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Future Super
Latest review: Not only are the returns good now, but I expect they’ll continue to exceed the market average as the competitors who are invested in fossil fuel dinosaurs start to fall by the wayside. Plus it feels

Australian Ethical
Latest review: Early in 2018 I found out that I was getting charged adviser fees when I have never received or requested any financial advice from Australian Ethical or any other company. When I complained, AE

Crescent Wealth
Latest review: I have been with Crescent Wealth for 5 years. I moved all my Super there after I learnt the ethical nature of the company. In addition, the service and communication provided is great, I receive

Colonial First State
Latest review: I've been with them for about 2 years. Had the money been placed into a bank account, there would have been twice the amount. Its incredible how terribly managed this fund is. I empathize with those

Latest review: This superfund is even worse than a Ponzi scheme. I am very upset with this fund after losing $2000 dollars for useless insurances that were sold as a package. Never again! I will change a fund

Latest review: My husband and I have been with StatePlus since 2014. Our financial adviser left and we were not told by Canberra Office. This office used to be responsive but since the move to Nishi it is very

ING Living Super
Latest review: Most funds the same and unfair, when you suddenly don't have a job or very little eork the fees still eat up your fund. If you put in the fee amount each month it dosnt cover it becouse it only adds

BT Financial Group
Latest review: i have been a long time member but only realised how bad a performer they are after hearing they were mixed up in the Royal Commission into banking. this would have lost me thousands of dollars in

Latest review: As I was a NAB customer for some ten years I thought that trusting my retirement funds with an Australian company as large as NAB was a good choice. I could not have made a worse choice if I tried.

AMP Superannuation
Latest review: If you are in AMP get out right now. If you are joining - Do not do it!! Worst company on the market. I am 29, and crunched the numbers and from switching to a low fee provider have saved 400K by the

OnePath Superannuation
Latest review: Warning ⚠️ Do don’t go anywhere near onepath and there policy’s, I myself and hundreds of workings in our union signed up for there income protection and that was quick and easy when they were happy t

Latest review: I was with Ioof for 15 years, My balance is now way less than the contributions that have gone in thanks to high fees & extortionate insurance that you are automatically signed up for. After

ANZ Smart Choice Super
Latest review: ANZ clients need to be reimbursed and compensated with interest for this historical rip-off they call ANZ Smart Choice Super. I've had this fund for a bit less than 2 years with default investment

Mercer Wealth Solutions
Latest review: I've been with Mercer for more than 20 years, and have just been offered a voluntary redundancy. I called Mercer to check on my redundancy benefit - after 25 minutes on the phone I was assured that

Plum Financial Services
Latest review: Regrettably I have been with this company for over 20 years. Service is deplorable so far I have waited 1 month to receive my entitlement on retirement due to inept process and procedure. You are

Suncorp WealthSmart
Latest review: I used to have great confidence in all Suncorp products, not any more. I cannot access my account online, 3 hrs & 4 phone calls to their customer service people trying sort it out I had to request

Latest review: Spaceship makes it easy for me to understand where my superannuation is invested. It's forward focused and they actually care about their customers. I really like how I can see how much I have

Commonwealth Bank Essential Super
Latest review: I rolled over my super to commonwealth becase it was doing terrible elsewhere and they gave me clear options of what would be best for me well explaind easy to understand and it works fine for me

Virgin Super
Latest review: I transferred to Virgin Super 7 months ago, thinking I was doing a good thing,in that period of time I have seen my portfolio lose money for 6 out of those 7 months, even after my own contributions.

Latest review: Never received notification from Guild that an account had been opened. Only much later did I receive a pin code for the acct but no membership number. In that time fees and insurance premiums had

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