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Anytime Fitness Australia

Anytime Fitness Australia

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Blood sucking vampires

Anytime Fitness (St Kilda)
Do I have to post on every forum and everyplace, to cancel my freaking membership.

Your organisation. is a leach on society.

Basically I was told that I had to wait for a final payment to happen before being able to cancel..

Then I need to follow up after that's done to cancel..

How much freaking notice do I need to give and follow up your blood sucking organisation..

I'm taking this to the ACCC and VCAT!

DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT! Anytime Fitness Hope Island/Upper Coomera

If you go to Anytime and sign a contract after reading this post, you will do so at your own peril.
I initially joined Hope Island branch since it was a new facility with small number of patrons. It was all good until the owner didn't pay the rent and we all got kicked out. They directed me to Helensvale and Ormeau, which were not convenient, and Upper Coomera, which was/is in shocking state. I tried cancelling the contract, but they requested to pay the half of the remainder of the terms, so I wasted a fair bit of money. Quite unprofessional.

Value for Money

Dishonest & Deceitful - Dreadful Customer Service!

Very Low level of customer service focus and terrible communication skills….Appallingly, two staffers blatantly lied to me without any compunction for their deceit! People who are capable of lying to another person without any facial micro-expressions as indicators of the lies they are telling, are pathological liars & will lie about anything! Deceiving people is not only a very child-like response based on fear and emotional immaturity but it is one of the worst ways to treat other people in the sociocultural and business sphere; not to mention the impact lying has on interpersonal relationships! Grow up “gentlemen” (or should I say boys). Shame on you!!
Attention members: These are the people to whom you as members are entrusting your health & fitness, your personal details and your bank accounts!!
Attention Anytime: Change your business model so that the focus is on integrity, professional ethics and honesty, you owe these virtues to all the members who place their trust in you!!

Value for Money

Decent Gym

Very spacious gym since it is located in a massive warehouse. The place has great ventilation, new equipment, decent spotify music in the background. Multiple squat racks that double up as bench presses/power lifting zones with safety racks. Didn't experience sales pressure with PTs like other gyms. The best part is that its open 24/7. It's like a Planet Fitness without the lunk alarm and the dumb bells go up to around 120kg so strong people can actually train there.

The only draw down, is that staff are trained to use delaying tactics when you try to opt out of gym memberships so you gotta call multiples times and be a pest. Peak hour can get a little cramped, but that's the case with most gyms unless you opt for a premium gym with $$$ memberships.

Overall, probably the most reliable gym, with hands-off staff and a great environment for a gym regular who just wants to get in and out.

Value for Money


can't cancel membership.
they won't answer the phone. have to go in person too bad if you move away.
told me they will suspend the membership for 2 month but payment keep coming out.

Value for Money

Disgusting harrassment

Tahmoor Anytime Fitness. Promised the world on sign on heard nothing until they wanted money. Harassed by phone, email, text debt collectors for $30! PT is a joke he wanted over $100 for 'nutritional advice'. RIP off merchants and scammers. Disgusting.

Anytime fitness Collins street

Minimal Equipment and most of it is old. Not enough machine equipment is free during busy and quiet periods. I will be considering changing gyms. Also the staff are never around. not once have they answered my call nor return it. Not once staff member is ever on the floor. They are not that approachable either when they a needed . I Will be training in Prahran untill I find a better gym venue. Not returning at Collins not will I recommend it

Value for Money

The worst gym I have ever been too . Worst management I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with .

Unfortunately for me it was the convenience of having it across the road that led me to sign up , I was promised that it doesn't get super busy during work hours and week days as this is mainly when I would go , mind you this is a very small gym as well. After trying a few options I have voiced to the manager on site at a time that I would like to cancel the membership but decided to just last the initial 6 month as I was promised no charges will be made after that !
Surprise when the payments still came out two months after I only found out month 3 by accident ! Came in to speak to the manager and he promised to look at the tapes as apparently everything is recorded , never did I'm sure ,took two weeks to get back to me only after I emailed, to say that they won't be refunding , apperantly I had to sign something which I was never told even after few conversations with the old manager in regard to that !
Would not recommend, don't get sucked in like me , all they want is your money . I'm my self a PT in the past btw !

Value for Money

Bad costumer service

Every time I tried to talk with their staff about a problem I had with my credit card and fees they asked me to go there tomorrow, they are basically small the time okn their phone or chatting with girls at the gym

Value for Money

If I could give no stars I would

The lock in contract is a joke, its basically selling your sole to the devil. The staff are illmannered and rude. And the equipment is always broken.

Been to 7 different Anytime Fitness's as I travel a lot for work and they are all the same.

Value for Money

"Manager tried to charge $10 for free trial"

Went to Kawana Anytime to get a free trial, manager tried to charge me $10, after I had mentioned that I was looking at joining another gym. Manager was an utter crap.

Cairns - Manunda Gym

One of the very vest Anytime Fitness Centres. I love this Gym ! Its so spacious, and the staff are really friendly and helpful. They make me fee a part of the community there and are always projecting positive vibes. The equipment is awesome and the big fans and great to cool down in front of. Love that they have hair dryers there, so I can have shower and wash my hair, and get to work or my appointment straight after. The classes they run are great also. Highly recommend.


I joined the Anytime Fitness in Warrnambool first and unfortunately the trainer never turned up to show me how to use the equipment. I later found out it was because he'd decided to go to Melbourne for a fun day out. No emergency. He was just selfish and knowingly let me drive an hour to the gym then an hour home again all because he was to lazy to pick up the phone and reschedule. I think he has been let go since but I am not sure.
Later I started using the Anytime Fitness in Geelong town centre. The instructor was very slap dash and it left me confused and using the pictures on the equipment to hope I was doing the exercises correctly as was suggested to me by the instructor. I have since moved and have opted for a gym with another company. Anytime Fitness looks clean but unless you are a seasoned weight lifter who can organise your own workout routine I wouldn't recommend it. Also it looks like they have security cameras in the change room/bathrooms. I am pretty sure that if they are, that's a breach of privacy.

Value for Money

Decent gym

I have joined Anytime Greensborough for a week. I found it is a decent one. you have everything you need for workout. Staffs are nice and helpful. it is a decent gym.

Value for Money

Ripped off

I joined and foolishly accepted a contacted for 18 months at a slightly discounted price. What really upset me was that at the end of my contract when I contacted them to cancell my membership I was charged an additional months membership for cancellation. They claimed it is in the contract. . Maybe it is .. but who reads the fine print of a gum membership contract? It really left a sour sour taste. Really a months cancellation fee..how they they justify that?
When I tried to discuss this issue with the gym owner I was accused of being rude .
On another note I did visit quite a few gyms as a travel around a bit. I found all Anytime Fitness very impersonal places. . Managed by young staff who are often unfriendly. The weights section is full of very serious, unfriendly body builders; many appear to using body building drugs. Certainly not the sort of gyms for someone to just keep fit and do general workout.

Value for Money

Had a terrible experience with Anytime fitness Toongabbie.

I joined Anytime fitness Blacktown around 4-5 years ago. Recently (last couple of months) I started going to Toongabbie branch because I have changed my work. I received an email that since last couple of months you have started using Toongabbie branch your file is transferred to Toongabbie. However they changed my monthly payment and increased it. I requested that I will not use your branch but they said no this is as a part of policy and we have already transferred your file. Only way you can transfer back if you start using Blacktown but I will not get my old rates back. This means you are stuck and can not do nothing. Helpless and frustrated that I felt. I requested that I joined long time ago and I am unaware of any such policy but manager was not willing to listen and kept repeating “policy and procedure”. No value of long term relationship. No customer focus views. When I said I will not continue and will need to terminate she gave me very cold reply “that’s your choice”. I felt frustrated that my routine was disturbed and more importantly helpless because no choice was given. Please be careful with your contract and specially with Anytimefitness Toongabbie.

Value for Money

Campbelltown anytime fitness the worst

To whom it may concern

I find it really wrong the customer service provided by campbelltown senior staff member she also quoted as she didnt care if i contacted head office as it will only come back to her anyway such a great ambassador or franchise to represent your brand.

I originally wanted to trial at the club but as the staff are so great at chasing money i got sucked into joining having my new twins then coming down with thyroid issues i was advised not to train.

Apart from the fact there is no room to use equipment as there is numberous people in the club i find it really poor that there is no consideration given to customers that is really poor customer service.

I use to manage a quiet reputable gym in zetland and we always always put our customers first.

Disgusted by your franchise your poor company must suffer due to her.

Value for Money

Excellent, Convenient and Affordable

My first time giving 5 stars, anytime fitness is great in my opinion as they have them everywhere and more seem to be popping up around different areas. It’s good that you can go anytime that suits you and it is quite affordable, I know there are cheaper gyms out there but they don’t have as many gyms as anytime fitness does. Most of the anytime fitness gyms are fairly small and can get really busy at times but for me personally I find that the time I go is usually very quiet and the one I go to is fairly big with heaps of space so overall I am happy with them.

When it comes to the crunnch they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU - only the colour of your money.

I signed up with Anytime Fitness (ATF) in Balwyn. Although their fees were more pricey than some of the other gyms around I was impressed with their facilities (new modern equipment, clean change rooms, nice layout etc.), and liked the fact that they were open at all times as there weren't that many other 24/7 gyms operating at that time (around 2012 / 2013). I continued my membership at the Balwyn location for a few years, well and truly paying off the initial 18 month contract.

Following the birth of my son in early 2015 I moved to Melbourne's Outer Eastern Suburbs and started to use two of the ATF gyms in the area not realising that the fees would change as it was a different franchisee - it obviously went up (and not down) to a bit more than $80 a month. With parenthood I found that instead of typically working out at least 5 days/week I was having far less time with weekly sessions dropping down to around 2-3 a week (i.e. less bang for buck). As I still liked their facilities I stupidly continued paying my weekly fees and periodically working out when I could find the time.

In 2017 I notified the gym that I would be taking two months off to travel to Thailand to visit my partners family, as she had a very ill relative. In accordance with ATF's policy instead of paying the normal fees I would only have to pay a weekly nominal $2.50 'Freeze Fee' to put my account on hold.

While overseas the ill family member ended up passing and we were forced to extend our stay for a few months to wrap things up. At the time my frozen gym contract in Australia was the last thing on my mind (TBH i'd completely forgotten about it). Of course, it resumed and they started charging me full fees even though I was still no longer in the country. This continued without my knowledge for quite a while. Due to their electronic check-in system it would have been clear that I was not accessing the gym, but they were more than happy to keep on charging me for a service that I was not using. At one point my partner raised the issue of my gym membership following which I sent an email requesting my account get put on hold indefinitely until my return, but never got a response. I found their communication abominable and was never contacted by any staff at the gym enquiring as to my status. As long as they were receiving money from my account they were happy.

Fortunately?! my credit card linked to that account was stolen which meant that they could no longer charge my account indefinitely. Despite this the unscrupulous operators continued to charge me, putting me in the red, amd racking up additional administrative nonsense / service and handling fees.

When I eventually returned to Australia I was incredibly dissapointed to receive a call out of the blue from a debt collector chasing me for hundreds of dollars. I felt quite dismayed, betrayed and Pi$$ed Off as I had been a loyal member for more than 5 years and never had any issues with payment. The whole time, noone from the gym tried to contact me to enquire about my status.

On principal alone I have refused to pay these ridiculous fees as ontop of this they had already charged me for roughly 6 months of a membership (close to $500 in fees) which I did not use.

It makes me wonder what happens when a member dies (as they can't formally cancel their contract). I suspect they would continue charging for as long as possible and get away with whatever they can.

Please avoid this gym. Nowadays there are plenty of other 24/7 gyms to choose from. I am looking at getting back into fitness and i'll tell you now, ATF is way down the bottom of the list.

Value for Money

Don’t sign a contact

Unfortunately after being with them for years , they increase the fees to match what my friends get ,whom just joined a week ago. Although there facilities are fine but I don’t advise anyone to get in contract with them. All the gyms focus on new members and don’t appreciate loyality.

Value for Money

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They have charged me a tailgate fee (without even an email or receipt) for someone who came into the club to MEET STAFF, then left on realising that staff were not there. I called the centre, they were very aggressive and rude, and the headoffice does not pick up. Apparently I was a criminal for breaking the law, and that was the fine for that. Anyone know how I can get it back?
No answers

Does anyone know how much personal training sessions cost at Anytime Fitness Wynyard and/or Alexandria? Thanks
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Are under eighteen year olds allowed to work out
1 answer
Yes to 16 and 17 but only at approved clubs . there is a list. On the net of approved clubs.

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