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ANZ Car Loans

ANZ Car Loans

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Car Loan Application - Poor Customer Service

Applied for a car loan as I have a new job and no longer work in the city and require a car to get to work. Thought I would apply through ANZ as that’s also who i bank with. Wasn’t applying for much - only around $15000. Made an application, was advised via email would usually hear back in 3 business hours. Didn’t hear back, called the following business day to be told they would reject my application as I need to be working at my current job for 3 mths. Fair enough, I can understand the risk in most cases. I have worked full time since the age of 18 and was only in between work for 1 mth (annual leave payout covered this time off). i told the customer service officer my situation, didn’t seem to acknowledge any of it. I even went as far as stating I may change to a different bank and her response was “no worries”. i know banks have protocol in place but I felt the customer service was pretty poor and felt I wasn’t listened to.
What I also find strange is they reject my car loan application but not long ago offering me a personal loan for the same amount????

Funny Business

When I did not have a good income (part-time job), they keep pushing me with credit increase and loan me money.
I now have better income and no more debt. They reject my car loan base on insufficient income support.
Applied to another credit provider, the outcome was straight out within 4 hours.
I will move all my banking to another bank.

Thanks ANZ for showing your true colours

Loan unsuccessful and still added the amount to credit history

Worst bank ever..don't apply any loan from this bank,if your is unsuccessful they will added to your credit file the amount you applied for..stay away from these scumbag anz..recommended commonwealth or national bank NOT ANZ

ANZ lost out by opposition!

I was planning on changing banks with ANZ from my current bank as I had a good experience getting a credit card. I have since changed my mind with recently applying for a loan being advised in writing it was approved, I then followed up to find out what was happening to be told it had been declined! No sorry just told an email had been sent, I stated yes one saying approved! I have since gone to an opposition with approval of a loan and will cancel my credit card and any future business. Good one ANZ a customer lost over poor communication!

Terrible and shifty people in Epping Anz branch

Very bad service Epping branch bank, we wanted car loan they so desperate to give variable loan, lady in Anz Epping she bluffed about our document that thev sent to mobile lender then i call bank i found she gave me manager number, 2nd week no answer went to back that Indian lady said she will sent to lender but again she did not in between she keep saying lender said you take personal loan i told her lender agreed who is Indian to ready to help but she lied us twice she sent document to mobile lender again she did not sent 3rd week lender went and said he will pickup our document, mobile lender send us car loan document and he said the form very difficult because its 12 pages i sent back it was easy and now another person calling us that mobile lender got family problems and i will look after your case now he again did not call us back said he will ring, i will close my account and saving account from anz worst service and shifty people i never seen whole life terrible experience.

Home loans car loans credit cards depoit accs for over 33 yrs and they declined 10000 car loan

With anz for 33 years all loans paid on time early in full. Applied for 10000 car loan no phone call declined email NEVER been feused credit at 52 rs okd on cloe to 175k per yr told system generated declinal due to some late payments on card and for using overdraft disgraceful going to ombudsman move your services NOW

Fast service

Fast service, great people to deal with not running your application from a computer, i have a big loan with Anz with the rate change i have to ask them to make my loan fixed they did that without any problem took only a day. If you pay your loans on time you won't have any problems with any applications.

Utterly useless

I will give no star at all if I can. I have applied for the loan on the phone but it just taking too long. They didn't return my email, even I called them they said they will call me back later but they didn't.

Disorganised, inefficient, poor customer service

Yes, we did get our loan but after days of back and forth with what seemed like a totally disorganised loan specialist. Applied online. Got 1 missed call from her 5 hours after loan application (which I thought was good). Returned the call in 5 minutes, no answer. Tried a couple more times, still nothing. Got a call back 2 days after, confirming application details and was told everything was good. Received an email the next day saying they require my passport and husband's driver's license. Sent that through straight away. Next day got another email saying they require payslips. Sent that through straight away too and asked if anything else was required. Was told everything was all set and we will be getting documents to sign shortly. The next day, another email saying they need bank statements. Sent that again. Got an email the loan was approved. The next day we received an email saying they have requested the tax invoice from the dealer. I thought it was gonna end there. But no, got an email late in the afternoon saying we had to present ourselves at a branch to verify our identity before the loan could go through. I mean, seriously. Surely, this is is not how things should be.

Too long for a "No"

I have banked with ANZ for many years. My last loan was with them over a decade ago.
I rarely borrow so credit rating is pretty non existent. After applying for a car loan it took numerous phone calls and emails over a 3+week period. The final response was downright rude as well.
I will be taking my banking business elsewhere - not because I was rejected but because of the rudeness and obvious incompetence!

ANZ you suck.

Went to the branch to apply for a car loan. Our home loan and other accounts are with them, so it made sense to apply with them.
Unfortunately we were wrong. It took almost a week before we got response from them. While trying not to brag too much, our accounts add up to almost $20,000. They then declined us because they thought we couldn't make the payments. Even though we were going to add it to the home loan. The payments would have only added approximately $12 a week. Seriously????

No communication skills at all

I have all of my banking set up with Anz.... home loan, personal loan and multiple savings accounts. So it is disappointing to me that Anz car finance cannot make the slightest effort to communicate clearly with me... multiple phone calls and emails and nothing... just a I will have an answer for you this afternoon... I am still waiting 7 days later (it has been 4 weeks altogether). My complaint email to the manager returned a sorry I am on leave automated email... that's great. I am moving all of my banking from ANZ now. HOPELESS

great service in the branch

Tried taking a loan over the phone which was time consuming however after going into the branch they took over and were very helpful and friendly and I had my money in my account the following day. Even had a few fees refunded that I didn't realise I was paying on my savings account.

Painful, they can't give you an answer at the branches!!

Went to enquire about a car loan at a branch. It wasn't a difficult question, just wondering what interest rate they were doing and how much I could get. They told me someone would call me soon....soon turned out to be 3 hours in which time we went to another bank found the information that we wanted and got approval for the loan.

The person at the branch didn't know the information, could only, and quickly, refer me to the phone call. At least everyone else could talk to me right there and then.


Well, I couldn't even GET my car loan through ANZ because of an extremely lazy finance representative.

I wanted the loan to purchase a car I was leasing. Got together all documentation as requested and sent it to the ANZ finance rep I'd been dealing with. I was on a tight schedule to pay out the lease before another monthly payment was due - but I did everything on time. Since submitting my documentation, I didn't hear a word back. Despite numerous calls, emails and messages left and an official complaint, I still haven't been able to contact the rep. It's like he's just vanished into thin air.

Terrible service, and because of this I'm moving all my banking, including a new home loan, to another provider.
None at all
Bad communication from finance representative, bad service


A great personal service that was organised very well. The loan was approved over a weekend and i had my car in 3 days. The loan repayments were made to suit my budget.
I applied for my anz car loan on a saturday and on Monday it was approved, i picked my car up tuesday. They organised my insurance too and found me the cheapest price. They approved my loan based on personal information and they really understood my needs. The repayments were made to suit my budget.
The rates i have are only fixed and they are really high. Around 16%. Cant change frequency of payments or day of the week it is debited.

Questions & Answers

Around of 10 days ago I requested online for personal loan. Why don't I get any answers in this regard?! Thanks
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