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Difflam Lozenges Black Currant Sugar Free

Difflam Lozenges Black Currant Sugar Free

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Fast relief

It's a great product. It really help to relief dry cough temporarily. At least it works for me. Can take several lozenges per day so it can pretty much cover you whole day, which includes the most important period (in my opinion) of your recovery which is during night sleep.
Fast relief, can cover whole day

Effective relief within one day.

Very fast working lozenge. Taken throughout the course of a day and my throat feels better the next morning. I've been using them for 8 years now and they are the only throat lozenges that work for me. They also have numbing properties.
Other brands such as strepsils are more like lollies and are ineffective.
I'd recommend to anyone looking for fast relief.
reliable, effective, fast working
Lingering taste

Questions & Answers

Will this product get rid of Thrush?
1 answer
Yes it does

i just consumed 8 in the last 10 hours and just learned they have a laxative effect. Has anyone else experience this?
1 answer
No, but I've never consumed that much. I would recommend consulting your GP or your local pharmacist.

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