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Angelcare ACS402 / ACS401

Angelcare ACS402 / ACS401

ACS402 (2 Monitors), ACS401 (1 Monitor)
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Excellent monitor


The range of the parent units vs. base is great; can be anywhere around the house or outside. Is reliable and dead easy to setup so long as you keep the instructions for the sensitivity setting!

Purchased in December 2017 at Baby Bunting Physical store.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
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Battery Life
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  • 2 reviews

Awesome, would not be without it.

Joey Robertson

Joey Robertson

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  • 10 reviews

Worth it for peace of mind




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No longer a nervous Nelly!



V AMelbourne

  • 5 reviews

Hate it


Practical Mum

Practical MumSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

Peace of mind...all night!



MikaSublimeSA, 5244

  • 9 reviews
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Excellent Product


Excellent product. Could not live without my Angelcare monitor, i still use it with my 13 month old. I have used this monitor in a bassinet and cot without a problem. I've never had a false alarm, the only thing is if its really windy you can lose the signal, but this is only very brief ( 5 seconds maximum). You can also use this monitor with batterys, perfect when you have a blackout. Displays room temperature so you are able to dress child appropriately for bed and ensure they dont overheat or get too cold.
Peace of mind, ease of use, being able to use the whole system with batteries during a blackout, temperature display,
Can lose signal but very rare and never more than a few seconds



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Peace of mind and excellent customer service


Excellent unit. Great functions, like switching it to mute for 2 mins while you're trying to ignore a protesting baby who wont sleep. The handset displays broke after about 18 months, but I contacted the company who replaced them with new handsets for a nominal fee. Their customer service was excelent, and we'll be using it with our second baby.

Well worth the money. Two handsets are ideal, one for the living room, and one for the bedroom.
Breathing sensor pads for peace of mind. Lots of settings to suit your changing needs (like mute for an older protesting baby)
Handset displays broke, but were replaced for a nominal amount (after warranty expired)



  • 8 reviews

a few false alarms, broke one month out of warranty but good piece of mind


We bought this for piece of mind when our little person was born. Liked the idea of two parent units so we didn't have to move them about. It did have a few false alarms when our child moved off the pads in the cot but playing with the pads sorted this. Our biggest issue is that it broke (the sensor pads) broke one month out of warranty with no one prepared to look into it.
piece of mind
false alarms, fans can stop it working, broke just out of warranty


Nic_1979Glenmore Park, NSW

  • 11 reviews

Fantastic, Such peace of mind!


I love this unit! I also have the version underneath this one at my parents house for when we visit (it only has 1 parents unit which doesn't have the LCD display) it's good but this one is so much better with showing the temperature & awesome for when i'm in the shower, I can see when bub is screaming by the sound bar going up & down, I got mine on special for $229 but it was well worth the money, would highly recommend this unit over the other version.
LCD Screen, 2 parent units that are portable, clip on back of parent units

A must have for every parent.




  • 15 reviews

Best investment I've ever made


I couldn't live without my Angelcare monitor. We've used it for two babies now and would recommend it to every parent for peace of mind.
I love having the 2 monitors (one for upstairs and one for downstairs). The little night light is so handy to check on bubs without waking them up. To be honest I just love everything about this monitor. We spent a night away from home last xmas and couldn't use it in the portacot. I really didn't sleep well. Using the monitor gives me such peace of mind.
Expensive but you can't put a price on your precious baby. Doesn't work in a portacot.



  • 5 reviews

Peace of Mind


This is a fantastic monitor that gives you peace of mind when you are not in your baby's room. I have always been able to sleep well because I can hear everything clearly and it also detects movement. The movement sensor is so sensitive it can detect your babys movement from breathing, so it they stop moving (or breathing), the monitor alarms. We have the 2 receivers, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Have used for 2 baby's now and even bought one for my sister when she had her baby.
Clear sound, multiple channels to choose from, movement detection sensitive enough to detect breathing, 2 receivers for multi-level homes (or indoors/outdoors)


KevinandAsterSa, 5012

  • 7 reviews

Couldn't live without it!


Being quite the worried first time mum this monitor brought me some peace of mind.
The monitor has two pads that are put under the mattress of the cot & pick up movement, things like breathing. If no movement is felt a loud beep goes off & if the baby wasn't taking breaths it can startle them into it, if no movement is still felt an alarm goes off.
Both the first beep & alarm is sounded in the babies room & on the parent monitor.
It's also a normal baby monitor so you can hear your child if it wakes up.
It's clear & picks up even the smallest sound.
Love the peace of mind having an alarm gives you. The night light is good
Expensive, I paid around $250.

Questions & Answers



Do you need both the parent monitor and room monitor on to monitor your baby?

1 answer

In short, yes. If the parent Unit is off, the only thing you would hear is the motion alarm if it senses no movement, as it's loud enough to be audible without amplification. You need the parent Unit on to hear transmission of baby's sounds, see the movement sensor ticking and whichever other features you choose to enable.But in saying that, the room monitor will still function if a parent unit isn't turned on, but it just won't have anything to output the sound to.



Will the alarm still go off if baby stops breathing but still has a pulse/heartbeat?

1 answer
Valco B.Angelcare

Hi Nikki
Thanks for getting in touch.
Please contact our very helpful customer service team to discuss your concerns.
They are always available to answer any questions on 1300 082 526.

Hope this helps!



Is the sensor pad impacted by ceiling fans or air conditioners ?

2 answers
Joey Robertson
Joey Robertson

No. It's all based on sensing the weight of your baby. It's amazing how sensitive and how it can pick up a heart rate through a mattress!

Valco B.Angelcare

Hi, unfortunately in most cases the vibrations of a ceiling fan or an air conditioner will impact on the performance of the sensor pads; though this varies with each instance.

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