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American Express Platinum

American Express Platinum

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American Express Halves Value of Platinum Card Holders Points without compensation. How many cardholders ware caught?

I have been a Foundation Platinum Reserve Member for 10 years and an Amex card holder for much longer. In November 2018 Amex wrote to cardholders explaining new calculations for the points earned and value on transfer to airlines. Like most busy people I did not read and analyze the detail that any points not transferred before 15th May 2019, the value would be halved. I was overseas mid May and after being told by a friend I rang rewards a week late and explained i was advised monthly, on the monthly statement I am informed debit cardholders were reimbursed in full? They informed me that i had been advised in the monthly statement. they now had to treat everyone fairly? This is gouging assets of cardholders to add to their bottom line, well done you got for 80,000 points plus from me, but after decades of loyalty I will never again TRUST AMERICAN EXPRESS and will read everything. Peter Highland, Cronulla.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateApril 2009
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForOverseas/Travel

not worth the cost if you don't live in major capital city

Got card in view of free flight - but time spent looking for a flight - and still not found one - is worth more than the flight
I won't be renewing next year

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateMarch 2019
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Prestigious. Great Service. Excellent Benefits

Free AFR worth around $700
Free Accor worth around $300
100,000 points upon joining.
several other airline and even benefits.
It is worth the high cost and i would recommend it to those who can justify the cost

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateOctober 2018
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Not there in time of need

Despite paying twice manually within statement period my usual direct debit to a savings account was denied due to inefficient funds ( which I found out 2 days after contacting them 5 times). As a result my card was suspended despite having 95% of credit limit available. I accept that it was suspended but to have called a 24/7 number along with 3 others from websites bobody was available to take my call. “Call back between 8.30-5 min - fri”. Eventually got a hold of someone on webchat and after 10mins of slow responses they told me they could not tell me the reason as they did not have authorisation. I would have to call on Monday was the reply. As mentioned this was all due to o e denied payment despite having 95% credit and having paid thousands of dollars to credit card in prior two weeks.

Card Start DateJanuary 2002
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Extremely unhappy with Amex

I have an American Express Platinum Charge Card and arranged a supplementary card for a friend. I decided to cancel the supplementary card and contacted Amex in mid January to do so. I received a letter from Amex at the end of January informing me that the supplementary card had been cancelled. Three weeks after cancellation, this card was used accidentally and inadvertently by the ex-cardholder to book an airline flight which was allowed and processed by Amex. Amex was immediately contacted and informed about the error and questioned about how a cancelled card could be used. They provided some unlikely explanations, offered no advice but said they would investigate. I asked for the charge to be withdrawn. After two weeks (and despite a reminder contact clarifying the situation), they wrote and said the card had been used for the purchase of a flight - something I had told them - and that I was now liable for a flight that I had not booked on a card that I had cancelled. I once again pointed out that this transaction should not have been allowed and could not have been processed if the card had indeed been cancelled. I checked with the airline and they confirmed that the card was still 'active' at the time of booking. I have now been in dispute with Amex for five weeks and have made over 10 phone calls (often being on hold for over half an hour) to sort out the issue. I have spoken with many people at Amex (including the Fraud Dept.) and have been told that the situation has been 'escalated' to the Executive Complaints Team). Despite telling me repeatedly that I will be contacted to sort out the situation this has not happened and the issue is still unresolved. I have now made a formal complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority who are investigating on my behalf.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Main Point of ContactPhone

Is Zero stars possible ?

In the last few months disastrous service. They stopped my card for an unknown reason and 7 attempts to call them i was put on hold for between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. I kid you not !! still cannot get through. Is their time really more important than ours ? There is no priority for being platinum or black member or any other marketing mumbo jumbo. Hope you can waive the huge annual fee. Disgusting really !! And they say the big 4 banks are bad ...

Amex is waste of Time

Terrible Customer service
High Annual fees
No one accepts Amex
Worst customer service
Please read through the terms and conditions properly absolutely Manipulated by them.
Travel credit is a huge bluff you can only do bookings through their own website where the tickets are highly overpriced.
Incurr Surcharge on most of the petrol station or most of them doesn't accept it.
"Water served is a beautiful bottle of wine"
Please save yourself from AMEX.

Disgraceful customer service

I have been an American Express card holder for over 40 years, including a Black Card holder for 10 years. The last 14 years I have held a Platinum card linked to my bank account.
This card is withdrawn by the bank and I contacted Amex as I wish to stay with them. But guess what ? I have to re-apply via the website ???
I have spent in exccess of $100.000 this year alone paying my account in full every month.

Four phone calls and a request for someone
managerial to contact me has lead only to call centre staff telling me the same over and over.


Great if you travel regularly and eat out a lot

To best get your value for money, you'd need to travel internationally at least once a year and domestically every few months. It gives you free access to the Virgin lounges when you fly with Virgin. You also get access to thousands of international lounges in different locations of varying quality.

You'd also benefit the most if you eat out a lot as they give you triple points at these places (3 points = 3 Virgin Velocity Points) and double points when spending on travel.


We have been Amex Platinum or Centurian card holders for over 20 years. Recently, we have had a couple of negative experiences. One was when had paid for return tickets to Europe but then changed carriers because we were able to get a substantially better price for business class fares. Chubb insurance told us that we would not be covered for insurance because we would not be using the original carrier booked from Australia. This necessitated us needing to purchase separate insurance. I do not find the prices hotels purchased through the AMEX website to be as good as some of the other sites. The card is about to go up to $1400 per year and I am doubtful that the card is worth it. On the other hand, the points earned for hotels and restaurants are good and it is useful being able to have supplementary cards.

Platinum Lack Of Customer Service

I paid $1500 for the Platinum Business Card but once signed up feel the service has been paltry, and the ability to know and understand how to maximise the benefits has been limited. Representations as to usage prior to sign up have not been achieved subsequently and some of the assistance from Amex that was indicated prior to sign-up has not been there subsequently.
I recently merged two medical service businesses and asked for a one-off face-to-face meeting at our place of business in South-East Qld in order to ensure we were able to take up all opportunities for use of the card - surely in the interests of Amex as well. But after many many phone calls and emails, today I've been told their offices are in Sydney and Melbourne and they do not have a local Business Development Manager in Qld (finally an answer to this question on the 3rd occasion). I have asked for a change in Relationship Manager (based in Melbourne) and was advised that can occur, only to be subsequently told by the existing Relationship Manager that Amex Rules do not allow for that to happen, and that the only service available is with her via telephone!! There are many aspects to our business and we were wanting to cover all bases with our management staff. Not possible - - only offered to corporations with turnover in excess of $300 million+
Overall very disappointing customer service after paying a hefty annual fee, the benefits of which have only been able to be accessed to a very limited extent. Actual experience after sign up is nothing like what we expected from representations made prior to that event.

Pathetic rewards website and no human beings on the customer service line

The cost of the Platinum card has gone up from $900 to $1200 in recent years and the customer service has gone deteriorated. When you call customer service they put you thru the nonsense of your card number, your code (what code?? The world is awash in useless codes that no one remembers) after wasting 5 minutes identifying and another 10 minutes in the Queue then someone comes on line and again asks that you identify yourself! What a complete waste of time. The online booking site is full of trickery. We booked a flight on points no where does it outline the baggage policy or meals etc. I fly Virgin quite a bit all of that is normally included, but in this case it shows clearly what is not included only AFTER you confirm and in this case showing luggage is not included and the cost is $400 for 2 people. What a joke it is a way of devaluing the points.

best Platinum credit card I have ever had

great benefits, low fee, perfect customer experience, complimentary insurance is better than most stand-alone insurances. Chubb is a great insurance company.
I have been with them for years. I can't fault them.
highly recommended.

Great service and protection!

I know most think AMEX is expensive but what you get with this card is amazing. We’ve used the travel insurance and claimed on it with no issues at all. Like others I was skeptical of their free insurance but it was an easier, speedier process than I’ve had with travel insurance companies in the past.

Also used the fraudulent transaction refund. Pizza Hut didn’t deliver our pizza which we’d paid for online, they wouldn’t refund and were being rude and extremely unhelpful - went straight to AMEX and money was refunded immediately!

Amazing service and for us with how much we travel, it’s cheaper to pay annual fee than take out travel insurance!

American Express and Chubb Insurance

I have always been sceptical of the free insurance that comes with American Express as either travel insurance or insurance on products purchased. Well no longer, I have had had 2 occasions to make a claim in the last 12 months and on both occasions have been very pleasantly surprised. Chubb handles the insurance and they were very very easy to deal with, processed the claim with a minimum of fuss, notified us very quickly of their determination and paid promptly.
My first was last year when I lost my mobile phone somewhere in Paris Airport and my claim was for travel insurance as the phone and travel had been purchased with my Amex card.
The second time was a health issue in South Korea and all medical accounts, bills and receipts were necessarily in Korean. I sent Chubb the documents, they assessed within a few days and paid promptly.

Well done American Express and Chubb Insurance, you have my loyalty.

All my travel and purchases goes on AMEX where accepted, even if I do have to pay a small premium.


Great service, great inclusions given the price, fantastic fraud services.
I do not think I could say a bad word about their products and service.

Flight Redemption fiasco

I have been a (mostly happy) Amex card holder for more than 25 years - in fact a 'Foundation Member'. However, waiting more than 30 minutes to connect to the Flight Redemption line (only to be told they will call you back - probably within the next 3 business days) is totally unacceptable. This has happened to me twice in one week now. They are quick enough to take $395 as a card fee, but when it comes to delivering on the 'free' flight, their priorities change. It has taken me almost a week and I have only just been able to organise by flight redemption. Bad form Amex!!!

My favourite card. If you're a regular traveller who values hotel status, this card is for you, but

We like to travel the world and stay in nice hotels. This card is perfect. Whilst the annual fee sounds high, we can easily justify the expense. This card comes with Accor Plus membership which we were paying for anyway (worth $319) a $200 travel credit, free Priority Pass membership (worth $US399), unlimited lounge access at Sydney Airport's Amex lounge, unlimited access to Virgin Australia lounges (although I'm a Qantas advocate), high tier membership to a number of hotel programs including Accor and Starwood which gives you free room upgrades along with other perks such as free drinks/gifts/late checkout. Hilton HHonors has a status match offer until 11 Jan 2016 so I'm now Diamond HHonors to March 2017. Also monthly offers like $30 credit on a $100 First Choice spend. I use First Choice so saving this one for every Amex I have. Significant savings. Amex Paltinum is a charge card, but you are also entitled to a free Amex Platinum credit card which comes with a free return airfare in Australia (incl. SYD-PER) or a night in a 5 star hotel. Lounge access and hotel membership even goes to the additional cardholder. Rewards points are high too and they can be transferred 1:1 to a number of airlines so you're not stuck with just Qantas or Velocity. Currently there's the bonus of 100,000 airline points just for signing up but find a link via pointhacks.com.au and you may get 120,000. This card also comes with up to 5 card numbers assuming you have one additional cardholder and you sign up for the Reserve credit card. It's 5 because Amex offer the basic cardholder a separate Amex Platinum with its own card number. Handy if you misplace it, but great for the rewards it gives. For example, current offer with First Choice Liquor, spend $100, get $30 back. That times 5 is $150 and is great if it's something you use anyway. This card also provides domestic loss damage waiver cover on rental cars within Australia. If you rent a car locally, this is the card to use for your booking.
Card gives 3 frequent flyer points at restaurant and 2 points for travel. Aside from that, the card is useless for points. If you're only interested in Qantas points this is not a card for you. This card supplements points at restaurants but the better Amex points are from a major bank. I have a NAB Amex which is fee-free via my home loan and I get as much as 2.5 Qantas points on Qantas services and 1.5 points otherwise.
One gripe is that Amex charge 3% for spend in foreign currency. Despite giving me 2 points for this, it's not worth the premium. I would suggest the Bankwest Qantas Platinum if you want points, or the 28 Degrees Card which is fee free. Neither of these charge fees for spending in foreign currency.

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Card TypeAmerican Express
BenefitsComplimentary Travel Insurance
Maximum Credit Limit$100,000
Minimum Income $100,000
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $0 p.a.
Minimum Repayments100%
Rewards ProgramAmerican Express Membership Rewards
Rates & Fees
Late Payment Fee$6
Annual Fee$1,450
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$1
Interest Free Period 44 days

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