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do you have to buy all content on the apple tv can you get sports from australia on it
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If you have heard about kayo...that’s an excellent option to enjoy Australian sports content...Apple TV has Kayo app and it offers the most brilliant sports experience if your internet is good

Can you rent 4K movies and watch on 1080p tv as I believe it’s only 4K that has the Dolby Atmos sound track. I want the sound but don’t have 4K tv
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I have watched the 4K movies on, I think it just means you don't get the full effect (like the moving cars) - its like normal TVThanks did you watch it on a 4K tv. Or standard HD

Can you watch the all blacks on that apple tv?
1 answer
Sorry I cannot help you. I think it depends on which streaming service you are enrolled with. Suggest you ask Apple or one of their stockists

Does Apple TV have local free to air channels?
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You can steam 7 and 9. The other channels not sure.

I am considering an Apple TV to stream music from my iTunes account thru my multi room music system. Does any have any comment on how well it might work?
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Multi room system. How is that set up? With mine, I have Apple TV connected to reciever and my reciever connected to my hifi speakers. I don’t have tv connected. I use ipad or iPod touch to airplay music to Apple TV from iTunes. It works well. If you have Apple TV connected to a reciever to multi speakers. It would work well. The Apple TV iTunes plays very high quality sound.

About to purchase a generation 4 and want to know if I can get sbs ondemand and abc iview from the apple app store? Would the 32GB be OK for basic use (no games etc)?
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ABC iview and sbs on demand are available through the App Store. They may already appear when you click on the app tab as they do on my Apple tv. I did not download them specifically. I use mine for basic use. I have no photos, music, movies etc saved on my Apple TV and it's fine for me. I use the home sharing function from my computer to the Apple TV for music on my tv so I don't use any storage space on my Apple TV.

Can Apple TV work with portable wifi? And is abc iview comparable?
3 answers
Hi Yolly. Can Apple TV work with portable wifi? I would imagine it would, but keep in mind you would be using a fair bit of data. I think best to google your queries re abc iview comparison.Hi Yolly my answer is the same as Chilli my grandson used Apple TV 3 with a portable WiFi it was costlyOk thank you both for your answer. May have to rethink my options

Hi I've bought iphone 6s plus a month ago and i want to buy a apple tv so I can air play some movies and youtube videos to my tv only. So my question is should I buy 4th gen or 3rd gen. Is 4th gen worth upgrading for? I only want to airplay movies and youtube videos from my iphone to the tv via apple tv nothing more. Or is there a cheaper alternative way to airplay?
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Sorry someone else will have to help you, Apple do not take responsibility for their product so if you buy it and it is not compatible tough titties. We are understandably disgusted with Apple and will never endorse any of their products ever again. I suggest you buy a different product for less but that is just me.If all you are doing is air play the 3rd generation Apple TV is all you need . I'm an apple fan and be leave the 4th generation Apple TV is great value . Air play works just as well on both items I am connected to Telstra for my internet so don't get any problems with my Apple TV I hope this helps youApple TV 3 is perfect for this so don't waste your money on the 4

Is Apple tv good value in Australia?
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To me yes it is good value it plays all the content of my iPad air 2 and is what I was looking for .ive had no problems with it and would not part with it .Yes, we watch every day with good quality connected to home Wi-Fi. Also got promotion price $88 from local officework.Hi how does it work with netflix?

How much does it cost to "rent" a movie?
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It can vary, "movie of the week is $0.99, you can find this easily on the movie for rent page. Others can be from $3.99 , $5.99 and $6.99, the higher the price the more recent the film is. Once downloaded you have it for 30 days but once you begin watching it 14 days is the limit.Remember buying TV series or individual episodes through Apple TV is an option too. Around $3.49 for an episode or $20-$30 for an entire series.

How do you get around the U.S. block for Netflix and others?
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http://www.unblock-us.comTry TurboflixYes use a VPN like VPN IP Protect at www.vpnipp.com

Is there any new Apple TV product coming in this 2015 or new improve design?
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No idea. Sorry, I don't work for Apple. I just bought a couple for my personal use.Not that I am aware of. I am very disappointed with Apple and their products. The only one I have left is my iPod.

Can I use Apple TV on my 12 month old iPad mini?
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No, it must be connected to a TV WITH HDMI cableThe Apple TV myst ne connected to your tv. If it is the case, most apple product (iPod, IPad, iPad mini) running iOS 6 and up will run your Apple TV. My advice is don't waist your money on it unless you have a large collection of movie from iTunes. Google cast is half the price and will do more that the Apple TV .

i have recently purchased ash apple tv from bigw the model no is MD 199X/A, please tell me if its the 2nd, 3rd or latest version, and what the difference is, thanks
1 answer
i found out with looking at the part no on the box, and then consulting the app, mactracker

what items do I have to purchase to install apple TV. I need to rent movies and use my TV to watch them.
1 answer
Get an iTunes account !

We have just purchased apple tv and rented a movie yesterday but it says it will take 12 hours to download? Is there anything we are suppose to do so the movies download quicker?? It is pretty useless if you have to wait that long to watch a movie. Quicker to hire from a video shop. Any suggestions anyone?
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It may be your network connection if connected via wifi. U can plug in direct via the blue cable.

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