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Angelcare AC401
Latest review: Love it. I have had this monitor for 6yrs and I got it second hand. It works perfectly even with a cracked screen from being dropped 2 years ago and a trip in the toilet yesterday. It's so easy to

Hestia H100
Latest review: once you find a good place to put the monitor the image quality is really good, it's easy to set up once you get used to setting it up as well. however disappointed with the sound. When baby cries it

Oricom BabySense
Latest review: Babysense has given me peace of mind while bub sleeps. The sensors have only gone off once, and it was a result of bub wriggling onto the side of the cot and off the sensor pads. Happy with this

Snuza Hero
Latest review: This product saved my preemie daughter’s life. She was sleeping when the apnea alarm sounded, I found her slightly blue and shallow breathing. It woke me up and I was able to stimulate her and i

Angelcare AC420
Latest review: I have this monitor set up stairs in the nursery and the sound Quality is maintained even with increased distance. The sound is not so clear, however the light function is useful to eliminate 'noise'

Owlet Smart Sock 2
Latest review: We are first time parents, our baby was born 5 weeks premature. Once baby was home we were up every 30 mins to check he was ok. Husband bought the Owlet, after we had a different baby monitor that

Luvion Supreme Connect
Latest review: Best monitor I have seen! If you are looking for a video monitor with excellent image quality this is the one for you!!! Easy to set up and so reliable! Everyone who has seen ours asks about it!!! I

Luvion Grand Elite
Latest review: Two years old and will not charge at all. So disappointing. I purchased one for each of my daughters and they have both had problems with them. Costly product seeing they don't have warranty now when

Luvion Prestige Touch 2
Latest review: I’ve been able to take it on holidays and the range is so good that I could have a chat with friends in a motel room elsewhere while being able to watch my son asleep in bed. The audio is clear and I

Oricom Secure870 Touchscreen
Latest review: I bought this unit thinking i would use it for 2 kids. It has all the bells and whistles, and appeared to have all the functionality items I needed. Unfortunately it has been the biggest waste of

Oricom Secure710 Digital
Latest review: We love our oricom sc710! It's so light and portable, we take it with us on all our holidays. The monitor was simple to set up and the instructions are easy to follow. You can easily adjust the noise

Oricom Secure850 Digital Video
Latest review: Firstly, i have been trying to get ahold of technical support for 6+ months. This product was bought in April 2018, and by may it started saying “Out of Range”. Every time we have used this monitor w

Motorola MBP36
Latest review: The image quality is great! I live in a rural area and the range reaches easily over 100m from inside the house. Audio is quite sensitive - it picks up the fan when its on. The different levels of

Angelcare ACS402 / ACS401
Latest review: I purchased this monitor when I had my first child, I had tested the unit before she was born, so understood exactly how it worked. When I arrived Bach from the hospital I tested it a few times with

Vtech BM3000 / BM3100
Latest review: I am not happy with the monitors video screen. It has completely stopped working and still I have no conclusion to the whatever the matter is. Everything else works fine other the screen which is

Motorola MBP11
Latest review: We had the monitor for 4 years and it functioned perfectly. The range was great, I could hear anything while in the shed around 15 meters from the house, it's sensitivity was ideal, and it held it's

Uniden BW 2101
Latest review: I love my baby monitor. In fact we have more than one despite being able to split the screen to have two or more cameras on the same monitor. Purchased in 2011 from Dick Smith and 2014 on

Uniden BW 3000 Series
Latest review: Too loud when you turn on power, has to be plugged into power source 24/7 and power button broken a month after warranty ran out waste of money will not be buying these brand again

Uniden BW 3101 / BW 3102
Latest review: The battery life of both units is ridiculously inadequate. From fully charged camera to flat camera in 1 1/2 hours is less than satisfactory. The Video unit does not fare any better. Considering the

Vtech BM3500
Latest review: The audio and image quality of the monitor is great, however the parent unit turns off overnight when plugged in for charging. Obviously this makes the monitor unfit for purpose as you cannot hear

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