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ANZ Smart Choice Super

ANZ Smart Choice Super

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ANZ Superannuation - Endless Frustration

As as employer with all my employee's superannuation setup all I can say is I am extremely frustrated with ANZ Smart Choice Superannuation. From setting up Super accounts for Employees to basic follow up tasks and super refunds, every single experience with ANZ has been ridiculously frustrating.

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ANZ smart choice super

I am Uber driver. I submit my online ANZ superannuation application last week. Then I have receive emails. In early morning I have contact with ANZ smart team to get complete my ANZ super account but unfortunately, no one interested about this. I speak to guy and he said I transfer your request and then speak to other lady and then she said hold for moment we will transfer your call to next available. They both talk to me rudely which is I am not really happy with ANZ then I disconnected the call. Terrible service from ANZ smart choice super team.

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Every couple of night losing 300$ on my super due to unit price which I honestly believe is just a scam , after 5 years my earnings is -200$ , I just warn you never try ANZ , a total dishonest and ripoff

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Terrible, shocking, disgraceful to say the very least

ANZ again let me down, trying to roll over super and can't get a straight answer... after calling 3 times and waiting for over 20 minutes each time, then was sheepishly told "we are waiting on unit price" whatever that means? the girl herself had no idea NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Customer Service

Not even one star

This service is atrocious. I submitted a form to rollover my balance. ANZ keep sending the same rollover form. When I ring up they tell me its not completed correctly, keep burdening me with its own administration failure. Not to mention putting me on waiting with Ariana Grande forever.... ANZ should not be entrusted with any public money

Customer Service

Poor customer service at every level

No correspondence at all from anz regarding authority to release funds to the ATO, all details were taken from my account and anz changed accounts which attracted a different ABN without notification. I had to call anz to ask why they had not released funds as the ATO kept sending overdue advice letters to be told we have changed your fund without notification at all, meanwhile debt still unpaid and attracting interest daily. Stay clear of anz smart choice and onepath super.

Customer Service

Disgraceful Grand Theft

ANZ clients need to be reimbursed and compensated with interest for this historical rip-off they call ANZ Smart Choice Super. I've had this fund for a bit less than 2 years with default investment options. My current balance is more than 10% less than the net contributions made to it. I saw 10% of my balance drop in the course of a weekend without any transactions being logged. This can only be explained by absolute and disgraceful behaviour. ANZ needs to be held accountable and pay compensation for this grand theft.


I have been with ANZ for over 20 years. These people have lost my money over 5k within 3 months. At one stage, I lost about 7k in one month. I put in 4k after 1 year and my final total is less than 2 years ago. These people do not have your best interest at heart. I am deciding to take my money elsewhere. ANZ, I want ANSWERS!

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I finally moved all my Super to Hostplus and thank God it's no longer a nightmare.

Waste of money

My father had both tpd & a death cover policy
Last year he became sick causing him to become disabled permanently.
ANZ fought paying his claim.
Then they canceled his death cover as he is terminal aswell however his life expectancies was 10 years being disabled
The stress of needing his children to support him for more then a year has lead his disease to rapidly progress now with only 2 years life expectancy he is spending all his time fighting with ANZ cos he never told them to cancel his death cover it’s just something they do if they believe you are going to make a claim.
Mind you he has paid both policies for more then 22 years.

Do not go with ANZ life is to short to have to fight for what you have paid for and they really are killing my father with stress about this whole thing
If ANZ read this be aware that my father won’t give up and after he is gone we have promised him to not stop until ASIC strip you of your licenced to sell phoney policies.

And yes I blame ANZ for killing my father !!! Heartless when it comes to making legitimate claims they really use every trick in the book to avoid it.

losing money

Have the anz app on my phone. have been watching my super decline rapidly over last 3 years. so far this week I have watched 5,000 disappear, have been told its the fluctuating market but only seems to be with this super fund.
will be changing funds asap

Kept charging Premiums AFTER telling them TWICE to stop & won't refund

1. I was transferred from one fund to another and then to a third fund in the space of three years - without my approval. They then charged Exit Fees!!
2. They conveniently "lost" my correspondence when I told them on TWO occasions to stop my Death and Perm Disability insurances (as well as the salary continuance which they did action on my first request).
3. After I had told them to cancel all insurances, my insurance was changed (without asking me) at the second change of fund to me suddenly being a "blue collar smoker" and took thousands of dollars of EXTRA premiums from my account as a result. I have always been an office worker and have NEVER smoked and told them so when I first joined the fund through my employer.
4. Even though I have complained and provided them with copies of all my correspondence, they have refused to return the premiums they have stolen from my account.

Crap Choice Super

Absolutely disgusting customer service... After working hard all my life I requested 80% of my super to be withdrawn... filled in forms and had to post back in this electronic age... 3 weeks later still nothing... every time you ring you get a different person & go through all the crap every time... email the original person that contacted me still nothing... found out today that they are at an overseas call centre etc... no one rings you back and expect us to ring and sit on the line for over 20 minutes... soon as I get my money will rollover the rest... Because I dont have an ANZ bank A/C it is going to take longer.

Poor service ANZ Smart Choice Super...Avoid them

This is one of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I have have requested for a rollover couple of weeks back and this hasn't been done yet. I regret for not checking their review before moving over to them from HESTA. My Wife's super was with HESTA and the rollover was completed with in 3 days (from the time of application). When asking ANZ why its taking so long, the answer is so lame, they are waiting for the units. In this day and age they are still so far behind. The only reason i went to ANZ super was because I got my loan with them and have been with ANZ for the last 12 years. Now, I may move my loan elsewhere.

.Its been nearly 10 minis and still no one has responded the call.

Poor service ANZ Smart Choice Super. Beware

Terrible customer service

Quick summary: I spent 3 weeks trying to buy life, TPD and income protection from ANZ Smart Choice. Customer service reps wasted lots of my time and proved very incompetent.

I have a super account with ANZ Smart Choice, as it was suggested by the employer. I decided to buy life, TPD and income protection insurance with ANZ Smart Choice just to simplify the whole structure. But it was a very bad decision.

Within past 3 weeks I spent ~2 hours in calls with customer centre, ~1 hour filling online forms. And then I had to fill in the printed form, scan and mail it to them. Despite all this, ANZ kept going in circles and could not process my application.

When I asked to finally escalate the issue to the supervisor, [name removed] (the customer service rep) just never responded to me...

Overall, it was the most frustrating experience of dealing with a financial institution in Australia. Today I got a quote and application with another provider, which took me just 30 min to process.
Will also withdraw my super from ANZ going forward, because this level of service is indicative of poorly managed customer experience.

Smart choice super crap

After working my whole life, I retire and go to get some money from my super fund to buy some nice things for our house hahahahahahahahaha what a laugh been into the bank twice rang them twice have been lied to each and every time by them, they just want to get you of the phone "your money will be in your account in 24 to 48 hours" yer but what year everyone is passing the buck no one is taking charge "oh its the end of the financial you will have to wait 15 day that's what I am told after seeing them and calling them. Smart choice you have no idea how to treat "The people with the money" once the money is gone so is your job you lazy unco-operative employee's I will do what all good people do with draw all my money and go else where. Smart choice you leave me no choice but my choice is the smartest choice you loose.

ANZ “lost” my money

Do not waste your time with this super fund, I decided to open another account with Hostplus and they initiated a rollout. After a couple of weeks I checked Hostplus to see my balance, it was still at zero so I called anz to see what was going on, they told me my money had been sent to Hesta. HESTA. I have never had an account with Hesta. I guess Hesta and Hostplus sound the same. I called back to see if they can sort their mistake out and they did nothing but deny, deny, deny. Fortunately I found my money and have sorted it directly with Hesta who were very helpful. I will never use ANZ for anything again!

Shocking customer service.

Product ok. Returns good.
Just typical ANZ. No idea of how to treat customers
Not enough skilled trained staff. Either that or that just straight out lie to customers. Would rather unskilled then unethical. But unsure.
Don’t expect claim super on retirement to go smoothly. Very stressful. retirement

On hold for an hour

An hour on the phone mostly on hold. Not only is it very difficult to get through to the product manager. Usually its an hour phone call so be prepared for that. Also they don't really seem to understand what they are doing. So they handball you around the office.

What a mistake

Admin fee admin fee admin fee that is all I see. they take money every month they are a bank not a super found. look around don't look at ANZ

The worst fund I’ve ever dealt with

I’m in severe hardship with a disabled child to care for and after sending and resending the long list of paperwork to access a tiny amount of my own money, I’ve now been told that they won’t accept my signature which was witnessed and dated by a Professor as I forgot to put the date in for a third time next to my own signature. Clearly if the Professor declared he saw me sign it on a specific date then I also signed it that day. This fund are being petty and doing everything to delay my release of funds while my child goes without food. Steer well clear of this fund.

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Questions & Answers

Which super fund to go for i AM STUCK WITH anz?
1 answer
That depends on what you want. It could be you want to run it yourself and need an SMSF fund, or you may want a fund without annual admin fees, or lots of life insurance, or nil life insurance, or a huge range of investment choices. I like my funds to send me updates regularly like my bank account does. Make a list of what you want and then go looking. Kenmore Financial provide professional financial advise if you need further help.

How many days will it take for my super to be released from smart choice Super ANZ?
1 answer
A long long time well a couple of months. And every time you call and are on phone for 1 hour. They will tell you anything to get you off the phone. Lie outright saying tonight you will have your money. Even treat Financial Advisers the same. Very disappointed with ANZ.

I'm retiring in a week and want to know if I can get all my super transferred into my savings account. I am 60.
5 answers
I don't know. Personally, I would be getting advice from a licensed financial planner.Diesnt helo me anyDoes not help me

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