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Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle

Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle

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Can't keep it down

I second the dry heaving and actual vomiting this product causes me. I tried full dose on first attempt and 5 ml on 2nd with identical results. No thank you!

Purchased in May 2019.

Forget the Taste, It Works!

My husband had been using this product since last century and kept on recommending it to me. I couldn't get past the taste until I became subject to regular sore throats and gums due to wisdom teeth issues. I use the gargle consistently for a few days and it has always cleared up the issues before they become a real problem. I know the taste is challenging but, as it is a poison, it does limit any swallowing!

Does the work !

Honestly it does the work, and the taste wasn’t bad, I got cured after a week though so it did take a little while but great overall definitely recommend !

Best one For Sore Throat

i have used One time.. And The severe pain in my throat dissappear.. And my throat feels totally clear and no pain.. Worth buying and using .
I suggest it to everyone..

Works well if you can bare the taste

I thought the taste wasn't bad at first until I accidently swallowed a bit and started vommiting. It did give me some relief for my throat but I won't go through that again.

tastes gross but it works!

Betadine is a top notch product and delivers on its brand promise! I buy mine from Coles and had to move past the tase but all in all its a great product

Taste is unbearable

Due to the taste, was not able to take the recommended quantity and the flavour has not been made to endure this product in the mouth. It causes me to dry wretch and even vomit. So I suggest sanofi or whoever the manufacturers are, that they do something to improve and/or change the taste.

Really works!

I've been keeping a stock of this throat gargle in my bathroom for years now. I take it each time a feel a tickle in my throat to prevent it from worsening. So far, it has been really effective and really prevents sore throat from getting worse.

Cure for illness!

I have not had an illness in years because of this product! As soon as I feel a twinge in the throat and I know it's the beginning of a cold I use the gargle and I don't get sick at all. My son got influenza A and unfortunately can't give to 6 year old and he was bad for a week. I felt unusually tired and headaches this is when I should have taken the gargle however I took it when I felt twinge in throat. It is keeping me from getting the full blown symptoms and the virus is just in the throat. The gargle is killing it in my throat before it does more damage entering my body. LONG REVIEW BUT I SWEAR BY THIS!!!!!

for after one of those nights

I use this the morning after a particularly demanding night out when I chain smoke to the point that my throat hurts. It definitely offers much needed relief and in my opinion is a good way to be a step ahead of a really bad sore throat that could lead to more serious issues.

Works for me

I am using it first time really noticed a huge difference in pain. My doctor suggested me betadine garglr for soar throat. I dont like the taste of it but i could do anything to cure my soardthroat so i gave it a try and I am glad that i did try it.

It really reduced soarness and itchyness. It leaves a cooling sensation which last for few minutes which is really soothing. I can recommend to anyone who is looking for some relief from soar throat.

No more pain!

My teenage son caught a cold off me. Has a sore throat. I bought Betadine Sore Throat Gargle from my local Chemist and actually convinced my son to try it...success! He said that within a few seconds his throat pain lessened and he could swallow without feeling that his throat was closed up. Will see how long he feels better for. Directions suggest taking it every 3-4 hours. Here's hoping!

Effective if taken early enough

I initially reviewed this poorly but have now used this on the first day of having a sore throat. My experience is the product is:
1) Effective - using on 1st day of sore throat. Didn't have sore throat on 2nd day.
2) Didn't work - started using after a few days of having a sore throat. No noticeable effect after 4 days' use. It is expensive and the packaging is very similar to the wound disinfectant and can easily be confused.

Awesome product

This product gave me instant relief you can feel it working immediately I don't think I would bother to use anything else after using this product.
Betadine concentrated sore throat gargle is the best...period

Amazing remedy for sore throats. It really works

I was sceptical of this working. As someone who gets maybe 4 colds a winter and chronic sore throats from being run down I was always searching for that something that really works . I got this gargle and tried it . OMG it really works . I used it before going to bed and the next morning woke up with no sore throat voila!
This is amazing and sure it tastes bad but hey it kills off the virus and allows you to get over an illness in no time.

Great at reducing sore throats

If I get a sore throat, I get it real bad - followed by a few weeks of congestion. The Betadine throat gargle reduces the severity of my sore throat massively. I always pack it when I travel.

Betadine Sore Throat Gargle

I am sore throat prone & this product works wonder for me every time. It helps to eliminate inflammation & throat doesn't feel dry after each use. Recommended for my friends to use it too.

Always works for me!

Since I discovered betadine I've not had a single horrible sore throat! Most importantly, at the first sign or feeling of a sore throat I gargle with Betadine. Before bedtime, brush my teeth, gargle and sleep. The next day I'm 99% cured. On the 2nd day I repeat it and no more sore throat! Its that easy & quick! Great stuff!

Super Product never fails

For many years I have been a magnet for cold bugs especially after flying.. I discovered Betadine mouthwash a few years back and I travel a lot so now always gargle after a flight and have found this to be a very effective way of avoiding picking up cold virus's as there is nearly always someone coughing or sneezing on the plane.. As a result I also tried other Betadine products like ointment for minor abrasions and the Betadine solution which cured a minor fungal problem I had with toe nails in only a few days treatment. Finally I found the Face & body wash to be very effective as I have a greasy skin and I only use it for a short periods to help keep me free from pimples and blackheads. May not suit everyone but fore me I cant speak highly enough,

Better than any medicine or losenger

I had a horrible chest infection which dried out and made my throat terribly sore.
Saw a commercial for this and bought it as I was desperate for any relief, tried it and was instantly feeling better! It left a fresh, mint like feeling in the back of my throat and there was no pain, I didn't even have to gargle for 30 seconds!

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Questions & Answers

I have been using betadine for garggling on my throat then I swallow. What are the effects to my body?
1 answer
Shouldn't really hurt you, generally iodine is harmless as your body uses it in many functions and it would take a massive dose to hit toxic levels, they used to give massive doses of iodine to treat many illnesses before antibiotics. There is also some sort of alcohol / derivative component that doesn't seem listed on the label though which may not be too good to consume large quantities of (but small doses probably wouldn't hurt).

Can you use this on open wound cuts?
3 answers
I wouldn't go putting a throat gargle on a open wound ( it's not iodine for specifically for that purpose ) - instead I would recommend to seek professional advice from a medical professional such as doctor or if the cut isn't too bad, a nurse or the pharmacist at the local chemist should be able to help though, as wounds can easily become infected - I would advise a journey to the doctor.It’s different concentration or strength. Better get the one specificly designed for open wound.It would probably have the same effect but would sting quite badly because it seems to have some other ingredients (not just iodine). These aren't listed on the label but from taste it seems to be some sort of alcohol.

I m having allergy in year 4 to 5 months i m having dry cough I toolk many medicines but very little impact ....can I use betadin.....I m having i duess pollution allergy
2 answers
I think betadine is for mainly sore throats You have a few options - that's if you've already tried benadryl for dry cough syrup 1. Go buy and use codral from behind the chemist counter but, be aware - you will have to produce your drivers licence as the ingredients are sometimes used for bad things 2. Have some fisherman's friend menthol lozenges - don't bother with the green ones - only the yellow and the white pack ones as they provide a good heat If symptoms persist - I would recommend to go to the doctor.It cant hurt to try and see if it feels good. I myself don't have allergies so unsure. Chemist best place to ask and tell your symptoms.

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