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Freeway Sports
4.2 from 39 reviews

Latest review: If your goal is achieve health and fitness results, this is the place to achieve it. I fondly refer to Freeway Sports Centre as my “ Zen Place”. Attending Freeway Sports Centre helped me smash my fit

  • Value for Money
    2.5 (6)
  • Customer Service
    2.4 (5)
  • Transparency
    2.4 (5)
  • Rates and Fees
    2.8 (5)
Broadway Gym
3.2 from 81 reviews

Latest review: This gym is good I finish work at 10:30 am and went straight to the gym and do some workout which is not many people in which is good the staff are good I just want to get big strong fit and

  • Value for Money
    3.5 (12)
  • Customer Service
    1.0 (4)
  • Transparency
    1.0 (4)
  • Rates and Fees
    1.0 (4)
2.8 from 148 reviews

Latest review: DO NOT USE JETTS - I paid for a 12 month J-series membership, after 3 months the club closed their doors. I am fighting to get my money back. Be

  • Value for Money
    3.0 (26)
  • Customer Service
    3.0 (23)
  • Transparency
    2.8 (21)
  • Rates and Fees
    3.0 (23)
Snap Fitness Australia

Snap Fitness Australia

 · includes 7 listings
2.5 from 274 reviews

Latest review: Each time I have raised a concern or query I have been dealt with hostility. Both Craig and Frances, although the professionals, simply display an intolerance, defensive approach and inability to

Fernwood Women's Health Clubs
2.3 from 411 reviews

Latest review: This company will not stop harassing me by continuously calling me, knowing my name and saying ‘I’m sorry I missed your call or sorry I missed you when you came in’ when I have not contacted them or b

South Pacific Health Club
2.3 from 154 reviews

Latest review: Mould grows in the drinking fountains. Received fines for COVID breaches and not bothering with QR code’s. House rules are never imposed and men walk around in their underwear. After years of being a

Healthy Inspirations
3.2 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Cancelled membership a year ago. Didn’t find it value for money. Also acquired long term foot injury. They are aware of this. Yet STILL, even this morning, money still comes out of my account. A

Plus Fitness
2.1 from 186 reviews

Latest review: They make it very hard to cancel membership, talks to members in a very patronising manner. It’s cheap but would hate to go there knowing the type of person the owner is. Btw I went to oakleigh plus f

Virgin Active
2.4 from 46 reviews

Latest review: I can go to the gym at lunchtime- all the options I want for lunchtime were cancelled- so now I have 6 months left of unusable membership I can't get out

Core 24 Health Club
2.6 from 27 reviews

Latest review: To the owner of core gym mount [Name Removed]. Hi my name is Kellie, I came & checked the gym out was not happy with the 12 months or 3 months contract.. I have moved to Mornington 2years ago & was

Planet Fitness
2.9 from 16 reviews

Latest review: After having been a member for four months, I was so disgusted with the Planet Fitness Auburn (PFA) and I have cancelled my membership. My reasons for cancellation are considerably long and

Fitness Playground
2.3 from 24 reviews

Latest review: The FP has become part of my extended family. Members and staff are amazing and the training environment is great! People are very supportive and encouraging, classes are thought but super fun!

Anytime Fitness Australia

Anytime Fitness Australia

 · includes 8 listings
1.7 from 596 reviews

Latest review: My teenaged son recently joined the club, about 3 months ago and soon after we are experiencing the strictest lockdown in Sydney. Yet the fee has been automatically debited as usual. Could you do

Fitness First
1.6 from 392 reviews

Latest review: Very rude staff overall and they don't care because people just keep going there. Send my husband to debt collectors agency after he paid them for a year during covid times when he was not able to

Windy Hill Fitness Centre
2.3 from 18 reviews

Latest review: The company changed ownership last year, the new mob BlueFit have terrible customer service staff. They happily keep taking money from my account, month after month over a year after the account was

Crunch Fitness
1.6 from 134 reviews

Latest review: They get you sign up by luring you for free enrolement and then after 3x months they charge you for Annual fee. in other gyms you have to give 2xweeks notice however in Crunch they charge you up

Genesis Health + Fitness
1.6 from 191 reviews

Latest review: I injured my back at the gym, I have since tried to cancel my membership at Genesis Health and Fitness Lake Street Cairns but Keith the Gym Manager doesn’t return phone message or emails. I emailed K

Hornsby World of Fitness
2.3 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Been coming for awhile, not the best but not the greatest, when my contract ends will probably go somwhere

Goodlife Health Clubs

Goodlife Health Clubs

 · includes 4 listings
1.4 from 791 reviews

Latest review: 1. They charge 1 month cancellation fees. 2. Weekly fees is easily 50% higher than other gyms 3. Very crowded but still they push you to refer 10 friends for lucky draw ( we all know how lucky draw

2.1 from 15 reviews

Latest review: The service is awful, everything stinks, unhygienic covid practices. Save your money go to a different more reputable and customer friendly gym. This gym has been the WORST gym in all of Australia

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