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Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle

Latest review: My husband had been using this product since last century and kept on recommending it to me. I couldn't get past the taste until I became subject to regular sore throats and gums due to wisdom teeth

Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic

Latest review: PLEASE take this if you have a persistent cough, bronchitis or copd. I have chronic bronchitis, asthma and COPD I am 38 and have to live on antibiotics and cough medicines but lately they stopped

Difflam Forte Anti-inflammatory Throat Spray

Latest review: Had a sore throat for a few days. Brought this product and found it did absolutely nothing. After a while I have it more sprays than the recommended dose but still

Difflam Anti-inflammatory Throat Spray

Latest review: It’s time people realised there isn’t anything magic a doctor can give you for a simple cold & sore throat . . Be realistic..Gargle salt water if you want cheap , gargle this if you like chemist stu

Anticol Lozenges X 10

Latest review: Anticol tastes terrible. As someone who spends the majority of their time with a stuffed nose I can tell you they clear the nose, they most definitely sooth the throat. The taste to me is only

Difflam Lozenges Black Currant Sugar Free

Latest review: It's a great product. It really help to relief dry cough temporarily. At least it works for me. Can take several lozenges per day so it can pretty much cover you whole day, which includes the most

Bosisto's Echinacea Throat Spray

Latest review: This throat spray works .. My adult son suffered from a very sore throat and as i researched i came across this product and bought it and gave to my son who was delighted on the relief it gave

Nyal Bronchitis

Latest review: This is the only cough syrup worked for me. Relieves chest pain and cough faster. Can feel the relief just after taking the first dose. Iove it. Can't live without

Butter-Menthol Lozenges Echinacea

Latest review: These Butter Menthol and Echinacea First Signs are exactly that, soon as you feel a cold coming on, if you have a touch of a sore throat, a tickle in the throat, take 3 or 4 of these for the next few

Blackmores Kaloba

Latest review: I have taken this product twice now firstly in October 2018 to combat sinusitis following 2 courses of antibiotics with great success. This month I developed bronchitis and acted promptly with

Bonnington’s Irish Moss Cough Syrup

Latest review: The only consistently reliable cough syrup on the market today at an extraordinarily reasonable price. I've been using Bonnington's for over 20 years and it has yet to fail to deliver. Particularly

Butter-Menthol Lozenges Ginseng

Latest review: I get a real benefit from the ecinacea butter menthols and the cough and congestion butter menthols. I haven't seen the ginseng butter menthols here in the west. I am often allergic to cough

Bioglan Throat Clear

Latest review: These, along with some other natural medications and my steam inhaler have brought my voice back to life many times and helped me get through some rough performances! I have recommended them to many

Vicks VapoRub Jar

Latest review: Hi jillian walker here look My kitten had really bad respiratory problems so I thought why not uses this it worked wonders when my children get the flu so what I did was I put my kitten in the

Duro-Tuss Cough Liquid

Latest review: I often get this to fix up my chesty coughs when I am unwell it’s great and it relieves coughs to have to take 15 mil every 6h max of 4 doses every 24 h

Duro-tuss Dry Cough Lozenges

Latest review: These are the only thing that works for me when I have a dry tickly/itchy type cough. My boss got me onto them when I was having problems with a cough at work. I have to admit they don't taste the

Difflam Lozenges Honey and Lemon Sugar Free

Latest review: This has such a bad aftertaste. I can't even drink water afterwards because it's so bad. No, no, no, no, no. It's just awful and it tastes like the worst thing, and water doesn't get rid of

Soothers Lozenges Eucalyptus & Menthol + Vitamin C

Latest review: I've had tonsilitis for the past 9 days. I am living on these. They have soothed my throat not only do i have my voice coming back. Im able to eat solids lol. These are so handy! I have packets

Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges

Latest review: I get quite often throat infections. I tried many times to alleviate the symptoms (itchy or painful throat, coughing) with Strepsils Honey & Lemon, but I could not find any difference between taking

Strepsils Lemon Sugar Free Lozenges

Latest review: This has a pretty good lemon flavour, although my favourite is honey lemon because its much more soothing and tastes better. This is a good lozenge to have when you dont want to have a sugared

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