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Organic Choice Air Freshener

Organic Choice Air Freshener

4.6 from 13 reviews

Best Air Freshener - Organic or Otherwise

A great product from an environmentally responsible Australian company, which I've been using for years now. The coconut lime scent is subtly fresh - not overpowering at all - and the mist spreads evenly. A couple of sprays in a large room is usually enough, so 200mL goes a long way. I also keep a bottle in my car to maintain that new car smell. Highly recommended.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $5.00.

Fresh and Natural

I'm not buying any other air fresheners from now on. This one smells lovely, not the chemical nasty smell of many others. I have used it for toilet and to freshen seldom used bedrooms on the linen. The trigger bottle is also a lot less obtrusive than most cans. The label comes off without any sticky residue, so I can use it for other things when empty. Added to the fact that it is made and owned in Australia and supports organic farmers, it about ticks all the boxes for me. One thing though that I haven't seen, is a refill bottle. Perhaps they are around, but have not seen them, this would be great.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Love it so much

I've bought it a few times now. I love the Coconut Lime one and so does everyone who smells it in my house!

Best thing!

Trigger spray means it never ends up degassed so you can use it to the very end of the bottle. The flavour combinations are very nice and scent the air for a long time. The mist is fine and I've never seen a drip.
Worst thing about it is it can be hard to find because it sells out at my local supermarket

Smells soooo good

The trigger spray works well and the fine mist scents the air for a surprisingly long time. Smells like a really nice scented candle. So grateful that quality, natural products like these are coming onto the market!!

Excellent Product & Value

After trying just about every product in supermarkets over the years, I have found that Organic Choice offers the best lasting fragrance and although it may seem more expensive at first, the amount used really offers greater value for money.

I have made my own essential oils air fresheners also, which are great, but can be expensive with the purchase of the organic essential oils. So this Organic Air Freshener is a more economical and convenient solution

love the smell

I have brought this product a couple of times I loved it so much I showed my friends they just loved the smell its a pump which sprays a fine mist great for the environment and the price is very fair.

Load of rubbish

I decided to try this product as it is advertised on tv not to have any falling mist when you spray it. Totally not true it has a falling mist just the same as many other products. That is called false advertising as far as I am concerned.

Love this product, absolutely awesome

I used to use febreeze then I tried Organic Choice air freshner,just by a chance I saw this at coles. I absolutely love it. I do not buy any other product now.
I use it on the furniture and especially on my linen. It has a fresh clean smell. love it to bits!!!
I use the lemongrass and cedarwood but have also used the rose and pomegranate which is also really nice.

Absolutely love these products

Came across this range in Coles and thought would try the bathroom cleaner, absolutely love it. Apart from the refreshing smell it actually cleans the grout, couldn't believe my luck. Have now used the first bottle and bought a second and also a bottle each for my daughter and daughter-in-law. I also have the kitchen cleaner which is just as good and a great scent. Will definitely buy more

Excellent product. Australian made, not tested on animals, organic essential oils.

A pleasure to review this product. I discovered it at Coles and have never looked for anything else since. Amazing scents - I prefer the Lemongrass and Cedarwood. A super fresh clean scent for the air and soft furnishings. I even spritz the wardrobe-but do heed the warnings on fabrics that stain from watermarks. No issues for me - no silk items in my clothing range. Very very happy to support an Australian made product that meets my criteria for animal and environmental standards. I do hope it stays on the market for a long long time.

I love this Organic Choice air freshener I just found in Coles!

I have never bothered to review a product before, however I just found this at my local Coles and I loved it so much I had to review! I bought the Organic Choice Lemongrass and Cedarwood air freshener and the natural scent of the spray (its says they use organic essential oils) is fantastic! I've used them on the beds and also as a room freshener and it leaves the rooms smelling really fresh - no mean feat with boys rooms!! I'm going to try the scented candles as well as they looked really nice and the packaging is so lovely that you could use them for gifts.

These air fresheners are amazing!!!

I recently found these products in Coles. There are two types of air fresheners - one is Lemongrass and Cedarwood and the other is Grapefruit and Pomegranate. I tried the Lemongrass in my bathroom at home and also used it as a linen spray. I loved it so much that I went back and brought the other Grapefruit variant. They are both fantastic and both have organic essential oils, which I think make them smell so good! I also notice they have soy candles in the range, which I am going back to try. I really liked the packaging too, they look great in the bathroom. Once you try these you wont be able to stop spraying them around the house!!

Questions & Answers

Why can I not buy Grapefruit & pomegranate any longer from Coles supermarkets, has this product ceased production?
No answers

Is the product safe on pets and babies?? Can I use it on pet bedding and cot mattress ?? Thx
1 answer
the ingredients are all natural, and I'd say it's safe, but I guess it depends on animal and child allergies (if any)

can refills for the organic choice air freshener be bought separately?
1 answer
As far as i know, yes. Perhaps check out their website

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