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Anticol Lozenges X 10

Anticol Lozenges X 10

2.8 from 11 reviews

It works

Anticol tastes terrible. As someone who spends the majority of their time with a stuffed nose I can tell you they clear the nose, they most definitely sooth the throat. The taste to me is only secondary. Who cares if its not the best flavour. I want something that works and Anticol delivers. Its my go to when I am sick and I have been using it for over a decade. Others like butter menthol's i used to pop like candy. i wasn't using it as directed. Anticol means I am not accidentally eating 4 packs a day and over medicating or anything. i take them as needed and i really do get relief. I appreciate Anticol much more then i do other brands because i know its going to work and now i associate the strong flavour with relief and already start to feel better when i have a pack around. Thank you Anticol.

I love anticol

I had thyroid surgery 3 months ago and anticol has really helped my throat
Opens airways and clears nose
Love them and they are better than strepsils and also stronger than fisherman friend

Bring back the mentholyptus in the anticol.

Please bring back the mentholyptus in the anticol lozenges. It used to clear congestion in my throat and lungs and allow me to breathe easily and to talk without coughing continuously. I didn't notice which colour worked best, but it is definitely NOT the green.

Where are the yellow and orange ones?

I have used Anticol for 40 years when needed but always discarded the green ones in favour of the yellow and orange. Why have you stopped making them? Of all flavours to keep you chose the green? Why, why, why???

New formula tastes like soap and I just found out they are all green (the worst flavour)

I will never buy Anticol again, I didn’t realise they don’t make the other nice flavours anymore, glad they made that clear. I loved the original ones especially the non-green flavours.

Changed Recipe is Dreadful

I used to buy 2 x 3-paks every week because they were great for sore throats and cleared my nose.
What have they done? they're nothing more than lime flavoured lollies now.

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turns out they didn't change the recipe. There was some fault with their quality control (my words not theirs, they wouldn't admit that) They told me weeks ago that they would send me a pre-paid envelope so that I could send them the faulty Anticols.......still waiting. and they would investigate the problem.

Bring back the orange and yellows

Why have you stopped making the yellow and orange coloured anticol lozenges? ? They were the best ones in the pack and now its only the green ones in a pack. Dissapointing!


Anticol totally works, and unlike other lozenges I've tried - didn't turn me into a werewolf. Would strongly recommend it to all sufferers of a sore throat who don't want to turn into a werewolf!

A Lozenge that works

these are amazing my sore throat was soothed instantly, they taste amazing too, drop all the stupid soothers and butter menthols and pick up some anticols instantly. these are also very cheap and can be found in almost any shop. They give you nice minty fresh breath when your done aswell
the rapid effect

Only lozenge I use

I went through a lot of throat lozenges and I found this to be the best. I used to use strepsils but I found this to better and also cheaper. It really soothes the throat but I didn't find it cleared the nose that well. This is my must have when I get a cold.
Works. Cheaper
Doesn't clear nose


I used this because I thought it may help when I had a sore throat and cold. It didnt clear the nose, but it also wasnt too strong on my throat. I find that some lozenges work, but they actually numb my tastebuds after I use them. This one was fairly mild so it didnt do that. Overall, this is more like a lollie, and doesnt really help if you have a sore throat or blocked nose. It also contains sugar.
I think I have tried most of the throat lozenges out there, and this one really didnt work for me.
It didnt work to clear the nose at all.

Questions & Answers

Hi, Are Anticol throats soft lozenges gluten free?
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Sorry they are not gluten free but fishermens friend lozenges areNothing on the packet mentioned gluten free.

I have used them for 40yrs, never liked the green ones, now I dont buy them anymore, they just gradually fazed the other two flavors out, they were the best, cant understand why, dam shame because they really do work, why are they all green now? madmick
2 answers
Hello customer. Firstly we'd like to say that we appreciate your ongoing business and enjoyment of our product range. Your feedback is important to help us move forward and we always take this into account. I am afraid to say, the different flavours were only colour variations. Our flavour was the same across all these variations. It goes to show that the preferred aesthetics of something can cast a real impression, especially when we're younger. The removal of the other colour variations was in order to save on production costs so that we could continue to provide you with the high quality products you've come to love, at a great price. - Nestle Customer ServiceSorry, but I reject your reply to my question, after 40 years, I think I know the difference between sweet and sour, the green ones were sour, the yellow and orange ones were sweet, I have often put them in my mouth without looking at them, and always spit the green ones out, why would I do that if they all tasted the same, if they had just made them all yellow or orange, we would not be having this conversation there was definitely a difference. Mick Nisbet

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