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Ambi Pur Aero Air Freshener

Ambi Pur Aero Air Freshener

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Rubbish product

We have recently purchased Ambi Pur air freshener 3 times. On 2 occasions the nozzles have clogged up almost immediately. We have had to throw out those 2 cans. Never again.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

AmbiPur air freshener totally useless

We have been using these for some time but at least half of the ones purchased don't work and have ended up throwing them out. Now I buy a Coles brand product at about half the price,

Not as advertised

Pur air freshener is advertised as having no mist falling when you spray it
Not true its just as bad as the rest of them
There is definitely a large amount of mist when you spray.

How to use the Air Freshner

After having problems with the can of air fresheners stopping to work before its totally empty I found out that other members of the family or visitors can be responsible for the can running out of the pressure because the can wasn't held in the up right position when its used, take note that if you tilt the can too much the plastic pipe will no longer be sitting in the fluid and will only be dispersing the pressure in the can and consequently run out of puff.
Having said that I find the Air freshener a wonderful product

Ambi Pur Air Effects nozzle problem

On my third can of this product, the first two binned after deciding it was just bad luck. This can did two or three days before packing it in. Still over three quarters of a can left. when I tried to Google a fix I saw same problem from over two years ago! You can go on their Facebook page and still see people carrying on about it. Glad it's not just me

Doesn't work properly

I'm tired of the same issue,bottle half full and it stops spraying properly.wont buy it anymore.
How can a million dollar company
Not fix a simple issue.
Or maybe it purposely done.

Ambi pur ,air effects

Not the first time ,having same problem as others ,the can is over half full and the sprayer not working ,going to give them a ring ,will keep you posted
Hi to all just letting you know that I got a refund ,
Thank you to the person that helped me out

Ambi Pur car air fresherner for her

WARNING! If you are using or considering using this product be warned. My wife purchased this product for our new Jeep Compass. Seemed very simple to set up as it clipped right onto the airconditioner vent. The product was purchased from Coles and cost around $6-8. Anyhow after setting everything up it was working fine for about the 1st 30 days. Then we noticed not long after the bottle was empty (Its suppose to last up to 70 days). Anyhow that did not bother us so much until we started noticing paint melting and corrosion in a leak line directly under the Ambi Pur bottle and clip. The corrosion continued to get worse and worse. Now we are needing to look at replacing our car stereo system. So our $6-8 car are freshener is looking like its going to cost us around $400 to repair all the damage it did to our car! So angry at the moment! This is just not right.

Total Waste Of Money

How can you make an air-freshening product that doesn't spray properly?
I bought three different fragrances ...all are still full - but wont spray.
Never again.
Stick with the supermarket home brands.
They are half the price & they work.

this is good

this aero air freshener is far better than all the freshener I have tried so far. I find this product, a complete value for money package.

total waste of money

I too am tired of only getting nearly half way through a can of spray, As pensioners, this is one luxury we now cannot afford. Why should this company be allowed to get away with this duping in Australia. Even the writing on the can is unreadable, as it is written in an Asian language.

Best air freshener

This air freshener is fantastic. Very fine spray that does not drop all over the floor like all others. Buy it.


NEVER YET have I got more than half way through an aerosol can and that's it cant get it to spray anymore will never buy ambi pur aerosol again. Total waste.

Ambi pur aerosole freshner

I have been buying these air freshners for a long time and with the purchase of each one I hope that I can use the spray to the end but less than halfway through the spray wont come out properly these are expensive and I of course like the smells of them otherwise I would buy something else, these problems need to be addressed I have spoken to ambi pur a while ago and was sent a card to buy more but still I have this problem why can't it be fixed do others have this problem surely it isn't just me
The smell
Wont come out after a few sprays

not happy

While the 'Rocky Springs & Cool' smells wonderful, the spray dispenser is not strong enough for the consumer to use the entire product. The one I purchased worked well till it decided to become unusable. I rather spray my deodorant instead. Won't purchase again nor recommend it. Waste of money!

Questions & Answers

i have 3 cans of Ambi Pur that are 3/4 full and they wont spray. broken!!!!! any suggestions?
No answers

Is ‘Apple & spices still available in Ambipur air effects can. Can’t find in shops
No answers

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