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Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic

Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic

4.6 from 14 reviews

Fantastic for coughs chronic bronchitis and COPD

PLEASE take this if you have a persistent cough, bronchitis or copd.
I have chronic bronchitis, asthma and COPD I am 38 and have to live on antibiotics and cough medicines but lately they stopped working and my cough was so bad at night I couldn't sleep I almost vomited from coughing and then when I finally went to sleep for a few hours I woke up with severe chest pain and back pain from coughing I was going crazy without sleep.
I tried the capsules first they are great but the tonic is way better it gets in your system ASAP and it doesn't taste as bad as people have made out so don't worry I drink it straight and I have slept the last 2 nights straight through after 1 night of taking this tonic.
It is expensive but I don't care I need my sleep and quality of life you can find this online cheaper so look around and they do go on special 20 percent off so stock up as 100ml is $32.95 I take 7 ml 4 times a day but will reduce but I feel better then I have in a long time.
Good luck to you all hope you feel better soon take care

I rate it 5 stars.

I've been an asthma sufferer for 5 years. I've taken ventolin and seretide to control my breathing difficulty and i've gotten to the point where I stoppee taking it because i've noticed I haven't been getting any better. Infact the medications made me worse. So i've done researches on whats the best natural remedies to control my asthma symptoms and I came accross this so I've given it a try and i've noticed the best results! My breathing difficulties have completly vanished! The constant wheezing in the throat and chest have been minimized and the dry coughing and sneezing have been gone aswell. I'm very happy with the results so far. The taste is gross but above all It really does work!

Rapid relief from troubling productive cough within three days, and stopped taking after tailing off

After several weeks of coughing and a few courses of antibiotics which were only partially effective, I found ongoing relief from a persistent productive cough which caused sleep disturbance and concern from those nearby, Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic Capsules rapidly reduced symptoms and I find that after a couple of weeks I only very occasionally need more. Would suggest capsules only, as liquid form tastes terrible!

Fusion Cough Tonic

This stuff is great and it really does work. In fact all Fusion products are outstanding. Yes they may be a bit pricey but hey all good things are and when it comes to our health it's worth spending that little bit extra, especially if you have done your research and read great reviews.

Works for me!

This product works for me. Sometimes I get a cough which is a little like asthma, but not asthma. Ventolin doesn’t help, nor do cough medicines.
Fusion Cough Lung Tonic seems to ease a spasm that happens in my throat and is the cause of the cough.
It has a bitter, medicinal taste, but when I get this cough it is the only product that helps.

An excellent remedy - quick efficacy achieved

I've had this very persistent and productive cough for well over 18 months. GP assures it is viral and no use for antibiotics. I agree, however on description of history, nature of cough and personal health outline, a naturalist / herbalist / health clinic owner identified this product as having very good results. After only 3 days, on 2-3 x 3 times a day it has nearly eradicated the cough, especially at night. I haven't had undisturbed sleep in months! No negative comments as none are warranted.

Effective remedy for persistent cough

This cough formula seems to be very effective. Earlier I had tried so many cough syrups but nothing worked that fast. This is herbal medicine but works very quickly and effective in reducing cough.

It works

It really does work but i have never tasted any thing so disgusting in my whole life. I was wrenching from the after taste and no way would kids have it, but it does work! !

Excellent tonic

Such an outstanding product, been to a doctor with a persistent cough for 18 months who kept prescribing different cough mixtures and antibiotics. Until I asked my naturopath in health store who suggested fusion lung tonic. By the second day my cough was not as often and after several regular doses it settled right down to actually no more coughing. Told my doctor who was amazed and is now advising it to his pneumonia patients. I have passed this product on to many people, a little expensive, but worth every drop.

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Hi Gwen. What wonderful testimonial. We are very happy that you had such a great result with the Cough Lung Tonic. Do not hesitate to contact us directly should you need any further product advice.

Outstanding product that leaves other cough mixtures way behind.

I am a Registered Nurse working in Occupational Health for over 20 years. After trying numerous chemist brand cough mixtures with no benefit obtained for a chronic, persistent cough, I entered a health store and asked for something to give me relief. The lady recommended Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic and said it is more costly than chemist cough mixtures but it is outstanding. She wasn't wrong. After only 3 doses my persistent chronic cough I had for well over 5 weeks completely disappeared. I wish my site medical clinic stocked this product. I have recommended it to many of my patients to purchase.

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Hi Laurie. What a wonderful feedback. We are very happy that the Cough Lung Tonic has worked so well for you.

Give it a go

I had a terrible head cold that went to my chest and being a smoker doesn't help, but even after 2 doses I could notice a difference, cough was drying up and wasn't as frequent, the tonic tastes horrible but its worth a shot

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Hi Kate. Thank you for your review. It is great that you experienced such fast results. To help with the taste of the liquid you can mix it in a little juice or manuka honey or take tablets as an option.

Came highly recommended at high cost. Totally ineffective

Three weeks ago I bought Fusion Lung Tonic. With a 20% discount at the beginning of the month I had to pay $39.95. For that price I wanted something that really worked. It came highly recommended. What a waste of money. When I discussed it with the Naturopath at Fusion she told me to buy Probiotics which I did. She also told me to lower the dose. This tonic and the Probiotics have had no effect and I still have my very stubborn cough and cold.


This tonic is great - stops a persistent cough in its track - highly recommend it. Had a persistent cough and tried various cough syrups, which dont work - this is the only thing that worked.

Persistent, stubborn cough - gone!

When we entered a health food store on the off chance of some advice for a son who had a persistent, dry, barking, unproductive cough - the shop assistant recommended Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic. And we are so glad she did! It took only 2-3 days to notice a drastic reduction in a cough which was stubborn and would turn heads when out and about. The improvement in his general lung health has been felt down the track, with the frequency of this recurring cough virtually non-existent now. When he, or anyone else we know suffers from a cough which is persistent, we always recommend our trusted Fusion Cough Lung Tonic.
Healthy treatment which gave great results; improved general lung health down the track
Tablets are big, may be hard for some to swallow

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Hi Kathryn, thank you for your feedback! We love hearing how our formulas are working for people. We would love to use your comment as a testimony. If you decide to give us permission to share your story, please contact us (including the dosage you took, if you take anything else, your initials, suburb and state) at - techdept@fusionhealth.com.au

Questions & Answers

I have recently had pneumonia (also had it last year). I had an X-ray and it was found I have ground glass opacity In right lower case. I need to have a CT scan for further diagnosis. I went to a Go Vita store and saw a naturopath who suggested cough lung tonic. I do not have a cough. I wanted something to strengthen or support my lungs. Reading the reviews I’m not sure this product is the right one. It’s an expensive product for a pensioner. Should I continue to take the product? Ross Courtney
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Can you take this product while taking predneson?
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It is always wise to consult your doctor if you are being treated for a serious ailment, to see if there is direct evidence of a conflict between an off the shelf health supplement and prescribed medicine. My understanding is that many doctors have given very little consideration to health supplements, and there may be some justification for searching on the internet for recorded incompatibilities between prescribed medicines, and the individual ingredients, as well as trying to find a practitioner who is trained in both western medicine and other traditions. Always ask for evidence of the success rate for treatments offered by any practitioner, especially if the medicine is prescribed for symptomatic relief. My own experience with Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic was that I was prescribed an steroid inhaler, with the advice that I may be at the early stages of COPD, a chronic lung disease that tends to get worse over time and may lead to emphysema and other very serious diseases.My symptoms have not returned. I have checked on Web MD.com and other sites and depending on the nature of your problem, consciously improving your breathing by losing weight, increasing exercise compatible with your condition, you may delay the onset of a further decline in lung health. As I know nothing of your condition, I am not a health practitioner, any advice included in the above statement is of a general nature, and I cannot give any advice about your particular condition other than to seek professional advice from practitioners who are aware of the details of your condition. It would be extremely unwise to cease taking your medication without a positive say so from someone who has studied your condition with scientific criteria.

Do you have this medicine in the USA?
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Cough Lung Tonic
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