Best Microwave Ever!!

I was a little skeptical at first as this Microwave claims to do so many things and what I pleasant surprise I received once I got it home and started using it! I found it fantastic and saves a huge amount of time and a really good investment.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationHarvey Norman Chirnside Park Vic

Squeaky Clean!

This is the first dishwasher I have ever owned and it works really well! We love the dishwasher. It has made our life easier and we have had no problems with it!

Product Quality
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So Happy with our new Front Loader

This is our first Front Loader Washing Machine and the salesperson at Harvey Norman assured us we would be happy. I can gladly say we have had no issues, our king size sheet sets DO actually fit in together and the selling point was the cycle for washing doonas, blankets etc. Very happy!

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Store LocationHervy Norman Maroochydore

Worst purchase dont do it.

Only lasted 2 years played up the whole time didnt wash the dishes properly. It broke 3 months after the 2 year warranty finished and they said they would fix it but they didnt and I payed $988 for a dishwasher that I was told was a good brand my old dishwash cost half that and I put in my rental house its still going its lasted years. They told me when I bought it, it had a five year warranty but ariston wont fix it and Im up for the cost of a repair man which is going to cost the same as a new dishwasher. Boo Ariston.

Return Claim MadeNo

We have an Ariston induction cooktop. We hate it. I have dry fingers from work n 90% of the time it won’t respond.

This product is absolutely useless. Looks amazing, yet elements cannot be controlled, each responding differently, either too hot or no simmer. If one pot does boil and spits water the entire cooktop goes go error and shuts down.

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Customer Service
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Excellent microwave

This is the best sensor, griller, microwave oven I've had, easy to use everything comes out perfect. I would have no problem to recommend it to family and friends etc

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHarvey Norman

Excellent service

Brought a 7kg washing machine late 2016, started being very noisy a couple weeks after my warranty expired. I called Ariston to see how much a service was, i spoke to a lovely lady who asked to send an email with a short video of the noise along with a copy of my receipt and my details. After 2 days I got a reply offering me a choice of a refund or replacement. I chose the replacement and had it delivered to my door within 3 days. The customer service was exceptional from my first call all the way through to the delivery guys. I am very happy with my replacement and would definitely recommend Ariston.

Terrible quality

Purchased 4 years ago, oven door won't open. Oven door hinge spring broken due to faulty hinge mechanism, is used maybe 4 times a week. Ariston won't cover it under warranty, their tech couldn't even get the door open. So I got an independent tech who opened it fairly quickly. What dreadful quality for a $2500 oven. Do not buy and thus waste time or your money on them. Purchased at harvey norman morrabbin.

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Bought cook top early January 2019 lasted 9 weeks stopped working ,had electronic pack replaced which took two weeks to be replaced ,it lasted a couple of weeks then pack it in .Had cook top replaced that took 2 weeks, it stopped working the same day it was installed. Rang Ariston on 10th April spoke with one of their technicans who said it needed to be replaced again, it was sent on the 11th April waited and waited and it is going to be installed on Monday 13th May . 34 days without a cook top, family of four not happy Jan. Will see if number three lasts any longer.

Product Quality

Absolutely amazing warranty service

We bought our 8kg washing machine 5 1/2 years ago. We had a pump issue that was promptly replaced twice under warranty.
Our warranty expired two months after the second replacement.
Unfortunately 6months later it want again.
When I called Ariston they said even though it’s out of warranty they’ll give us a free out of warranty service.
I was pleasantly surprised because the previous repairer told us if they can’t repair it Ariston offer you a new one at wholesale price.
I thought great I’ll get him to look at it and then buy a new one for half price.
The technician looked at it and said it was rust damaged but got it running for now.
To my surprise 4 days later my door bell rings and there is a new one sitting at my door step.
Yes they sent me out a brand new one free of charge 5 1/2 years later.
I can’t imagine getting this kind of service from any brand.
My wife wanted to get the Miele but now is loving Ariston for there response.
Highly recommend and a pleasure to deal with Janet

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationHarvey Norman

Mixed Reviews from other buyers but our personal experience was 5 Star

We were convinced to buy Ariston from our Harvey Norman sales guy...who said that because its a brand supported by Harvey Normans that their warranty was excellent so we should receive a better warranty experience compared to another brand (should we ever need it). Been happily using the front loader for about 1yr when our outer door cracked....sent in a warranty request with some photos showing the crack. Literally no questions asked and the next thing i knew i had received a call from their contractor wanting to book in a time to attend and replace the door. Never had such a seamless and prompt warranty claim. Its unfortunate reading other poor warranty experiences...we might have gotten lucky but based on our personal experience it was A+++ service.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGepps Cross

Worst company to deal with

Had a Ariston Pyro oven 15 months old , turned the cleaning setting on , 30 minutes into the process the glass door exploded sending glass shards all over the kitchen .
Rang Ariston was told it happens all the time , the only thing they would be willing to do is replace the door , i asked what happens if it does it again and the supervisor Robyn's reply was i understand but we cant do anything for you .
What a joke

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationHarvey Norman Bathurst


Bought a Ariston WMG829 washer. Broke down pretty much after a couple of use. The drum stopped moving making a constant noise of struggle. Contacted Ariston warranties, they have a subcontractor for repairs "Endeavour Refrigeration and appliances" took them a week to send out a technician out cause they are very busy for good reasons. The technician said that the motor had to be replaced. A motor replacement on a week old machine! Long story short the part wasn't available he had to order it. Three weeks later came and replaced it.
Overall the quality + customer service + reliability I give it a 2 Star. Way better appliances for your buck out there but I guess I'm stuck with this one for now.

Good service

Kelvin was on time to fix my Ariston washing machine. He did a good job and was polite and respectful.

Unhappy with warranty services

I bought a stove top the one on Masterchef- told it was stainless steel within 10 months it completely rusted - ariston said they would not replace as it was not a mechanical fault and rust only affects the aesthetics. Simply put this is unacceptable, stainless steel is supposed to be treated to it does not stain or rust with time also rust is not good safe when cooking.

Worst Washing machine/dryer!!

My Ariston washing machine/dryer is just over 3 years old and within that time has had 2 repairs due to the door handle breaking at a cost of $300 per repair.
The drying cycle is terrible and never fully dries the clothes/linen.

No customer service

Bought the ariston upright freezer and less than 3 years old freezer drawer cracked.
Did order one from ariston and when it arrived it was a fridge salad drawer with fruit embossed on the front of the drawer
Needless to say didn’t fit my freezer so rang ariston and was told we don’t sell that part anymore because they don’t fit the freezer and their supplier keeps sending them the wrong drawer
Anyone with half a brain knows a drawer with fruit embossed on the front isent a freezer drawer and why let me order and pay over $100 for one when they knew they had an issue
Don’t you think they would sort this out with their supplier rather than just wash their hands of the problem they know exists
Definitely stay clear of this brand

Unresponsive customer service division - if one exists!

I have tried contacting Ariston Australia for a replacement filter for a slide-out rangehood. I initially got an email back saying they have one of the two parts needed and will email back as soon as the part is back in stock, which I was told within 2-3 weeks. No callback over a month, so I emailed the contact to check if the part was back in stock and the contact didn't respond. Tried calling and was transferred to a line which was answered but the call cut short. As a last resort tried emailing the customer service as a new request but have heard nothing back. I have now made up my mind to replace the whole rangehood with a new one, definitely not another Ariston.


Bought a new ariston stove in January, cooks ok but the fan roars for 40 minutes after we turn it off, most annoying. rang Ariston to be told this is normal cooling process..Would love to sell it and buy something else but not Ariston

Terrible product and atrocious service

I bought an Ariston oven pack via HN. The gas stove was damaged and had to wait 2 weeks for replacement. Then the nob on the gas stove was not same as catologue and did not match the oven ..not only that nob plating has fallen off and will need to be re glued!! Plus the oven heat seal has a tear where the join is. It's been 2 months and every week I am chasing them up. Extremely poor warranties service. Will NEVER purchase any ARISTON products again!!! Extremely poor quality and poor service!!

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Do you have an upstand for rear of stove. Nothing to do with repairs etc. just the question
1 answer
i did receive an answer after being charged $5 and $38. By just answer. If this was not you then I apologise but I was not pleased with the way this was handled. I think maybe you should look at your use of “just an answer”. I do not need a reply thank you

Do you have an upstand for rear of stove. Nothing to do with repairs etc. just the question
2 answers
What a hullabaloo. Just answer the question pleaseHi Question, Ariston only has the range of appliances and their accessories. For splashbacks you will need to consult a builder or interior designer. Regards

I bought an ariston front load washing machine which has developed a crack in the housing of the motor. Rang ariston told it is out of warranty. According to an abc report mid range washing machines should have a life expectancy more than 6 yrs. Ariston offhand approach is not acceptable, especially as the type of fault is obviously a failure in the material. I will never buy ariston again!
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