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American Express Essential

American Express Essential

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Terrible customer service and call center

Arrogant staff, unclear answer. Call center seems in India and does not have mindset of customer service. The way they talk just like you asking them for money for free service.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateApril 2019
Main Point of ContactPhone


Hi guys, AMEX have terrible customer service , shops charge you WAY more to Use their card, their rewards points have recently been completely diluted, avoid American Express at all costs

improper information, rejected application without reason after calceling existing card

I had amex credit card but having more than 20% interest, so I cancled it to reapply to low interest credit card, only to reject without reason. call center is also not helpful

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateApril 2018
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Amex cutting the rewards program from 15-4-19

The advantage of having an AMEX card finishes on 14-4-19 as some dumbwit has decided they should reduce the rewards program. I have compared by Visa and find from 14 April onwards I get better rewards points from most purchases on VISA.
Being a member since 2004 find it disappointing and will now either scrap the card or use it a lot less.

Even the $200 that they give you for travel against the card charge is a dud as I can go direct to Hotels or use on line to get the same accommodation on the same date a lot cheaper.

AMEX has got too greedy

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Card Start DateJanuary 2004
Main Point of ContactPhone


You can not pay your account online . The page won’t load most of the time. You can’t book a holiday on their platinum travel section and access your travel credit. I’ve been telling them about this since October last year and tonight nothing has changed. Technical difficulties they say. You can’t be serious. Super frustrating.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateJanuary 2010
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Useless Customer Service - Dishonest practices

They will conveniently not keep a record or track of every time you have called their useless, offshore call centre (none of which have any listening skills, they are trained to just speak over you). This way if you dispute anything with them, to lodge with the AFCA, they give you no leg to stand on and make you out to be dishonest. I had numerous conversations with Customer Service who either lied or gave misleading information, and yet they have no record of me ever contacting them. Don't ever deal with them, to date the most useless company I've dealt with, with the WORST customer service experience and detail tracking.

Ultimate bonus point offer

Only used in Australia but they didn’t give me the 100000 bonus FF points and used some lame excuse that being a company director was the same as a person. They did their checks when I applied yet after making an annual payment and paying interest for some 7 months they declined their offer stating that as a Director or a company was the same as a person yet the card was a personal card. [name removed] the scrawny little man in a suit who works in CS and his workmate the solicitor [name removed] are liars and frauds who lied to NCAT and still will not accept my rights despite ASIC company and ATO law stating a director is not a person and vise versa. If you have any dealings with AMEX even getting a card make sure a lawyer is in board. Amex is deceitful and devious, cunning and those two creeps are the bottom feeders of the Corporation.

American Express Platinum. More appropriately American Express Rubbish!

Paid $1450 for membership of American Express Platinum after CBA discontinued their relationship.
Some arbitrary limit set on card spend and payment rejected at very low level. No mention of this arbitrary procedure in the "Welcome to Platinum" agreement. Agreement is at least misleading if not possibly worse.
After speaking to the (No)Service Team and after one month of membership I have cancelled the card, destroyed it and demanded my membership payment back.
Rubbish product! Gave one star only because if not I could not enter a review
My advice to others, read the reviews and choose anything else! ANYTHING ELSE!

User acceptance of the card is better

I've been an amex card holder for over 30 years. It's taken over 20 years to get it to the same point of acceptance by vendors as my visa & master cards.

My big objection to amex is their junk mail, at least 6 pieces a month bugging me to borrow money or their phoney promotions re: some stupid points for use program. Credit my account in $ and stick the points where the sun don't shine amex.

Be careful of redeemables

When I changed my platinum.to regular Amex, I forgot to redeem my free Virgin flight and [name removed] failed to remind me. When I was reminded that I forgot to redeem my free flights, I contacted [name removed] to ask whether they could still give my free flight which comes with signing up for a platinum card. They refused to allow me claim.my free flights since changed my card after after a year. I am so disappointed with them. Do not be attracted by these marketing freebies because Amex is not obligated to give them to you.if you forget to ask them for it. I intend to terminate my regular Amex card soon because no way I intend to give business with bad customer service.

Terrible customer service

I have been a regular and big user of Amex for 30 years, I have never been late paying, I would be considered the ideal customer. However after a week of discussions with the Sydney Call Centre I have in frustration decided to turn my back on Amex and find an alternative card provider. My issue relates to small changes in Amex policies. My bookkeeper pays all my accounts - she comes in every two weeks to pay my accounts- so depending on the statement date My amex is best case paid in 2 days and worst case paid in 17 days. Until recently Amex didn’t charge a late payment fee for money not received in 14 days. Now Amex have started charging a late payment fee for money received on the 15 day.
They charged me a late payment fee of $1250 for a payment received 17 days after my statement date.
I am told that in January 2017 they changed thee terms and conditions to full payment in 14 days - but offered a 10 grace period till recently.
So after 30 years due to my personal limitations and there lack of flexibility and empathy I am leaving Amex.
Frankly speaking their call center have been terrible and treated me with zero respect and empathy, their attitude was pay in 14 days or find an alternative provider.
Due to there new policies and call centers attitudes I have also decided to cease being a Amex merchant and today will cancel my businesses merchant facilities.
I was once Amex’s biggest supporter but now advise everyone to steer clear - go with a bank Visa or Msstercsrd

Customer service standards declined

Had found similiar scenario. If customer service officer offers advice n conflicts with another officers advice the customer naturally needs clarification. Its not policy to refer unresolved queries to a senior officer though.

Love AMEX - Awesome Support

I absolutely love the AMEX card and their support. The application process is simple and everything is smooth as a breeze.

Terrible customer service, unhelpful and no system flexibility

Disappointing experience with customer service, the lack of communication on critical information and unreliable system errors [name removed] were made with my account. They had no solution to offer.

Horrible bank, avoid at all costs

My business makes over 2.5mil in turnover every year and we've been on the market for 22 years. I asked Amex for a credit limit increase, they said "you have to build your history". Absolutely terrible management in Sydney, customer service hard to understand. And if my stable, long running business doesn't get a credit limit increase, then what businesses is this intended for??? I urge everybody to use an Australian bank and save yourself the hassle.

Hopeless customer service and unfair dealings

For 25 years I review American Express every opportunity I can, I have made it a point to inform everyone I meet and have dealings with of how bad the service is from American Express..
I had previously been purchasing lots of materials from various suppliers using the American Express card in order to build up the points, had trouble with a claim ent not paying in time one month and the clown on the other end of the phone from American Express had no compassion or empathy, he just wiped all the points and was very happy doing so....
I assume it is company policy to steal points back whenever they can.
Not a good company to deal with. Bullies and thieves.
I will continue to review for the years to come
Western Australia

No explanation??

I have applied for a business Amex card.
Our business turnover is close to a million a year.
Credit rating is good.
My application was rejected with no specific explanation.
So without any "particular" reason I won't be offering Amex payment method to our clients through my eftpos terminal any longer.
I do not need to explain either!
I will get a business credit card with National Australian Bank.

Good card with decent perks if you pay on time

Initially got this card on a 0% balance transfer which was then 90% paid off before the interest kicked. Never once missed a payment, and I haven’t had any issues. For me, this card is now used for majority of my direct debited bills/ groceries/ fuel to receive points and perks such as the smartphone screen replacement.

When I lost my card last year, they were very quick to send out the new one.

Great card. Next to no fees. Great customer service

I use this AMEX essentiald credit card everyday and love the fact there are no fees. Generates a reasonable amount of rewards and the 1x free phone screen replacement is a cool perk. Probably the best customer service call centre for a credit card or bank that I have dealt with. They are very helpful and go the extra mile.

The best credit card

This is low interest credit card and no annual fee,this card can be use all major store and some local store,you can get the points from the card to transfer BP velocity to pay for your petrol,and many features like cash back offer and one of best app to check your transactions and statements.

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Card TypeAmerican Express
Minimum Credit Limit$2,000
Maximum Credit Limit$25,000
Minimum Income $40,000
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $0.00 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2.5%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate14.99% p.a.
Late Payment Fee$30.00
Annual Fee$0.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$2.50
Interest Free Period 55 days
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 12 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 3%
Release dateMay 2007

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