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Utter Rubish

Bought and used once. Put in storage for a year whilst overseas. Now doesn't work. Biggest waste of money out of all the rubbish Aldi products. Foolishly bought a breasdmaker from them at the same time and it trips the fuse wire. Expensive landfill. Don't bother with Ambiano - its all seems to be "throw away"

Build Quality
Value for Money
Product is used: Rarely

Light product as per the cost

I thought it would be a good machine as it has 1000 watt power but the power wasnt enough, the motor is not strong enough, not quite heavy so if u add meat or dough it starts shaking. It does have lots of accessories though.

Purchased in December 2018 at ALDI for $80.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Rarely

Not up to the job

I purchased this product in July, 18, but then went away until early December, so I missed my 3 months return window offered. It works just OK, today I tried to slice some onions, what I got was onion mush. The gap between the lid & the blade is too wide & the ingredients get stuck in that space. My other experiences using it have not been great. I wouldn't recommend it, save up for a better one & check Choice Magazine first. Further to my complaint I contacted Aldi late December, 18 & although the product was out of the 3 month return period after a bit of hassle I was contacted by a representative from Aldi, who had ensured that the manager of the store was available when I was returning the item, as I live 40K's away from the store I purchased it from. All organised I returned it last Saturday, no hassle & a refund immediately given. Thank you aldi

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Doesn't work

Bought this at Aldi months ago, have gotten it to work 2x in all that time. Follow all the directions , but there no connection to the power . Very frustrating, only product I've bought from Aldi that's proven to be a dud. Have seen another review with similar complaint. Guess it's hit or miss. Wasn't expensive but I'll shell out a little more money and buy one that's proven.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Happy customer.

I have given this food processor a pretty good work out. Used it for whipping egg whites, grinding almonds, juiced watermelon, made smoothies, shredded cabbage and grated carrot for coleslaw and it's done a great job every time. A very happy customer. Great value for money compared to other much more expensive food processors. Would recommend it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Rubbish at any price!

It wouldn't start, having mislaid the receipt, I thought that I might not get a refund without it so I tried to fix it myself. It didn't work because the plunger at the side of the spindle couldn't be pressed down far enough by the 'food processor bowl' or the 'blender jug' when these items were locked into place. The purpose of the plunger is to prevent switching on the food processor if the bowl or the jug is not fully locked onto the food processor.
I took the processor apart and screwed the plunger together so that it is always in the locked down position.
This is very time consuming and also defeats the purpose of the plunger switch intended to be a safety measure.
I'm about to use it for the first time and hope that I don't have any of the other problems encountered by other customers. Even if I got a refund for this product it wouldn't compensate for the time wasted returning it and then searching for another processor. So my advice is not to buy this product!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Only turns on once

It worked great the first time I used it for 10 seconds. I tried to use it again later the same day and it wouldn't turn on or do anything at all. I exchanged it for a different one and it did the same exact thing. I would not recommend any product of this brand, as I've seen similar reviews from their other products while researching a fix for this chopper.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Do not buy!!

I bought this from aldi, got it home got it all together an nothing! Didn't work. So drove all the way over town again an got it replaced. Come home set it up, grated 2 carrots and a apple, worked beautifully, then went to turn back on an dead as a door nail. So 2 in 1 day that don't work! For $100 i expected more. Very unhappy.

Date PurchasedAug 2018


After struggling to get the blades on the jug, (took lots of doing up and undoing to get the rubber ring soft enough for the base to align to the handle as per instructions), i tested the blender with a little water in the bottom. Worked great. Emptied water and put in milk, banana and ice to make my kids a smoothie, switched on the machine, chose "ice" setting and ... engine revved but no action on the blades.

I have been after a processor for years and thought this would be a great introduction to see how much we would use it before investing in a higher quality one. I will be calling the manufacturer tomorrow to "discuss" the above issue.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Stopped working after one use

Used once to attempt a peanut satay sauce. The machine couldn’t process the peanuts because the blade would not stay put due to poor design. A few weeks later, I pulled it out again to make pesto and couldn’t get it to turn on even though the bowl was locked correctly & securely. I won’t bother to get it looked at/repaired as it doesn’t work correctly as a processor anyway,

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Blade rides up spindle

I have had this processor 12 months and it has caused me nothing but grief when trying to chop up vegetables yes!!!!! the blade rides up the spindle I have tried everything to make it operate properly but it is rubbish. Until I googled the problem I thought it was an operator issue soI intend to ring the appropriate number tomorrow to complain . I have to resort using my little ALDI Mini chopper and it runs rings around the bigger machine.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Brownies in a cinch

I've a hard time navigating these review sites as I often have to sift through the ostensible negative reviews. I purchased the food processor last night. No issues with assembly. I used the big slicer for an onion, went through without issues, not the desired width I'd hoped, but I think I'll use the chopper blades next time. I then put on the dough mixer and whipped up my aldi brownies in 10 seconds flat, pretty happy with that performance, although it was a bit finicky getting the batter out, but that's the nature of the brownie beast. I'm very keen to experiment with different speed settings and maybe even the juicer, which looks identical to my housemates $400 name brand one. Dishwasher safe which is a big plus. Just make sure you don't use the motor over 90 seconds or you might burn it out. Would recommend to family/friends for this price.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Do not buy

I have been happy with Aldi appliances in the past, but not this one. The chopping blade spins up the spindle when in action, leaving the food beneath unprocessed. Very unsatisfactory. Other features are ok, but I mostly need it to chop, so will have to replace it with a different brand.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


I have to say that it made a great salad, it is good for jobs that I need it for but its quite a good machine.
So quiet compared to my old one and well made with easy to change blades, I definitely like it a lot. I think I will stick with it for a while but I do need a larger size, just so easy to use though....

I hope to get money back from this purchase

Tempted by the low price I bought the Ambiano food processor from Aldi yesterday. The vitamiser base; I cannot open, despite the illustration to the contrary; the slicing discs do not satisfactorily slice to the desired width, for example the chip slicer produces fine slivers. I cannot recommend this particular model from this particular brand. I think that Aldi need better quality control for all products sold in Australia.

Not fit for purpose

I received one last year for Mother's Day. It would not make hummous in the bowl with the blade. It came out very chunky. This is the most basic of tasks that the machine should perform along with bread crumbs, which it also fails in making. I was told by customer service I needed to use the blender to make hummous. That wasn't successful either as the ingredients weren't wet enough to liquidise. I was going to toss it out in the next clean up as I had no receipt -it was a present. I thought Aldi's products were good quality, so didn't keep the box.

In the spirit of not wasting products and relegating this machine to landfill, I used it on the weekend to slice potatoes. Everyone loves potato bake! It failed in this too. One of the blades dislodged/broke and fell into the bowl with the potatoes. I was lucky I had to spread out the slices to make a potato bake as this is where I found the blade along with some plastic. This is downright dangerous. They have offered a replacement blade but this is far from satisfactory. Going by all the previous comments this machine is flawed. BEWARE.

Food Processor makes work in kitchen easy

I bought this machine yesterday and today used it for the first time, having never had a food processor before. Made crumble topping for apple crumble, sliced the apples. Made chicken and mushroom pie using the slicer to cut the mushrooms. Whipped up cream to go with the apple crumble. Used the pulse option and also the normal function. Great, can’t fault it. Will be doing more with this machine.

The food processing blade will not stay in place.

When I tried to chop dried apricots and dates the blade popped up as soon as it touched the food.The after sales support person advised me they had no other reports of this design fault, and as it is more than 60 days since I purchased it they could not help me with a refund.

Useless Food Processor

Ambiano Food Processor would not process a soft orange into pulp. I had to hand dice the pieces down to about 5mm and tried again but machine would not cut the rind. Just flung them around leaving them more or less exactly as they were. I initially tried to pulp cooked vege soup but machine would not pulp the chunks of carrot or pumpkin which were soft enough to squash between my fingers. I had to put it all through a hand mouli. Did ALDI ever actually test this design? Goes back tomorrow.

I would like to add that Aldi were faithful on their guarantee and gave me an immediate refund when I returned it to the shop. Lousy product quality but first class service.

Don't you hate checking a review AFTER you purchase

OK, I purchased this item yesterday. I wasn't too stressed about the inexpensive price because a very much loved processor of 15 yrs was inexpensive, and now that I'm back to a small household wanted a small capacity. So, after reading a bad review after purchase I thought I'd better check all the features immediately, (I used to own a kitchen and gourmet food shop and hate bad reviews). Last night I put the graters and vitamiser through its paces. The vitamiser isn't too bad but very heavy glass. The grating discs were not fantastic but just OK - I can do better with a microplane grater. A lot of wastage because of the gap between the feeder and disks. Last night I tried the processor with a banana and yogurt and it wasn't ideal, it didn't really make the banana and yogurt smooth, but then as a processor not really the right tool. But as I actually purchased the product for the processor I needed to check it out fully. Tonight I tried to make breadcrumbs with frozen bread broken into pieces - not a hope, another review mentioned the blade rode up the spindle. So, there is no joy in this machine for intended purpose - a food processor. It's a bit noisy, but I expected that because it is inexpensive. But not making bread crumbs with hard bread, appalling. I think this is the first time I've ever rated something 1 star. Usually I am generous and forgiving in a review. Tomorrow it goes back to Aldi.

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I no longer have this product I took it back

The engine not working but led light is showing. Any ideas?
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The led light is showing but no sound. Any ideas?
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ALDI Ambiano Food Processor (Jul 2017)ALDI Ambiano Die Cast Food Processor (Sep 2017, Jul 2019)ALDI Ambiano Food Processor (Apr 2018, Dec 2018)ALDI Ambiano Food Processor All-In-1 (Jun 2018)
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Price (RRP) $79.99$129.00$79.99$129.00
Included Blade Types Grating / Shredding, Plastic Dough Blade, S- Shaped (standard) and Slicing Disc Grating / Shredding, Plastic Dough Blade, S- Shaped (standard) and Slicing Disc Grating / Shredding, Plastic Dough Blade, S- Shaped (standard) and Slicing Disc Grating / Shredding, Plastic Dough Blade, S- Shaped (standard) and Slicing Disc
Number of Speed Settings 2
Colour / Finish SilverBlackSilver
Power1,000 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)3 year(s)1 year(s)1 year(s)
Release dateJul 2017Sep 2017Apr 2018Jun 2018
Discontinuation dateJul 2017Jul 2019Dec 2018Jul 2018

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