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Lombard Credit Card
Latest review: The company blocked my card and told me it will take 3 months to turn it on! with a positive balance on it. Absolute shame! Dont ever go through this

Virgin Money No Annual Fee Visa
Latest review: Please get people who can speak english especially if they are the people that decides who gets application approved or not.... Not looking forward to contact their customer service for existing

Gem Visa
Latest review: 2nd and last time I've dealt with them. No interest in listening to the customer needs or offering solutions where it is clear they can. Lacking in customer service and a human

Qantas American Express Ultimate
Latest review: My partner and I both had AMEX card for about 2 years. They were great initially, but it was getting way too expensive and not competitive enough when compared to some of the other rewards card out

28 Degrees Mastercard
Latest review: I've been using 28 degrees for about 6 years. Reliable overseas, excellent conversion rates and when I remember to use it right I never get charged any fees at

Once Credit Card
Latest review: Our contract with Once Credit specified a termination date - that is, once the balance was paid, the account would be closed automatically. This didn't happen, even though it was stated in writing on

Woolworths Everyday Platinum
Latest review: My Woolworths credit card is earning me Qantas Frequent Flyer points & is easy to use.I plan to use my points for travel to places on my bucket list.Life is for living and I plan to make it

Commonwealth Bank Awards
Latest review: Just purchased a book of 6 village gift cards for my son for Christmas and they only last 6 months. Just crap, I would have thought to have an expiration date of at the very least 1 years worth.

American Express Platinum Edge
Latest review: I have been using Amex Platinum Edge for a couple of years. Paid the annual fee but I got it back through the $200 travel credit that I can use for my trip bookings (flights or cars or

ANZ First
Latest review: Not a bad product once you get past the initial application stage. Very poor customer service, had to send my payslips to verify multiple times only to be told that they never received them? Took me

David Jones American Express
Latest review: I’ve not experienced a worse customer service than from David Jones American Express team. They do not stick to their promises at all. I’ve been eligible for a $250 David Jones gift voucher which nev

Qantas American Express Discovery
Latest review: I have been using this credit card for more than 5 years and highly recommended it. No annual fee and every dollar you spent will convert to Qantas Frequent Flyer points. During the last few years, a

Westpac Altitude Platinum
Latest review: I signed up because there was a 60,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer if you met the required spend which I did. I did that and the points were delivered to my Qantas account within two weeks. Apart from

ANZ Low Rate MasterCard
Latest review: I applied for credit card with excellent credit rating and was asked to send payslips which I did immediately. Then never received any response! No rejection no approval no acknowledgement

BankWest Zero MasterCard
Latest review: Excellent for overseas use love the the zero foreign transaction fees and the app. With no branch anywhere near me it is a pain to deal with on the phone as I’d checks have to be done with Aust post

American Express Platinum
Latest review: In the last few months disastrous service. They stopped my card for an unknown reason and 7 attempts to call them i was put on hold for between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. I kid you not !! still cannot

ANZ Rewards
Latest review: The access to lounges has never worked anywhere. The related “Veloce” website is atrocious. The only value add it the one with travel ins

Westpac Low Rate
Latest review: If you are happy to have a credit card application listed on your credit file, that dragged out for weeks and then you never got any response or card for then westpac is the bank for you. They will

Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard
Latest review: Excellent customer service. Operators really listen and go above and beyond with assistance and problem resolution. A card has been blocked and a message sent when it was suspect transactions.

Myer Visa Card
Latest review: Been asked to verify the info I put in the application over and over again for over a month, cant understand why cant they check the info in the application thru other channels, e.g. salary and

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