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Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch

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Less user friendly than before

Using usb c as a charging port replacing the MagSafe is a terrible idea: can’t tell when it’s full charge except to look at the display and different to plug-in without adequate ambient lighting (does not easily snap in like MagSafe)

Unbelievable - WORST keyboard and working laptop ever

Purchased a Macbook Pro 2018 (over 4,000 Euros!!!) and it's the WORST laptop and keyboard I ever had.

This device is not for professionals (how could it be if you cannot even type on it properly!?), it's for people showing-off or wannabe cool kiddies.

Stay away if you want a proper working device.

Purchased in November 2018 for $5,000.00.


Working as the first day I bought.
Using it for photography and artistic designs, never got a virus like my old windows or frozen even that I use apps that requires a lot of memory ram and power.
An absolutely monster!!

Purchased in August 2017 at JB Hi-Fi for $4,500.00.

Amazing, will never go back

I cant live without this Mac. I used to have an Mac air and I loved it until I got my hands on this. The Retina display is incredible and I love the size of the screen and how far the screen goes to the sides. Its very fast and I have no complaints.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


The most annoying feature of the Mac Book Pro that I purchased this year is the fact that I am unable to connect anything to it as they have changed their connections again. I have purchased other donkey devices so that I can run my 2 back up drives but I am unable to run the apple disc drive from these devices. It continually informs me that my disc drive needs power and says, I quote, connect "Apple USB SuperDrive" to a USB port on this Mac. The Superdrive has a conventional USB whilst the Mac Book Pro has the latest USB. I have used and have Cygnett light-speed adaptors Alogic adaptors and Belkin and continue to have these problems. I find it extremely frustrating. I have many discs that I need to transfer to my hard-drives. Scream, scream does or can anyone help with a resolution to my problem. Otherwise, the MacBook Pro is an amazing computer and is user friendly.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Macbook Prada, not Pro

The Macbook Pro is an amazing piece of product development and OSX or macOS as its called now is hands down the most user friendly operating system on the market and a key reason why I keep coming back to Mac products.

However, calling the Macbook Pro a Pro model is a bit of a stretch. It’s powerful for sure and I don’t want to go into whether or not there is something on the PC side of the equation that is even more powerful because it misses the point. A Pro laptop should get out of your way to achieve your objectives and macOS delivers that seamlessly.

So why my 3 star rating?
Frankly the laptop doesn’t feel like a rugged laptop. Everything is so incredibly super thin that it just feels like any impact would damage the laptop. As a pro device we would take a laptop like this to a site into the rough and while it doesn’t need to be a dust and mud proof laptop it should feel like it could handle a few bumps here and there. Then comes the USB-C madness. Sure by all means make USB-C the key plug but please include some of the other key plugs as alternatives it’s just too radical to have everything on a plug system that hasn’t been widely used yet. I need to be able to keep working when I happen to forget my dongleS somewhere.

Last but not least please stop dumbing software down. Why did you discontinue Aperture and instead provided Photos? To this day Aperture is still a great piece of software except less and less camera RAW formats are accepted - a shame. Now we are left with a Photos app that doesn’t even manipulate the RAW files but applies edits on the embedded JPGs (go figure), worse still I always preferred Aperture over Lightroom and now we are stuck buying Adobe when Aperture was better for many uses.

Also the ability to “save as” a document is widely accepted why Apple removed this functionality from Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Text Edit and Preview is a mystery and it has resulted in me losing a lot of original documents as a result!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Awful for typing/coding, clunky for the stuff you need to add to operate it.

I have been using the Macbook pro for about two years and I now find typing very stressful as I constantly have to correct myself over and over and over. I now use a standard keyboard that I need to plug in to the macbook pro to type which kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop and makes it clunky.

I think the Macbook pro is somewhat a great computer but apple made a very big mistake in releasing the Macbook pro with the flawed butterfly keyboard and those aweful usb-c ports.

Here is what I'm not happy about:

- Keyboard keys always get stuck, you can't feel it being pushed down or the letter doesn't print.
- Keyboard keys sometimes double repeat a letter.
- You need to use a separate keyboard to fluently type. I've had issues with the external keyboards many times over also.
- To run a normal USB stick or any peripheral, you need to add a convertor making your macbook more of a hassle to use and clunkier, when you loose your convertor it creates stress also.
- When you buy it, you don't think you'll need the hard-drive upgrade but the whole unit being overly expensive as it is, this will be a head-banging mistake as you can't upgrade it in the future and will need a clunky external HDD that hangs unsightly like a sheep dag.

Also you can't update the internal hard-drive so you need to run it externally, making it even more clunkier.
When I attend meetings, it makes me look like a douche bag with all these clunky bits sticking out and setting it up with chords, connectors, keyboard. Whereas with my old macbook pro, i use to just flip the lid and be ready to do business. Yeah thanks apple, I can see who's not looking out for the user experience but are more inclined of rushing it out to market with design flaws and asthetics over practicality included.

I don't believe it deserves to be called a 'Pro' as there is nothing about being professional when it helps you constantly make mistakes and makes you spend more time correcting them and it's definitely not a conventional laptop that you can just use.

Overall horrible and frustrating to use and a big waste of good money. Next time I buy a laptop, I'll be smart and buy a non-apple computer as at least i'll have the money left over to replace it immediately if I can't just use it as a regular laptop.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Mac book pro 15 inch with touch bar's display is flickered with in 2 weeks of purchase

I have recently purchased "Mac book pro 15 inch with touch bar(2017 model)" and there was an issue with display. Display was flickered 4 times on a single day and I have captured the same. However, Apple support team confirmed that they have not found any issue during diagnosis. I am really unhappy about the Apple Product quality.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

The Mac Book Pro 2 Terabytes Storage is Awesome

The all new models of the Mac Book Pro with the touch bar are fantastic. They are so fast and connects to the Internet super fast. I was amazed with the product from the date of purchase. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who can splash out to reach that price tag.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Stick to Windows

After finally transitioning to a MacBook for the first time, I can honestly say I REGRET it. Apple computers are incredibly difficult to master and in so many ways are inferior to WINDOWS. In addition to this, the 2017 MacBook Pro does NOT have any USB 2/3 ports, no HDMI port, no SD card reader and no DVD/BLURAY burner meaning in order to use these features you are required to purchase USB-C adapters to use in the MacBook Pro’s 4 Ports only. Seems the more you pay the less you get. If that’s not bad enough, you have to make sure you buy the correct size HDD as they are hard soldered into the motherboard and unlike any WINDOWS laptop, you CAN’T update the hard drive. Taking all that onboard, in order to use a Mac computer effectively you have to go through lengthy shortcut set ups just to do what windows computers do naturally. Apple computers have major limitations when you try and perform a simple task like copy and paste individual pictures to an external HDD, all you can do is transfer entire files. Time and time again I find tasks on a MacBook are far more difficult to use requiring added steps to perform the same task on a windows pc. Another frustrating issue is you MUST manually eject EVERY external memory device every time, from a tiny thumb drive to a 5 TB HDD or you will corrupt the disk and it may result in being unrepairable by the Mac as was in my case. To fix the HDD I needed a WINDOWS PC which was able to repair and restore my files and HDD. Even Apple Support COULDN’T repaired my HDD. My personal feelings regarding Apple computers are simply this. If you are not used to Apple computers then DON'T buy an Apple computer. It’s one thing to use iPhones or iPads but Apple computers are certainly at the top of my NEVER to buy again items due to their over complexities.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Times Have Changed - Poor Product!

Purchased just over 3 years ago a top of the line MacBook Pro 15” w/Retina (2.6gHz processor, intel Core i7 w/16GB memory) that cost me $4500. That’s a lot of money and I would have expected this product to have lasted a bit longer than 3 years.
Now, with this laptop I get less than 4 hours battery life. At the same time the rubber gasket around MacBook Pro screen is peeling off. I find it very frustrating that now my $1000 iPhone 5S screen has popped out and is peeling off as well.
I have been an Apple’s customer for decades, enjoying their products and knowing how good they were. Times have changed NOW. It seems their product quality is not the priority for Apple any more.
It’s time for me to reevaluate my relationship with Apple seeing that they seem to have taken a different direction towards quality of their products. Shame on them!

Date PurchasedJun 2014

A fantastic update let down by a poor keyboard and lack of ports

I got my first 15" MacBook Pro, 3 years ago. It’s the best laptop I have ever owned. As a designer, my MacBook is constant companion allowing me to work untethered to a desk. At the end of 2017, I started having severe battery drain and overheating issues. So I was more than excited to upgrade to the newer MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

The Space grey version was every bit as gorgeous as I imagined. Apple has somehow found away to make it thinner and lighter than previous models. The glowing Apple logo is gone but the all black one blends very well giving a sophisticated look.

Turning to the left side, are only two new USB-C ports. Well done Apple; welcome to to 2018. Gone is the infamous MagSafe power connector; the MacBooks now use USB-C to charge. On the right side are another two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. That’s it — no other ports of any kind.

This was my first warning that this might not be the happy–ever–after that I was expecting. How would I connect my USB 3.0 hard drive to transfer my content or even sync up with my also newly acquired iPhone 8 Plus? I set those fears aside for the moment.

Opening up the lid revealed Apples improved LCD Retina display which I love. In design, having a great screen to work with isn’t an option. It has better colors, contrast and a AMD Radeon GPU driving it.

On the bottom half of the laptop is the usual keyboard, trackpad and speakers. The new trackpad is massive, taking up over half the space where you naturally rest your palms. With my palms resting on the trackpad, I worried about random movements of my cursor. But the TrackPad does an excellent job distinguishing between my palms and fingers. It’s pretty awesome for a variety of multitouch gestures and has great feedback.

"The trackpad is so good that i’ve not used a mouse in years"

A new addition is Touch Bar and Touch ID that sits on top of the keyboard where all the function keys used to be. The Touch Bar will display different functions depending on what you are doing. In Safari, it will display tiny images of your open tabs or my favourite; a button to pop out YouTube videos from a page. In Notes or Office Suite, it will show word predictions or Emoji selector. With Spotify, it will show your scrubber and music controls. Nifty but nothing you can’t do without.

The righthand section shows common system functions like volume, spotlight search and brightness. You can customise these to your preference. I leave it to audio player controls, volume and brightness which is what I use the most. I’m not sure the Touch Bar helps me work better or faster but it’s still very cool.

Touch ID sits at the right end of the Touch Bar. iPhones and iPads have had this feature for years so it’s wonderful to see it here at last. It works as well as on the iPhone. You can unlock your MacBook with a light touch instead of typing a complex password several times a day. I love the convenience of just tapping to unlock. Bye-bye laborious complex passwords.

I’ve also been able to use it for Apple Pay and some system settings will let me use it as well. One inexplicable thing is that it won’t work with Apple ID. I still have to enter my password to download new things from iTunes.

On each side of the keyboard are the usual excellent speakers that output loud and rich bassy sound. It’s always a pleasure using them for music, video and calls. But if you have a good pair of headphones there is still a headphone jack. I say still because headphone jacks are dying breed. Thanks to Apple and others, headphone jacks are being eschewed in favour of USB-C or Bluetooth. So it’s good to see that is not the case yet on MacBooks.

Finally, there is the undeniably weakest feature of the new MacBook Pro — its keyboard. It’s been redesigned with Apple’s 2nd generation butterfly key mechanism. Apple says this improves responsiveness and comfort — i say it does the exact opposite. The keys sit so flush with the body that you can’t position your fingers well. They also have such a short travel distance with poor feedback. It almost feels like you are typing on a touch screen yet not quite.

This is my least favourite thing on the new MacBook. If you’ve ever tried to do full screen touch typing on a tablet, you know that it’s not the best experience. There is a disconnect between your brain and your fingers where you expect to hit a key and depress it. Even with haptic feedback, the sensation doesn’t work for comfortable typing.

As a result, my typing speed has reduced and my errors increased from hitting the wrong keys so often. I have to look down at the keyboard to get my bearings. Even though the Touch Bar offers word predictions as you type just like your phone, I find this useless.

"As a writer, the keyboard of the MacBook is a daily demotivator."

The keyboard on my previous MacBook Pro was easily my favourite feature. It was a joy to use and I could type for hours without difficulty. This isn’t the case now and for the first time, I’m seriously searching for an external keyboard. This irks me because MacBooks have always appealed to me a complete package.

As a writer, keyboard is extremely important for me and I’m not one of those people who likes the whole seperate stand, monitor, keyboard and mouse setups. I enjoy the all-in-oneness of my MacBook sans accessories — which is now a necessity with these new ones. The lack of alternate ports forces you to get dongles to use your old accessories.

Your external drives, printers, cameras, VGA monitors, wired network and even your iPhone all need adapters now. Yes, the iPhones still use Lighting connectors to USB-A so you will need to buy new cables. I still haven’t connected my iPhone to iTunes on this Mac as a result.

Thankfully, there is a huge accessories market and you can find a wealth of dongles to meet your needs. Apple has some simple ones but third parties like Anker and Satechi offer a wider variety; all at a better price.

I doubt that it would have cost Apple much to keep at least two regular USB ports.
That said, consumers should not have to spend extra for dongles because of a MacBook upgrade. I doubt that it would have cost Apple much to keep at least two regular USB ports. That would give enough wiggle room to buyers.

I honestly had high hopes for this new MacBook. I expected everything I loved in the old, only better. And in many ways it succeeds. Better performance, screen, battery and build quality. The addition of Touch Bar and Touch ID are welcome though not revolutionary.

But in the end, the lack of ports and a woeful keyboard prove to be this MacBook’s Achilles heel. It’s enough to topple it from its previously undisputed title as king of laptops.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Try Find Me A Better Laptop

Best laptop I've owned - AND I'M A WINDOWS GUY!!!!

Fast, responsive, best screen ever, fluent typing experience, instant on, trackpad smooth as silk, good sound, quick drive.

I'm going to stick with Mac as my laptop from now on without hesitation.

(BUT - Windows Explorer has a way better filing system than MAC OS which isn't the laptop's fault - it's the folks at Cuppertino! Apple do yourself a favour and just pinch the Windows version of managing files.)

Gotta say it, love my MAC!

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Horrendously overpriced

I paid $3000 for the 15" MacBook Pro back in September 2014 and I can not tell you enough how much of a rip off it is! For the same price I could build or buy a PC that would leave the MacBook Pro in the dust, I understand MacBooks are built better and they have Mac OS but your really just paying for the brand name, it performs very poorly for the price paid for it, would not recommend it.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

A very bad battery experience - Macbook pro 15' 2017

When you buy a macbook pro at $4500 you expect to get a professional tool. It's expensive and so you want the best. With this laptop I get less than 4 hours lifespan. Here I have been recommended not to use photoshop or InDesign when I'm on the battery or to plug the laptop to a socket while using those softwares. Same with everything the only experience you can get when on the battery, which is supposed to last up 10 hours, is to have no keyboard backlight, a dimmed screen, no use of any pro software. Basically this is the biggest rippoff ever made and the answer is putting the blame on the customer, like we are not using properly the laptop. The help I received is very frustrating and dishonest.I blame the whole mac system of answers to cover their bad products. Stay away from that product.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Very good but expensive

I am using this laptop for work, with windows 10 and it is great. I also use it at home with mainly video usage'
If I have to highlight something bad, than it would be only the battery time, which has gone down drastically over time, when unatached the battery is poor and the overall cost is expensive but i must say it is a good laptop

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Reliable, with decent screen size

I work from home so need a decent sized computer with fast processing. Aesthetically, I liked the look of the mac and it is lightweight enough for transport. The fan goes off quite quickly on hot days and it doesn't cope that well. I also found that mac have a lot of update pop ups which can get distracting. Still good overall.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Good graphics and improved speed however poor battery life and repairability and not compatible with

I purchased the Macbook pro A1707 2.9Ghz i7 with 16Gb Ram and 1Tb SSD and touch bar as an upgrade to my last Macbook air from 2012. Once it arrived I installed most of my old programs only to find many were now incompatible with the new OSX version that shipped. Load times were quick however this was offset by a dramatic decrease in battery operating time. I contacted the company who suggested turning down the monitor brightness and shutting down programs, however this did not impact battery life much. I found compared to my old Macbook air from 2012 I was getting only 3-4hours of use with moderate word processing and some email and internet browsing compared to a whole day of use with the Air. I then had to purchase another smaller battery pack in order to take on the road and purchase additional dongles for accessing SD cards and older USB 1.0-3.0 devices as well as an HDMI external monitor. I could no longer use my 120Mhz monitor as no USB type C dongles could sync at that rate.
An accident from a customer led to water damage to the laptop later in the year. I attempted to have the device repaired at which they stated that the whole logic board and device would need replacing. This included my hard drive as it was soldered onto the logic board. They stated the logic board would be swapped with a new one from Apple however this was meaning sensitive data of clients would potentially be exposed as they requested the password for the laptop to do repairs as well. I declined and stated I would like to keep the logic board and get a new one so I could dispose of my data and drive under my supervision. This was not acceptable to Apple and when I escalated the matter I was offered an option to buy the damaged logic board and get a new replacement board. This had to go through an Apple reseller as they stated they were unable to offer this through the Apple store.
I through this was quite absurd and not sensitive to the nature of my profession and that the design of the computer with a non replaceable hard drive was fine however they needed to ensure a system which meant that data was not at risk to consumers. In the end I had to search for a way to connect my old Macbook pro to the new laptop in target disk mode and then completely erase the entire system drive before eventually having the laptop repaired. A process none of the Apple staff on the phone or in the Apple reseller store assisted with and was researched by myself online.
I would highly recommend using only external hard drives or personal cloud server for sensitive data and not storing anything on the laptop for the reason of inability to control the drive if the laptop ever required servicing and maybe in future versions the battery life may be better. I wonder if Apple has designed some sort of similar program to deliberately slow the laptop as they did in the old iPhone models? In the meantime I'd recommend for people to stick with the old Macbook Air for its better battery life and accessibility with ports to use all devices.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

I Love This and still going Strong!

Got rid of my last IBM after losing all my photos/files to a virus. Replaced with Macbook and haven't looked back. A stunning slick looking computer. Gets used constantly for work, home, education, movies, TV etc. Never a virus, never a glitch. Am sold and would definately recommend and repurchase. $3200 I paid initially was money well spent and do not regret.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

An amazing piece of technology from Apple.

A great piece of technology. Amazingly fast. Superb screen. Touch strip saves time. Large touchpad with haptic feedback. Top quality OSX software. Super brilliant screen. Quality. Had a previous 2015 Macbook Pro. Differences are the new one no longer has the ‘lit’ apple logo. The new one had only USB C ports whereas the old one had USB 3.0 / SD Card / HDMI Ports. Overall the 2015 Macbook Pro was a great model but for me the speed difference is the plus and what made me upgrade.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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