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ANZ Rewards

ANZ Rewards

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ANZ rewards black insurance - brilliant

Recently made a claim for travel insurance received on my rewards black card. The best turnaround time I have ever received. Under 2 hours total turn around time to accept and pay the claim. Thank you. Amazing

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience

No benefits

The access to lounges has never worked anywhere. The related “Veloce” website is atrocious. The only value add it the one with travel insurance.

shocking service for reward flights

I have had to change my flight twice.The price i have had to pay is only slightly cheaper then buying a whole new fair of the internet.Very disappointing and ripped off .Anz ill be moving all my banking .

Fees and less service.

I have the ANZ black and used to have the Amex tied to this - ANZ decided to stop that relationship but did not reduce the fees - so now you get less and pay the same. This has bothered me for a long time and despite looking at other options the banks all work so hard to make the limits on things non comparable. I haven't changed as its confusing. The RC into Banking is still happening but some of these basic issues don't have a bleeding heart story attached to them so no one hears or cares.

Rude customer service

I am shocked by the rude and snarly girl I just spoke to, whilst trying to organise my ANZ rewards complimentary flight. The attitude of girl left a bad taste. After asking to repeat the flight options the girl had a diva moment and it was all too much trouble. I expected better.

Redeemed gift cards missing no way to trackit

Dont sign up with anz because their rewards program are so bad. I redeemed two gift card and gone missing i call up and ask anz have no idea where it gone.

They told me to write a story explain why it gone missing and post back to them for investigation.

I post the letter back to them and now over three week without any reply.

Anz reward customer service are so bad.

Bad Product, Worse Service

I was sold into a new credit card by Ravi, at the Pitt Street, Circular Quay bank with the promise of 75k bonus points. 1 year on and those points have become a measly $100 refund as they can't fulfil and offer that promotion due to the staff not knowing the product or having the ability to on-sell that to me because of my mortgage. Qucik way to lose customers and mortgages ANZ.

Worst rewards card ever

The card charges high fees but ANZ are also very scabby compared to other cards like Westpac. I was owed 75000 reward points and spent alot on my card however they made every excuse in the book not to allocate my points and the complaints teams did nothing to assist.

Expensive credit card with high fees for little benefit

Have had ANZ Rewards credit card for a few years & find it to have a very high annual fee for little return, but the killer is fees, the account was under limit but end of month int charge put it slightly over & you are hit a $20- OD Limit fee.
I must admit thought this type of fee is being regulated out. Just a money grab.
Bring on the Banking enquiry

Complementary airport lounge.

I recently travelled to New Zealand. I thought I would utilise the "complementary airport lounge passes" through my ANZ REWARDS BLACK card. .
After calling ANZ to find out which company they use, I signed up with Veloce. Only to discover they had no lounges in both New Zealand or Australia. (ANZ Bank = Australia, New Zealand)
After browsing through the Veloce website to see where they do have lounges I was very disappointed to also see they don't have one on Bali either.
It is a well known fact that Australian's top travel destinations are New Zealand and Bali.

I contacted the ANZ bank via the feedback form on their website to express my dismay regarding this matter. I finally got a response from one of the ANZ team stating they would look into it and closed the complaint. The offered me $100 in compensation which was put onto my card.

If you are looking for a card that offers 'complementary airport lounge passes' to not sign up for this card!

Don't try and layback with this card.

My family went on a holiday to Italy in April, during this time I tried to use the “Airport lounge” offering on my card; I was advised at two separate Véloce establishments that this was not possible on the card; very embarrassing at the receptions counters. I rang the card concierge and received no assistance, he stated this was NOT a situation that he could rectify, and that this service was in the process or review; that’s all well and good, but ANZ has and STILL does advertise this as a feature to lure customer to use the card; yes?

Now; I have just return from another trip in August-September. I was solo this time and visited four lounges listed in the establishments available for access using my card; I was unable to utilise my card at any of these; one was not in operation, others did not allow entry with my card (embarrassment again), this was in UK, UAE, USA, Canada. I was advised twice that it’s likely the cards were accepted some time ago but not currently.

I do appreciate that ANZ does not manage this part of the offering; the bottom line here is you all should be aware that ANZ have still not sorted this situation; I called them and they could NOT verify that I would be able to use this promoted feature(next week). This also make me wonder what would happen if i tried to claim on the travel insurance offering, which is more than just discomfort!

Time for us to change our card service.

shady terms, points that dont get tracked properly and added, interest charged unless card is return

was miselad to beleive the rewards card i chose with my home loan package would still get the $250 gift card they offered, spent heaps on the card to find out months later they will not be sending me any gift card, seems deliberately misleading to get people to spend. interest free period doesnt work like other banks cards, they seem to charge on everything unless you bring the balance back to zero regardless when they last purchase was. extra points dont track properly and are rarely credited to my account, difficult to resolve. never had any such issues with rewards card with commbank for over 10 years, 4 months in and I'm not using this ANZ one again.

Redemption is extremely time consuming and confusing

Tried redeeming points today. Actually went into a branch a very polite ANZ worker did all the computer work (other than my password) for me. Despite over 10,000 points having been transferred, nothing is showing on my account. No points have been transferred. Phoned ANZ cards. Was told my inquiry would be escalated and that I'd have to speak to the Rewards Centre, which is currently closed.

This card is expensive and I don't recall being informed that I'd have to wait 60 days to book it's supposedly free return domestic flight. This information was provided in brochures but I was encouraged to get the card on the phone when I cancelled another ANZ card.
Not good enough ANZ!

ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card

I'm very disappointed with this ANZ product; I even cancelled the card yesterday.
They offer a phoney (complimentary) travel insurance with the card, which I tried to utilise by contacting the insurer (QBE), but no response from either them or ANZ so far, not even an acknowledgment that I emailed the forms.
I also had a transaction dispute which they didn't handle well at all, and I'm still waiting for the verdict.
Overall, the only good thing about the product is its shiny cards, nothing more.



In over 2 years i was late for the first time, holy snickers bars, the calls did not stop, it was verging on harassment but in the end i am of the opinion once the card is paid off, i will take great pleasure in cutting it up into tiny little pieces and posting it to the CEO of ANZ. And adding a note, take this card and shove it. I have an NAB card and have had for 30 years and never a problem

Throw your card in the Bin

Wanted flights Cairns to Port Moresby (PNG) $451.85 Including all taxes with Qantas Direct. ANZ Rewards price 47275 Points PLUS $469.62 Taxes and Other Charges on the same dates & Qantas flight numbers. What a SCAM. Taxes alone are dearer than the Airlines total price plus you waste nearly 50000 points. ANZ You need to be shut down for this disgrace.

The biggest croc I have ever seen

Hotel prices are almost double the price of paying cash. Crappy website does not even work and doesn't allow you to select items. Look up travel rewards wait one day and they are 4 times the price its a complete rort.

Going down hill

2 items canceled after ordered but still on site ordered another waited a month now still coming. No good having points not able to use.

Outdated System

It is a joke how ANZ rewards has been rated as top 10 credit cards. When I did not received my claims after 30 days, I called up to inform them they told me to write in by fax or mail and state my credit card number on it. I decided to cancel the card as I can't put up to use such an outdated system. It is a big joke if I do that.

Terrible Service

Rang to claim reward points. I have to wait for more than 15 minutes and was passed through a few persons ( they picked up and put me on hold as if they are avoiding to answer or try to choose their call) When the caller this time answered I have to give the details again to her which I have already keyed in on the phone!!. I want to complaint and excuse that the supervisor is busy and said will pass the call. I have waited more than an hour and nobody call me back. I think she just hanged up). Complains should be dealt with straight away to avoid the complain not being addressed.

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What do I do if ANZ wont offer me the 40 000 velocity points and claim that is not an offer that they endorse?
No answers

I have an ANZ Platinum Qantas Rewards card and when I logged into my Qantas account I discovered ANZ had capped my points at 1000 per month ...even though I spending $7,000+ on the card every month. How can that be?
1 answer
I don't know what level of card you have - maybe at the level you have this was part of the terms - seems low - I don't have that - have the black card


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