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Nilodor Deodorizer Concentrate

Latest review: This product is a lifesaver when it comes to unwanted smells in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere for that matter. I used this for a spill in the car, and it instantly took away the scent. I have

Orange Power Air Fresheners

Latest review: in fact i feel like i've lost weight during this diet i felt in fact very healthy as the orange podwer we are said to nouce oz g k the rest be fishes wheni get bigger orange

Organic Choice Air Freshener

Latest review: A great product from an environmentally responsible Australian company, which I've been using for years now. The coconut lime scent is subtly fresh - not overpowering at all - and the mist spreads

Clean-A-Matic Clean Air

Latest review: No recyclable symbol on the can & being it is made in Australia I find that strange. Most cans these days say recyclable. PS I buy this product all the

Air Wick Aqua Mist

Latest review: wish this container was stronger the spray as mine broke, and when it did spray it was heavy went on the floor and was then wet, would not buy it again and had to throw mine

No Vac

Latest review: Since having kids, life has become busier. This is a great way to make the house (and car!!!!) much cleaner and more sanitary. Especially after last weeks bout of the vomiting

No Vac Foam Carpet Sanitiser and Deodoriser

Latest review: I used on a 2m*2m area to remove some odor coming out of the carpet. This product doesn't "Deodoriser" the carpet but attempt to mask the odor with strong smelling fragrance that smell terrible

Palm Beach Collection

Latest review: I was so impressed with the customer service of the PBC team, especially Niedra. I was given a PBC as a gift and went to use the candle the 2nd time...….after an hour of burning it shattered the g

Pine O Cleen Glen 20

Latest review: Sprayed our house with using very little of the original glen 20 spray. As it is supposed to be an antibacterial spray. I sprayed while all doors and windows are open. Made my family very sick and

Oust 3 In 1

Latest review: Oust has a much nicer smell than another other surface sanitiser and we always had several cans dotted around the house in every bathroom, in the laundry, children's rooms and the garage. Awesome

Air Wick FreshMatic

Latest review: This has to be the most frustrating machine out there. I spent days trying to get it to work and even after watching YouTube tutorials, it still doesn't work. My blood pressure was so high I

Air Wick Reed Diffuser

Latest review: Needed to get rid of Indian restaurant smell out of a rental property and purchased a spray can. Then read that it only lasts an hour, which was true and not effective for my needs. Located the

Ambi Pur Aero Air Freshener

Latest review: We have recently purchased Ambi Pur air freshener 3 times. On 2 occasions the nozzles have clogged up almost immediately. We have had to throw out those 2 cans. Never

Air Wick Essential Mist

Latest review: Don’t waste your money. Doesn’t work as promised. Changed batteries many times. Will only work sometimes when turned off and back on. Rubbish. Scents are really nice when it wor

Milk & Co Baby

Latest review: I really love the Milk and co baby range Their products are pretty much totally natural and they smell really nice I have used the shampoozle and conditioner and bath time wash on my newborn and my

Oricom AD100

Latest review: I brought this for my baby daughter’s room and it’s is amazing. The night light is beautiful not too bright but enough that it make night feeds easy. The diffuser is the best part. I can put oils in t

Nilodor Pump Pack

Latest review: I'm not a fan of the artificial scents you get with most air fresheners so I don't use them much, but sometimes you just need to slay a demon in the house somewhere. I've used the Nilodor concentrate

Banksia Aroma Pod

Latest review: Recently I purchased 2 of these Banksia Aroma Pods from Biome as a sustainable way to have the subtle fragrance of Eucalyptus Trees inside. The Banksia Aroma Pods are easily refilled and they would

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey

Latest review: Since finding Jo Malone these products are now at the top of the perfume wardrobe and I love all of the perfumes and body oils. Comments are abundant when wearing these perfumes. Only down side is

Avon Spray Sachet

Latest review: This is one of the most wonderful products I have ever used , I spray it around the room ,in wardrobes and in pet area,s and it leaves the most beautiful fragrance for hours ,out of all the room /

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