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Fernwood Women's Health Clubs

Fernwood Women's Health Clubs

2.0 from 273 reviews

Terrible and unethical practices

I am moving out of the city to a location where there is no Fernwood gym, so my only option is to pay $280 in fees, or let my contract expire by continuing to pay for 3 more months. Absolutely ridiculous.

Value for Money

Worst gym ever

I signed up over the phone not knowing that I actually entered a contract then told I have 7 days cooling off period, the next day I found another women only gym that’s cheaper so I decided to cancel with Fernwood, they then told me it’s 48 hours cooling off fee and I have no choice but to pay the cancellation fee of 200 dollers. I left a review on Facebook stating my situation and what’s happened and I was cyber bullied and told I have a secret agenda and am not a real person. Sooo money thirsty and now wish I read online reviews before calling. Rockdale Fernwood is a joke of a gym and the owner Cathy is a narcissist and a fool who hides behind a computer screen and hides when I call, what’s joke.

Value for Money

Fernwood Wetherill Park

At this gym the group exercise room is carpeted, has no windows, no fresh air or other means for air. I asked if they were going to change to a boarded floor like a 'real' gym, and the owner said that she couldn't, it was too expensive.( try Zumba and you risk breaking your ankle )
I did not notice when I joined. It grabs like velcro and stinks.
I have a few months to go on my contract-can't wait to leave. If I quit now I have to pay a $300 fee to leave. If I was smart enough and looked into this earlier it would have been worth it.
If you want a nice bathroom and don't care about the group exercise or the exorbitant price tag ( what was I thinking) or the spruiking of products and 'other' services, go ahead.
Or be smart and go to the council gym.

Value for Money


I was a member of Fernwood Robina for nearly 12 months. I enjoyed it until I got sick there last November. I was doing weights by myself the day before they moved to the new location. There was some kind of heavy pest control smell when I was there. I got sick with a very bad chest infection that day that lasted for two months. During this time I was not well to go to the gym due to this. I rang and informed the assistant manager who gave no apology and said it has nothing to do with them but the town centre. Two months later I rang again saying I am cancelling due to this. I then got an apology. I decided to cancel and still got charged a fee for cancelling for medical even though the gym made me ill. I liked the club other than that. I dont go to a gym to get sick. I go to get healthy.

Value for Money


Paying $38 a fortnight which is what I agreed to pay however if a payment doesn't go through they make you pay a $9 rejection fee, and don't notify you which is ridiculous.
I was told that I could use my membership with my FOB at any location only to be told that this was not able to be used out of staff hours and a max of 5 free visits.
I am also pregnant and cannot use the gym due to complications and have been told even if I provide a certificate etc I will still have to pay $4 a week to place on hold.

Don't join this gym it is really not worth it

Surprised at poor reviews. Camberwell Vic is great!

Staff lovely, toilets clean, varied classes. Overall very happy.
Surprised at some 1 star reviews. Camberwell Vic is great! Cheers

Cheap & nasty, the staff don’t care

Yes it’s cheap to join, but you’re pretty much left to figure out all the machines by your self and you won’t get a program, I was told that’s an extra charge. Staff are fake friendly. I went to get my weight etc done when I first joined and the lady laughed at me when I had written down the wrong weight of my piece of paper, I was 2kg heavier than I thought. She thought that was funny and made me feel embarrassed. I have since quit this gym & have joined a local PT group, yes it’s more expensive but they actually make the time to get to know you & your strengths & weekness. I have since lose 5kg in 5 weeks with the new PT.

Starting up fee and cancellation fees

So i signed up after my daughter was born she was a few weeks old which wasnt a good decision. My first fee was over 200$ finally cancelled today with a great heavy fee off 300$ because of my contract. Nothing but money hungry business. Never would consider this gym and for months wanting to leave but the ladies told me to put account on hold. This is a warning for all the other ladies wanting to give this gym a go look around for better deals.

Vary considerably between sites

The fernwood gym near where i joined was modern, clean, big and provided things like free breakfast. I wrongly assumed they'd all be up to the same standard and signed a contract knowing i was moving to a new area soon. Now am living near the Preston gym and it is nowhere near the same standard. The floors are uneven, shoved into a shed in a warehouse area that feels unsafe afterhours. It's just not comfortable, welcoming or worth the money, but I'm locked in the contract for at least another 6 months. The minute there is competition with another women's only gym I'll be throwing in this membership and advising everyone else to do the same.

Beware of Hidden Fees

Beware of hidden fees if you cancel your contract in the minimum term. It costs $185 to join plus a minimum of $20/week plus a cancellation fee of $200 + one month's fees. Don't make the same mistake I did! Join another gym that has a more reasonable cancellation policy. I have made a complaint to Consumer Affairs Victoria regarding the cancellation fee of $275.

Can't "Opt Out"

I only googled as I have never been able to opt out of text messages from this place. I called in once and made the mistake of leaving my name and mobile number and I've had repeated messages/advertisements ever since by text messages. I've "opted out" repeatedly. Early on, once I opted out, the messages would stop for two or three months, start again, I'd opt out again, etc. Now opting out makes no difference - I can even block the number and I get promotional texts from different numbers from Fernwood. Apart from I think likely this not respecting people's right to opt out, which I think likely contravenes some kind of regulations, I wonder about the need for such aggressive promotional work. I got a number of phone messages early on and apart from returning one message to say that I was not interested, ignored the others and eventually they stopped.


Absolutely useless! I've been trying to get in contact with someone other than a receptionist at Fernwood Head Office in Richmond, VIC for two weeks now. They never answer their phone, the person I need to speak to never calls me back. AVOID AVOID AVOID. I needed some information about their contract as I refuse to sign it due to some very dubious clauses in it and wanted to talk about it before considering joining.
I was going to join but now I'll be taking my business to a gym that actually responds to queries!

If you do decide to join READ all the fine print properly.

Needs More Time Management

Joined the Gym in September with membership to start on 1st October. After signing up, was told my introduction couldn't be until 15th October and my next appointment to show me the gym equipment, couldn't be until 22nd October because I work, like most people, from 8am to 5pm and they wouldn't have the staff to accommodate those time any earlier.
After discussing with the team member in my introduction meeting that I was very unfit, I was advised that I could do classes. She pointed out a class which stated for beginners at 6am on 17th October which I attended. The instructor was great and I did enjoy the class although that night I could not move my neck and shoulders. The instructor did tell me that most of the girls in the class had been doing it for many years. After loosing weeks of sleep due to the neck/shoulder injury I attended an osteopath who helped a little. Contacted the Gym to cancel my membership and was spoken to really rudely.

Clayton Gym is deplorable, do they not give a damn about clean gyms?

The bathroom is a deplorable sight, it's like a mess. Floor is sticky, toilets is dirty there were toilet paper thrown around the toilet seats and no one know how to flush.

Furthermore, promise of lotions and breakfast.

The breakfast is some expired bread and lotion is always empty but the bottle is still there just for decoration.

The worst cancellation and membership terms imaginable. Don't join!!

I was getting married in a few months, so I thought I would join the local gym to get a little toned before squeezing into the dress.
I was talked into joining for 12 months as that would be cheaper etc...
I had to move overseas shortly after the wedding and without selling my soul, keeping the damn thing going actually worked out cheaper.
I have finally come to the part of my contract being up so I immediately emailed to cancel and ensured I sighted the specific clauses in the contract so I didn't get any fees.
As many have said already, this gym is staffed by mostly fake staff - the "oh we only care about your well-being", but are in fact just money hungry and rude.
The facilities at the Gungahlin branch were pretty good, they are fairly newish and I think just had renovations - but for the price you pay to workout or not in my case, they should have nice facilities.
The classes were often cancelled or changed to do a video of a class in america. There were never enough staff to help or facilitate classes or even just make sure no one was dead in the main room.

26 payments of 58$, taken fortnightly,
"Activation Kit" 159$
Joining Fee 199$

Vultures from head office of Fernwood rang wanting my final payment of membership fees as they didn't take it on the date nominated and I closed the account... hahah.. well, it was funny until they added a 9$ late fee.

Other fees and charges within the agreement for your review:
Downgrade fee: $100.0
Transfer Fee between members: $90.0
Transfer fee between clubs: $0.0
Reciprocal club vouchers x12: $55.0
Rejection Fee: $9.0
Administration fee due to permanent sickness or physical incapacity: $75.0
Deferral Fee: $8.0 per fortnight
Cooling off cancellation fee: $50.0
Transfer to another club 24 hour access card: $69.0
Cancellation fee: $200.0 plus 2 further direct debit payments
Third Party collection agency debt recovery costs: $100.0

Please don't join, find somewhere else :)

Nightmare trying to cancel membership

I joined Fernwood at the start of June 2018, with the idea I would be there for a while.
I was happy with the facilities and classes, loved the yoga classes! Although I did think it is overpriced considering you need to pay extra to use certain parts of the gym. I also had to pay extra to use the virtual classes - on a TV screen! Only a small fee, like $2.50 I think so I payed it incase I couldn’t make timed classes. The virtual classes are just les mills on a screen. You could do this at home.
Anyway, so at the start of August my husband and I decided to move back to NSW. We moved to a country town of 600 people, almost 60 kilometres from town. Obviously there is no gyms, let alone a fernwood! There isn’t even a Fernwood in the major town 60klms from me. So I had to cancel my membership, the manager told me I could find someone to sell my membership to, I didn’t know anyone so that option was out. She said I had to pay the $200 cancellation fee, which I let them know I was financially struggling, hence why we decided to move back to NSW where we could live cheaper. They were not understanding at all, at the time I had been to the doctors frequently due to stress and stress related issues. I also let them know this, I sent pictures of my bank accounts so they could see my financial state. They didn’t care. They wanted $200 and the last 2 payments. So I asked if I could make a payment plan of $30 per fortnight, which was already cutting it fine as I was struggling and had 2 children to provide for, I had also stopped working due to moving. I let them know all the details of how I wasn’t coping and if they could waive the cancellation fee of $200 or at least let me repay fortnightly a small repayment until finished. She said no, then she threatened to send it to a debt collector! Now I had ALWAYS paid my membership on time, and I was being threatened with a debt collector and at the time I didn’t even have any outstanding money I owed them! I was very upset. I rang head office to complain and ask for help, they told me to email member feedback, which I emailed a very detailed email notifying them of everything. No reply. A month later I rang head office to ask what was happening with my complaint....she told me they had sent my email onto my club, Fernwood Noosa! What? What was the point of that? When I sent that email to head office, the manager, [name removed], at the gym had said the only way to make a payment plan to pay off the $200 cancellation fee was to break it down into the same amount as my membership fee was per fortnight, so $43 per fortnight until it was paid off, in that month I paid 2 payments. Then the 3rd time I didn’t have any money so the $43 was in the account, so it over drew my account obviously, then a week later I realised my account was overdrawn $107!!! I rang them this morning as I thought it must have been the remainder of the $200 fee. Which even though it was a big payment I was happy it was finished....so I thought! When I rang this morning, to ask if that was the money all paid now, she told me no. She said last week when there was no money in my account for the $43, they charged me a fee! Um, they took $107....that means they charged me a fee for not having the money in my account - $63?!!! A $63 fee? WTH? So they took the normal $43, and a $63 fee for money not being in my account. They do this when a person is already financially struggling? Very sad. She then told me, because my money wasn’t in my account last week not only had they charged me a $63 fee, but they also restarted my membership!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!! I live 10 hours away, I cancelled in August - 2 months ago, we have a payment plan to pay off my cancellation fee - how does that give you the right to restart my membership?
At the end of the day, I ONLY canceled due to moving interstate to make living easier for my family, there is NO gym within 60klms of me. If there was I probably just would of kept the membership, but there isn’t.
So with my financial struggle and moving to where there’s NO gym let alone a Fernwood, they still could help me at all after tons of embarrassing emails revealing my circumstances, they could waive or lower the fee or repayments. Apparently no one had the power or authority to help at all. I enjoyed using the gym, but after the treatment I got I was very upset.
When I did call this morning to ask about the money, she could even tell me how much I’d paid and was owing! She said I got charged the fee because she can’t help me manage my finances! I told her i know how to manage my finances - I just don’t have ANY to manage, it goes to bills and living expenses for my family before I touch it and I don’t have anything left. I’m not asking for sympathy, but I did ask for help and understanding at a hard time and I got nothing but excuses and fees. 2.5 months after cancellation of my membership and it’s still on going. I phoned my bank this morning also and had to put a stop to letting them access my bank account as they had taken a sum of money that I wasn’t aware to be taken for fees that are. Very questionable. I am writing this review to let people know my experience. And I wish I’d read the reviews first as I only did this morning, and 90% is bad and similar situations to mine. Incredible, they say they are for women. Such a lie. After I wrote this review I am contacting fair trading to discuss where I stand and what to do next.

Fernwood Campbelltown NSW Below Par

Fernwood Campbelltown. Dirty, broken and outdated equipment that hasn't been updated in several years. The bathrooms and floors are filthy and smell like sewerage. You have to choose your times to train as when there are PT sessions and classes being run in the weights area there is no room for anyone else to train. There is only 1 set of dumbbells per kilo weight so if someone is using a 4 kilo weight and you need to use it you can't because there is only one set. Clients are being treated as fools and being charged top dollar for below par and lack of equipment, amenities and lack of adequate space in which to exercise. The client should be able to exercise at any time that suits them and should not have to schedule alternative times due to lack of available equipment and space. Also PT sessions aren't run on a weekend and you are hard put to find an available trainer at 6 am on week days.

Worst gym ever

After sustaining an injury and getting a doctors note they refused to help with fees or even canceling my membership without the cancellation fee. While we were in disagreement they still snuck out money from my account, including late fees without contacting me which they usually did. They have taken more than the cancellation fee after I explained I’m out of work due to this injury and don’t have much money anymore. They are fake and heartless people who only care is money. Worst gym ever and recommend no one to join them.

Read the legal contract thoroughly before providing credit card details. You will be slugged.

I joined one day withdrew next morning, within the cooling off period. I was charged $145.00 for no service. I didn't go near any of the equipment, undergo any assessment, the legal document was shown to me on their ipad, which was difficult to read and take it all in while sitting in the gym kitchen area while people came and went.
It wasn't until I went home and printed out the 32 page document that I realised joining this gym was not a good idea for me. I was informed that I had a seven day cooling off period. First thing the next morning I went back to the gym and informed them in writing that I would be cancelling my membership.
I was informed that I would still have to pay a $55.00 fee for their electronic key (which I had returned).
They deducted $145.00 from my bank account the day after I returned their key and notification of my cancellation. The person running the gym informed me that I would only be charged for the key. ($55.00)
However, $145.00 was taken from my account.
My advice to potential clients would be to insist on a hard copy of the contract before giving over your credit card details. Take the document home and scrutinize their contract legals carefully before signing. There are some nasty clauses in it which could see you being charged for hidden expenses if for some reason you need to opt out.
Compare gyms, Fernwood is the most expensive one in my area. I do not recommend Fernwood.

not enough explanation about the fees

I joined the gym for $30 per week and I was told nothing about the joining fee I asked several times about when they will take the first instalment instaed out of a blue a whooping $270 was taken from my account without notice. I am very disappointed with lack of information I would have joined the gym fully aware not to be surprised like that.

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