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Vicks VapoRub Jar

Vicks VapoRub Jar

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Hi jillian walker here look My kitten had really bad respiratory problems so I thought why not uses this it worked wonders when my children get the flu so what I did was I put my kitten in the bathroom with a glass bowel and put a teaspoon of vicks in the bowel and then tipped boiling hot water onto the vick well after a few days my kittens really good her eye cleared up and well that cough and respiratory problem gone so I thought why not share with you try your animal's but uses a teaspoon and keep the bowel out of reach then repeat every twice a day. Also good for children's pillows chests,back but use the baby balsm and for growing adults get a bowel put a teaspoon in and same boiling hot water and a towel over your head and breath its good helps you and also chest and back to hope that helps you.


My nose is one that seems to be forever blocked so my doctor suggested I tried the inhaling method on the jar and it truly changed my life! The smell is very soothing and unblocks your nose so you can breathe and smell again, as the affect is only temporary though, you must do it quite often to maintain an unblocked nose which i find is not a chore as its just so nice and soothing!
Smells great, affordable.


I have used this for many years when I was little and was sick. It is a soothing medicine and should not be taken internally. It works well if rubbed onto the throat or behind the ears if you have a cold. Overall, I think this is a must for the medicine cabinet of the house.
I remember my mum rubbing this on me when I was little and was sick. It is a very peculiar minty smell and once you have it on you, you always get the feeling that you will be well soon.
It gives me a very sticky feeling when I rub it on my chest, throat, behind my ears, forehead, it sort of overwhelms me, so I have to be prepared for that.

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