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Do you need a new fence to frame your beautiful house and to keep people out? A fencing company can help you with that - but what should you be looking out for in a professional fencing company and are they worth it? Read more…

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Jim's Fencing

Jim's Fencing

4.4 from 368 reviews

Latest review: WA job Poor service - Jim’s Fencing didn’t honour quote - canceled quoted after I wanted to go ahead Stuffed up pricing, even thou i met the contractor on site and discuss what we wanted sent him pho

Aussie Fencing

Aussie Fencing

4.6 from 70 reviews

Latest review: I needed two powder coated steel tube posts, Aussie Fencing had them in stock at a fair price. Great service from the girls on the phone, they were really helpful. Pick up was easy and very well

BCM Fencing

BCM Fencing

3.8 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Thanks Eren for securing our side fence (not installed by you guys) when it starting bending and leaning over in the high winds. I really appreciated the time and effort you took to come all the way

Chadstone Fences and Gates

Chadstone Fences and Gates

4.0 from 14 reviews

Latest review: What can I say? I wished I'd had a gate here years ago. As you can see I have an old home with old ironwork fencing that I have always loved. I have hesitated getting a fence installed because I was

Oxworks Fencing

Oxworks Fencing

2.9 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Gold Coast location. Tried every form of communication. Nothing answered. I have gone elsewhere Reading the other reviews looks dodgy as..... looks like I dodged a bullet. Good luck if you can get

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Image of house with a white picket fence

Fencing is an aesthetic counterpart to many peoples homes, but it can be much more than that - often an essential safety tool to keep your property guarded. Fences are versatile tools that fit many different needs. If you’re considering getting a fence, first figure out which type of fencing you need and if you need to hire a professional or if you can tackle it solo.

What does a fencing company do?

A fencing company consists of fencing contractors who are qualified to install fences. They also offer repair, maintenance and inspection services to ensure that your fence follows the local council laws and regulations.

Some fencing companies also sell wholesale materials to customers who are up for tackling the task on their own.

DIY fencing and things to consider

When deciding whether or not to DIY, you should consider your building skills, previous experience, your budget and the type of fencing most suitable for your property.

If you have minimal building experience or limited time to install the fence yourself, then it may be more convenient for you and safer to hire a professional. However, if you have ample time and the know-how, then there are many types of fencing that can be done at home which will save costs.

Vinyl fencing, split rail fencing and barbed wire fencing are some of the easiest and cheapest fences to DIY. You can buy the materials at wholesale prices from many fencing companies themselves.

Types of fencing

Before hiring a fencing contractor or completing the task yourself, you should consider the reason why you want to install a fence. This will then, in turn, help you decide which type of fencing best suits your needs. There are many reasons why fencing can benefit you including home security, keeping children and animals inside the lawn, protecting people from falling in the pool and for storing livestock.

Each type of fencing has its advantages and disadvantages.

Chain fencing
Chain fencing

Timber fencing
Timber fencing

Wrought iron fencing
Wrought iron fencing

PVC fencing PVC fencing

Chain wire fencing: This is the go-to for farms and rural properties since it is effective for boundary marking and animal separation. This is not for privacy, noise, aesthetic or security-related purposes. A plus side is that this type of fencing is cost-effective, easy to DIY and repair or replace.

Wrought iron fencing: Beautiful and intricate, this type of fencing is secure and suitable for aesthetic and boundary marking purposes. It can be difficult to install and expensive due to its distinct ornamental features and can require regular maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Glass fencing: Usually situated around pools or gardens with picturesque backdrops, glass fencing allows for seamless and sleek integration with the surroundings. This can be an expensive option and may not be suitable for those with children or pets as they can get hurt if they run into it.

Metal fencing: Great for DIY fencing and affordable, metals such as steel and aluminium are a suitable option for those prioritising security. On the downside, they are susceptible to rusting and offer no noise protection - they may also not look as sleek as other options on this list.

Timber fencing: A classic option for many homeowners, it offers boundary protection and privacy. It’s cost-effective and easy to DIY. They are also aesthetically pleasing to have around the boundary of your home and can keep pets and children safe on the lawn. Timber is susceptible to rot and termites, however, and this type of fencing may require ongoing maintenance. Timber is also not suitable for those living in bushfire-prone areas.

Brick wall fencing: Brick fencing is the most expensive type of fencing, but requires very little maintenance after it has been built. It’s a sturdy, luxurious and safety-conscious choice which also provides noise reduction. The downsides are the cost and skills needed to install it correctly. Certain types of brick wall fencing may also require planning permission from your local council.

Picket fencing: One of the most quaint and adored types of fencing, picket fences offer an aesthetic border around your property, however, they are not generally used for security or privacy purposes. They also require maintenance to avoid mould from growing.

PVC fencing: Also known as vinyl fencing, it is similar in aesthetic to a picket fence but is made of synthetic materials - this improves durability since it is not prone to rot or decay. This type of fencing is more costly than timber fencing.

Slat fencing: Slat fencing uses either timber or aluminium and provides great security. Because of the lines between the slats, it may not be great for privacy or noise reduction, however. They are very sturdy and have a neat appearance, but they come at a cost.

In addition, there are many more types of fencing such as:

  • Colorbond: Safety, privacy and noise reduction
  • Stone : Durability and safety
  • Emu wire : Aesthetically pleasant
  • Modular system: Safety and privacy
  • Hardifence: Privacy and security
  • Hebel modular: Modern feel security
  • Paling: Privacy with a natural feel
  • Tubular: Affordable and versatile
  • Garrison: Secure and durable
  • Brushwood fencing: Privacy & noise reduction, not suitable for bushfire prone areas

It’s worth speaking to a contractor about your options to decide the best style of fencing for you.

Benefits of hiring a fencing company

While it may be appealing to want to reduce costs and tackle the job yourself, there are benefits to hiring a fencing company.

They are certified experts in their field and can provide consultations to help you breeze through the decision making process on which fencing is suitable for your property, your needs and budget. They will also ensure that all construction follows the local laws and regulations.

Peace of mind is often invaluable and knowing that your fence is secured properly can go a long way in helping you feel safe. Contractors are highly skilled and able to fit your fence to the highest standards - saving you maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

But ultimately, you are paying a fencing contractor for the time and effort of installing a fence - which may take you longer to do, especially if you have limited DIY knowledge.

What to look for in a fencing company

We all know how important it is to have a well-secured fence, but before signing with a contracting company, there are a few things you should keep in mind when searching for the right one.


See how much experience the company you’re looking at has in the business and how long they have been operating for. This is important because installing a fence is an intricate process that requires a lot of previous experience and prior knowledge. If they have been running for a long time, or have a good local reputation, it’s because people trust them and return to them.


Similar to the last point, the best way to know what your fence will end up looking like is by seeing examples of their earlier work - most usefully, in the style of fencing you’re aiming to achieve. Good fencing companies should be able to provide a portfolio of images and an example of a plan from previous projects. This plan should include details such as how the budget was managed, the materials used and the timeframe it was completed in.


It’s one thing to take the company’s word for it, but the thoughts of others who have used that company can reveal more of the truth. Reviews can reveal if the fencing company you want to hire provides high-quality work or if there are any potential downsides to hiring them.

Customer service

Above all else, you should keep customer service in mind when choosing your contracting company. How are they communicating with their clients and will they be able to provide you with the necessary support and information to keep you updated throughout the process? If you don’t feel heard after speaking to them on the phone or after a consultation, it’s best to look for another company that will be patient and cater to your specific needs.

The bottom line

Now that you know some of the pros and cons of DIY fencing and what to look for in a fencing company, it’s up to you to make the final decision. Remember to choose a service that has proven expertise in the type of fence that you want to be built. Most importantly, look for a fencing company that makes your satisfaction their priority.

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