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Ambiano (Aldi) Hand Mixer HM860-V

Ambiano (Aldi) Hand Mixer HM860-V

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Great Value and works well

After recently purchasing a previous cheap brand hand mixer from a department store and having it splatter mixture on me and the bench I was a bit hesitant in buying another cheap one. As I had used a deep sided bowl that I had used for many years with my 30 plus year other hand mixer (that had finally stopped working) and was shocked with the splatter of the newer hand mixer.
Well this ALDI one was either $10 or $15 cheaper than that disaster at $14.99 - bargain!
It works just as well as my more expensive 30 year old hand mixer did. Not cleaning up splatter off of me and everything on my kitchen bench.
So back to enjoying the ease of a hand mixer. Beaters come out of dishwasher as new not tarnished or rusty.
Was a pleasure to NOT have bits of cake batter all underneath the body of the hand mixer.
ALDI has supplied me with a quality product at a great price.
Amazingly the quality I have when using it far exceeds the dollar value I paid.
Great for people just starting out in a new home or for people who want to save heaps but still have a product that does the job it is required to do (:

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Questions & Answers

I can not remove the mixers - the button seems to be stuck. The button will not move at all and I don’t want to force it. Must I return the product or is there a way to free up the button so I can remove the mixers?
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I haven’t experienced that but on the back of the manual (on the bottom) there is Install + fix solutions 1800 898 750 8:30 am - 6pm AEST service@wkfe.com.hk Took a photo but can’t attach to this answer. Googled tech support and beaters stuck on google - no luck. So I reckon phone or email best option. 1 year warranty. Good luck


Hand Mixer HM860-V

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