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Amazing Fencing

Amazing Fencing

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Amazing that they're still in business - so dodgey!

Only use this company if you would love to spend your money on a fence that will literally rot away and fall down in a number of years. The timber posts are even rotting up at the top end of the posts where they have never come in to contact with anything but air!!! They claim to offer a 40 year warranty before they get your money but once they have it, the warranty you have in writing means nothing!! Incompetent, deceitful and disgraceful people!! We had no choice but to pay our neighbour half for the fence they arranged with this company. Another fence we arranged elsewhere at the same time is still standing, solid as a rock.

Rude, poor

This is our second fence job with them. Amazing fence just subcontracts the work out and collects a margin. The quality of the job will be highly dependent on the person who turns up, if they even do turn up at all. Our job was postponed twice and when the subbies that finally turned up was rude, obnoxious and unhappy about having to come off a bigger job they were working on to replace my fence. The quality of the job was poor and not performed to what was agreed. When we started asking the subbies questions on what we thought was our agreed expectations with Amazing, we were told off rudely that they had 40 years of experience and we were wasting their time.

Do not hire

they drilled straight through the main power line to my house which caused my tv to blow up as it was on at the time. Now they will not accept responsibility for it nor the cost of the electrician to repair the damage

Mixed experience

The first time I used Amazing Fencing I got a very good result, very efficiently produced and that's why I used them again. The second time, a disappointing outcome and a difficult person to deal with. Clearly it depends on the contractor you get and I there isn't sufficient quality control over that. I wouldn't take the risk again.

Excellent fence

New picket fence looks beautiful and suits my house well. Dave did a great job. Very efficient and friendly company. Easy to deal with and I will use them again if I need.

Great fence but very poorly executed that will leave you with hours of work to clean-up and repair t

- Our fence was replaced
- We were told that there would be 'a bit of cement broken'
- We ended up with 2m3 of broken cement spread out over 18m (along the fence replaced) and massive holes in the cement - not even on a straight line. Without any warning. We had to clean-up ourselves, hire a skip and use 13 bags of 20kg cement to fill-up the holes
- For all the work that was required after their intervention we received a 50$ discount

Great Fence,Great Service

Amazing Fencing Dandenong have just completed a fence for us. From Tony who quoted to Paul and Pete who constructed the fence and the team who removed the rubbish we received nothing but professional, friendly and considerate service and most of all a GREAT job. Thank you to all at Amazing Fencing.

Amazingly dodgy

I received a quote from this company and a short time later I had a call from one of their contractors that the came to do the job. He was never there when it was supposed to happen and always had excuses. It took 4 months to get the side fence done and as the front gates had been removed to do this my property was left unsecured. Long story short he never came back to finish the job or take away the demolished old fence and had been paid a deposit for the front fence and it turns out he doesn't even work for them anymore.
How does someone get all the details to pose as a contractor and then rip off people???
The company cant do anything, I had to get another contractor to fix my front fence and am $750 out of pocket. Could not have been a more devastating experience as I trust that people will honour their word. It has taken me months to post this as it broke me trying to get a fence.

Amazing Fencing is the absolute worst.

Amazing Fencing = THE WORST. If you want your job to start 2/3 weeks late, deal with complaining contractors who do NOT do a proper job or take care of the materials - then this is the company for you. Very unorganised, colourbond panels scratched, fencing was too high and blamed it on the level of our ground I could go one but I don't want to waste any more of my time. Overall very poor experience - would not recommend anyone use this company to do works on their property. This company is the absolute worst.

Worst company ever.

Nails missed rail. Half the fence 20cm off the ground, dog can get under. Top of fence did not get cut with string line. Rang company guy came back re cut top. Did not fix bottom. Put 20 or more nails in each picket and still missed the rail causing pickets to split. Worst fence in brisbane and done by a company that calls themselves amazing. Ha. What a joke of a company. Please do not use them. They are cheap for a reason.

Good job

I recently had a second lap and cap fencing job done by Amazing Fencing. I got them back second time because happy with first job. This time around there were a few communication problems at the start but in fairness they did work hard to fix those and the end result was a well built and great looking new fence. I was particularly impressed with the follow up service and attention of the guy that came to measure and quote. Thanks Amazing Fencing.

stay away from this people

bad quality, never smooth transaction, builder guy can't speak English, very slow.
took so long to reply to a question, fence is not straight.

Appalling service.

Do not use this company. They also trade under Sydney Timber Fencing http://www.sydney-timber-fencing.com.au/. I spent weeks trying to organise a quote with different stories given as to why they weren't coming. Eventually the guy turned up to quote in the evening and needed a torch to see what he was doing. He then sent through an incorrect quote (quoting for demolishing a fence, not a wall). It took me a week of unreturned emails and calls to finally speak to someone who said that they don't demolish walls. They wasted weeks of my life that I will never get back.

Lots of problems with our fence and the company is doing everything to avoid making repairs.

Ours is a lap and cap fence. There are some gaps between the boards so its not completely lap at all. The contract called for galvanised nails to be used throughout and the nails used were not galvanised and some of the nails were too long and protruded past the fence. Some have been cut off and others are still protruding and are potentially dangerous. These nails will eventually rust and the fence will start to fall apart. There are many instances where there are splits in the timber where they have nailed too close to the edge of the timber and in several places where they were suppose to use 2 nails at each location, only 1 nail was used with the timber starting to twist. Several of the boards are already twisting and bowing as the timber is young and has not been seasoned and there are insufficient nails particularly at the bottom of the fence.

The work was done in October and we have given the company to date 20 Feb 2018, every opportunity to rectify the issues and although they have made many promises to do so, nothing has happened. We intend taking this issue to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and if there is any movement on this issue beforehand I will repost to this site.

February 24th 2018 Update: Follow up review from review from Feb 22 2018 - showing that reviews are a good first step to rectify

I posted this and also a further review on their website. It did the trick in having my fence repaired and very quickly too. I therefore urge others who have not had their complaints addressed to do the same. A contract fencer spent 1.5 days making good all the problems. It's not brilliant but it is acceptable and hopefully will give us many years service. Unfortunately it seems that the fencing business is akin to someone at the top of the pile collecting all the monies and paying poorly qualified tradesmen a pitance whereby the workimen are doing jobs for numerous companies with no-one wanting to take any responsibility. If you have the time allow weeks to get in sufficient quotes and accept with caution!!!

Really smooth process.

I had a colorbond fence put in and I am very happy with how it turned out. I would recommend to others.

Well built, Bad quality pailings

The installer of the fence, [name removed], did a great job building it. However a fair few of the pailings were bowed and had chips out of them. Not impressed with that at all. They should check them before sending them out to prevent this. Amazing fencings needs to pick up their game if they want to better their reputation, because there's a lot of bad reviews on here.

Appalling customer service and crooked fence

The two guys who run this company, [name removed] and [name removed], were constantly passing the buck to each other. They're professional fraudsters and you should NOT go anywhere near them. Our fence had a number of splits in it within w weeks of installation, and they promised to send someone to replace the split palings - all lies - they never had any intention. Stay away!!


Old fence still remains eight weeks after, customer service is non existent, does not return emails and calls. Owner keeps requesting additional money to go back and complete job. Do yourself a favour and go with someone else, ANYONE else.


This business is fraudulent and and attempts to charge extra variations without consent and without good reason. Customer Service is a joke. I am reporting them to authorities.

Terrible communication. Would not recommend

First they didn't have our quote twice when I tried to book the job. Then when the date arrived the materials arrived late and with no one to install the fence. No communication from the tradie until an apology text msg arrived at 8:30pm after I called the office in the afternoon. The next morning they were to start work again and turned up to tell me they couldn't go ahead due to a tree that was be included in the fence and (originally quoted for) needed to be removed and left without trying to provide a solution or resolve the problem. After multiple phone calls to the boss and person involved. I was faced with paying extra cash in hand to the tradie for a job that should have been quoted for in the first place and the job being 5 days late (the fence had already been removed). The tradie was rude on the phone and in person without providing any explanation or compensation. We decided to not go ahead with company, cancelled the job and I will not be recommending them in the future.

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