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Future Super

Latest review: I feel this is a great way to invest my super and support mother earth. It was quick and simple to sign up. I hope more people switch to this form of conscious superheat cares for the planet. Thank

Australian Ethical

Latest review: I was an Ethical Super member from day dot when super first came in. I persisted and persisted but they literally gained me ZERO dollars. Bad customer service. Increasing fees with nothing to show

Crescent Wealth

Latest review: I have been with Crescent Wealth for 5 years. I moved all my Super there after I learnt the ethical nature of the company. In addition, the service and communication provided is great, I receive


Latest review: I have recently been reading the on line State Plus reviews and have been shocked by the negative tone of some reviewers as this is totally at odds with my own experience. I have been a client of

ING Living Super

Latest review: Hi i rolled my twu super over to ing super and in just 5-6yrs my super has increased 5-6% after fees and contributions taken out i also manage 35 % asx shares in my portfolio i agree with other

Colonial First State

Latest review: Balance went down and was told this was due to market fluctuations, then received a call back saying it was a fee incurred for switching to a different investment fund. No fore-warning at all when


Latest review: Closing my account with them took over 2 months, they were deliberately stalling the process to keep the funds from me. Backward and unorganized establishment do not trust them with your hard earned

BT Financial Group

Latest review: A fund was set up for son via employer with BT what a nightmare, each time you speak to them they have lost original information or not on system, Been set up several times and each time have to call


Latest review: Avoid this super fund like the plague, they take out copious amounts of money with out any return whatsoever, I will be taking this up with the A.T.O in the coming

AMP Superannuation

Latest review: After many attempts to call AMP about my superannuation with them, I've given up in disgust, they do not answer the phone and do not reply to messages left. I have transferred my super to Australia

OnePath Superannuation

Latest review: I rolled my super over to host plus and onepath helped themselves to an $1800.00 rollover fee. I've been robbed. This should be illegal, big companies helping themselves to our hard earned super. I


Latest review: High fees, paying Insurances I didn't know about for years! Very disappointing and 0 for resolution and response time.. sadly. I think the fees are disgusting, they are so high compared to all

ANZ Smart Choice Super

Latest review: Every couple of night losing 300$ on my super due to unit price which I honestly believe is just a scam , after 5 years my earnings is -200$ , I just warn you never try ANZ , a total dishonest and

Mercer Wealth Solutions

Latest review: I have been with Mercer since 2008 but have never had to deal with them personally until the last few months. They move at a snails pace when you request partial payment of your Super. You will not

Plum Financial Services

Latest review: I've been with Plum for over 8 years, chiefly for the employer-subsidised life and TPD insurances. I just left the minimum $5,000 and would roll-over additional funds every 6 months into my personal

Suncorp WealthSmart

Latest review: They do not send you any documents or emails about anything!! You never know what's happening to your money. When you roll your super into or out of Suncorp you get no documents of proof about it,

Virgin Super

Latest review: Have been with Virgin over 10 years but due to complete lack of service or any response at all after 10 weeks of trying to increase my insurance, I was left with no choice but to change to a


Latest review: Spaceship makes it easy for me to understand where my superannuation is invested. It's forward focused and they actually care about their customers. I really like how I can see how much I have

Commonwealth Bank Essential Super

Latest review: I rolled over my super to commonwealth becase it was doing terrible elsewhere and they gave me clear options of what would be best for me well explaind easy to understand and it works fine for me


Latest review: completely unhelpful, on hold for ages every time I call, won't let me cancel my super account, makes me jump through so many hoops to get any information about MY

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