreat food, blood and pet stains. This detergent saves me that step. When I use this to wash my kitchen rag and sponges/scourers I can actually see the oil and dirt emerge, especially when I use hot water.
I don't like that it is highly perfumed. To deal with this I buy two boxes and let one air outside for a month before using. I always have one airing outside on a rotation basis. Unfortunately another downside I have experienced is the powder in the tray of my front loader crystalizes into a hard lump on contact with water. I have to take the extra step of sprinkling it directly over my clothes to counter this effect.

Almat Has Changed

Have been buying this product for years from Aldi after a TV comparison programme on washing powders. Almat came out tops in every area and, until recently, it has been very good, however, over the past few weeks I have noticed that it no longer fully dissolves and leaves a 'concrete' residue in the dispenser tray of our washing machine. Additionally, there has been no plastic scoop included in the box, which I thought may have accidently been left out during the packaging process, but not after several weeks. Complaints to Aldi checkout staff fall on deaf ears.

Box half empty

Love Aldi but getting washing power elsewhere, box half empty, not tried yet so can't comment beyond that. Feel very much ripped off, don't know how to post pics but it's a joke.

Itchy and rashes

I have skin rashes,redness and itchiness using this laundry powder. It’s just terrible.
Pathetic product and so is the customer service.
Don’t deserve even one star

Use this Powder with caution

We have been using this powder for a while but in as much as it gets our clothes very clean it also has a down side as both my wife and I have been left itching

Left powder Residue on Clothes

I decided to try Almat powder concentrate (2KG) instead of my usual powder. It left a white residue on my clothes even though I used warm water wash and dissolved the scoopful first in a jug of hot water. I had to rinse all the load again. I now use the Almat liquid concentrate (2lt) no problems, cleans well and smells great, good value.


mum og 4 here i tried this product once after bying biozet for years and I hve never gone back. Fantastic results in all stains and smells fantastic.
I use it for the whole family A+

Washes items clean and fresh

I used other powders in the past but found this one to work extremely well. No staining or leaching of colour .
I am trialing it as grey water at the moment and hope it works in the garden

Perfect Cannot Live Without It

This Almat is Wonderful, The Fragrance is so fresh & Crisp, It Cleans All of My Washing the First Time !!! It Cleans Every Item of Clothing Perfectly, wash after wash it is wonderful & A Great Price To. Lexie.xxx

Aldi tragic's lament

I've been an Aldi "tragic" since I first found them in Canberra in '07. Very please with nearly everything I buy.
Their laundry detergent however, has transitioned from probably one of the top three detergents available, to a very ho-hum product. It simply doesn't clean nearly as well as it used to, when they had the little red, blue and yellow ballies in it.
So that's a fail from me Aldi. Very, very disappointing.

Taken colour from towels

I recently tried almat powder. My brand new towels have been ruined...dark grey now have orange blotches on them. I have been told no bleach in powder, must be brightening agents

Not sure what the negative reviews are about


- Good smell
- Generous scoop
- Beautiful packaging (especially hot pink)
- No bleach marks
- No residues, stains or smells


- Nothing to note

I just want a laundry powder, not Donald Trump Laundry Powder Gold Standard™.

Overall: 4 out of 5

Terrible. This has caused major skin reactions in the entire family!

Very disappointed in trying this product to my usual brand. Ongoing skin reaction in my daughter who was the first to react. Now all the family has broken out in rashes which as this is the only product I have changed in our day to day life it is easy to come to this conclusion. Terrifying to think what this product has in it to cause this reaction in 2 adults & 5 children!


For the exceptional price, this product cleans extremely well. You don't need to use as much powder as specified to get a really clean result. Much better performance than any of the well know brands and much cheaper. Whites remain white and colours remain as they should be and there is no fading so naturally, I am impressed!

Aldi Lasagne

This is the absolute best lasagne I have ever tried and it is ridiculously cheap as well, retailing at around $8 for a family sized pack that easily feeds a family of 4. Beats both the Coles and Woolies varieties hands down.

Absolutely love them

I recently switched tò Aldi washing powder from other named brands and i am so glad i did. Very happy!! All of them smell great. They all wash great. Such good value for money. Very cheap. I paid $9.95 for 4kg which is like 96 washes . Gold one is my fav. Lovely strong smell.

Allergy and/or skin irritation issues

Whilst driving with baby and wife I unexpectedly experienced hayfever symptoms (sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes). The symptoms got considerably worse when we got home so i bought some claratyne and wondered what had changed to cause these symptoms as i don't suffer from hayfever. We then noticed our baby son's skin was slightly inflamed, red and spotchy. Trial and error over the day brought us back to our newly opened and used Tropical Breeze Almat powder. I.e., Once I changed from a shirt washed in Almat the symptoms immediately reduced. Once everything around me washed in Almat was removed the symptoms almost disappeared. Re-washing everything and airing the house removed the irritation. Not good Aldi. We have gone back to a ludicrously expensive well known brand. Have kept a sample of the offending product in case we experience any further health complications. (Note: Everything else we got this shop from Aldi was awesome!)

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Questions & Answers

Could you please tell me the size (volume of the scoop you are referring to)?
No answers

Can I use Almat and Di-san with a septic system?
1 answer
It would probably be best to check with the manufacturers bit I don't think it would be an issue.

What is in almat concentrate laundry powder pls i cant see it on the box?
1 answer
Sorry I don't know. Maybe contact Aldi if you want specific details. I'm just a consumer like you.

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