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Ariston LFF8M132CAUS / LFF8M132CXAUS

Ariston LFF8M132CAUS / LFF8M132CXAUS

LFF8M132CAUS (White) and LFF8M132CXAUS (Stainless Steel)
3.6 from 53 reviews

Was great while it lasted - died after 2.5 years use

I really liked this dishwasher while it worked - it cleaned well.

But it suffered a catastrophic (electrical / mother board) failure before it was 3 years old. I'm incredibly lucky that I purchased the extended warranty from the store, as Ariston's warranty was only for 2 years.

I've never purchased Ariston before, and doubt I will again.

For what it's worth, I also had to get the cutlery basket replaced - it fell apart in under 18 months. Fortunately Ariston replaced it as a courtesy to me, even though apparently the basket only had a 12 month warranty.

Clearly this dishwasher is not built to last.

I'm off to replace it with a Bosch or similar.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Possibly the best dishwasher we have owned

We bought this machine from Harvey Norman at Gympie, Qld. It came with a free 5 years warranty and so far has proved faultless. Washes well and dries contents of machine really good. It is so quiet that sometimes you wonder if it is working, have to watch the timer in front to see it count down. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Poor quality for an expensive product

After only three years this dishwasher has a faulty cicruit board for which the cost of repair will hardly be worth it. It has never done a very good job of drying dishes. I won't be buying an Ariston again, very unhappy with the purchase, I had expected better value from a $1000 machine

Date PurchasedNov 2015


The product has some amazing features and many doffrrent settings!
I scrape my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and they come out so clean!
I have never had an issue with this dishwasher clogging but it is very easy to clean if I ever want to. All I have to do is remove the catcher, give it a quick rinse and put it back and it is all good to go!

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Used to trust Ariston for Quality.. not any more

It's a real pity. I won't be buying Ariston products again and I'd been a loyal customer and bought many of their products over the years. They use cheap parts now. I have to replace the main power module for this dishwasher after 3 years. It will cost over $330 and repairman costs on top of that. No more Ariston. I recommend to look elsewhere.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Leaving dishes dirty and wet

I bought this product a month ago from Harvey Norman store here in Brisbane. sales person was saying lot of good things about it and we decided to buy it. After 3 days delivery came and installed. Since then we are using this product. I will review this product with pros and cons.

1. Stand alone dishwasher
2. 5 years of manufacturer warranty
3. Free delivery and installation
4. Silent washing
5. Good energy rating
6. Good water rating

1. Somehow, my dishes are not getting dry after wash. I tried changing all the settings, set extra dry option, 3 hours cycle, running hot water tap for more than 2 min before turning it on but still dishes are wet. I don't know why
2. Some dishes are still dirty even after 3 hours of washing cycle.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

its nice

I am so satisfied with this product's features/controls and its performance applying different settings
I do rinse and sometimes scrape dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
no, it did not, in fact I used it for more than 6 months and it did not happen to me , so It was ok to me

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Easy to use and cleans the dishes very well

We're super impressed with the Ariston M132CAUS the price was great for starters and its water and power star rating was mid range compaired to other brands. It's simply to use load the dishes up then add in the tablet or soap close the door then enter the wash mode you want and then press go! That simple and clean plates come out after

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Dreadful Quality!

I have been using this brand in my rental for three years. No matter what setting I pre arrange, it does not do a good job. I rinse the dishes before I place them in and yet they still come out dirty. Have used products to give it a ‘clean out”- doesn’t help. Not recommended!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great Product easy to use

Have used ariston for many years and even if i have had a problem the customer service is great!
Bought this model from Harvey Norman as I moved into a new house and had to leave my old one there and again this model has performed the way it should.

Highly recommend the brand for service and quality

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Brilliant Results

I purchased this Ariston dishwasher based on the reviews, as I had never heard of them before. I had been unhappy with a basic level Bosch that was in the house when we bought it.
Let me say it has lived up to EVERYTHING I wanted.
First - it is incredibly quiet. As many people have mentioned, you need to listen hard at the start to realise it is going.
Second - lots of wash cycle options. The one I choose mostly takes 3 hours - but very careful use of water, steaming time, gives a PERFECT wash result. Put it on last thing at night - it won’t keep you awake with clunking etc.
Third - other options. You can choose even heavier wash loads, extra drying time, or one of 3 levels of “fullness”. If you only have bottom tray packed, you just choose Level 1, but there are two more levels. I’m mostly using Level 3.
Must have descaling salt and finish areas full so that you never have a problem with crud or gleaming dishes.
Cutlery basket - initially, I had hoped for a separate high tray - but this basket can slide along the prongs, giving a great deal of flexibility in packing.
VERY happy customer. After years of moaning about the poor results of the last dishwasher, I could not be more happy.
If you don’t recognise the name - don’t be put off. Give it a go!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

I need to amend my earlier bad review...I was wrong, machine is great

I reviewed my machine awhile back and I must make amends, I gave a poor rating. I'm sorry to anyone I discouraged from buying. The machine was a disappointment initially and I became very frustrated as wasn't getting the solutions I wanted.
However, a tech came to the house and he corrected the problem, he simply relocated the top basket
( we had not re positioned the basket, we left them placed how they arrived ). So if you're experiencing a bad wash, have a tech come out ( no cost) and get him to check if positioned wrong. I really am very happy with the Artisan and it is very quiet.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Just ... Very Good

Quiet as a mouse.

Uses vertually no water - 9 litres on eco cycle.

CLEANS SPOTLESS which is the very best thing.

Never had any problems or issues after 2 1/2 years - touch wood.

Did I mention it's QUIET. We have had 2 others over the years and this destroys them all for quality, cleanliness, and water usage.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Great but could do better

Bought this model and brand because of various points but mainly because of its incredibly good energy and water ratings. In every other aspect, it was a great buy - only one huge BUT ....... to get items dry, you have to opt for the "extra dry" option which adds another hour (!) to whole process. That said, it cleans really well, cutlery basket can be placed anywhere (on bottom shelf) and so very quiet that, at first, I thought it wasn't working and kept opening it up to make sure it was on.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Simple, Quiet and effective

This dishwasher is amazingly quiet but more importantly washes all the dishes and dries them in a very effective manner. Once the manual read, I have also discovered that this product is also full of features- choice between the top or the below basket is possible with the addition of an extra dry option. Very versatile! Very happy

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Hello Thank you for the opportunity to write a review. I am very happy with the dishwasher which I purchased from Harvey Norman, leaves my dishes and glasses sparkling! It is quiet and even the quick wash cycle works well.
Favorite features would be all the programs, it is economical and very quiet.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Very quiet it washes extremely well!!

This would have to be the quietest dishwasher I have ever used, adjusting the top rack is extremely simple along with the sliding cutlery basket and lay down racks for putting pots in, the wash results are very good and I also just love how the stainless steel cleans so easily

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Not to bad

Like the dishwasher nice and quite, not to keen on untensil basket ,the single slots to small for the knife and folks we have plus the name on out side has peeled off now reads piston . Overall nice product suit us well, Is there some way of us obtaining another decal for front ?

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Hate this washer - glasses never clean!

Bought this from Harvey Norman and it's the worst I've ever used.
All the glasses come out cloudy with water and suds stains. These have to be rewashed when we have guests.
Have tried rinse aid and different tablets etc. the result is always the same.
Had this for about a year and a half and has been consistency bad. :(
Any tricks on how to fix?

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hi Melika, cloudiness is usually caused by calcium and magnesium ions in hard water. If you have hard water, it's recommended that you use dishwasher salt. You can purchase this at any supermarket, but this is different from usual table salt. Please do NOT use table salt in your dishwasher. This should help with the suds, stains and cloudiness. To remove the cloudiness, try soaking the glasses in plain white distilled vinegar. After the cloudiness has gone, wash in the dishwasher with the dishwasher salt. If you are not finding any changes, please call 1300 762 219. Kind regards, Ariston Team.

Dont do it brand new and it had an f02 error

Brand new took home and set up and plugged it in and it comes up with a f02 error and wouldnt drain water out we rang ariston who told us to take it back and so after getting it out of the car setting it up and the having to uninstall it it leaked water all through the kitchen due to a draining error apparently..... put it back in the car to take it back to the shop 30 mins away! Save yourself the hassel and buy something else

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi Julie, I'm very sorry to hear of your experience with your dishwasher. An F02 error means there is a failure with water filling the solenoid valve, impeller jug or water chamber. We recommend you check that water is going to the dishwasher, the valve is working correctly, the impeller jug is functioning correctly, also check the water chamber has no restrictions on the flow rate. If the dishwasher cant fill in the correct amount of time then you will get an F02 error. To solve this issue, it's recommended that you call our head office on 1300 762 219 to organize a service call. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

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Questions & Answers

Hi my dishwasher is new only used twice. Went to use it again and the letters d o o r ( door ) scroll across the display . Can you help me thanks Andrew
1 answer
Hi Andrew, The DOOR signal appears when a cycle has been selected but can't start because the door is ajar. Make sure that the door has clicked shut properly before pressing START. If the door is locked properly and isn't jammed, but the display continues to say DOOR, then it might be best to give technical support a call on 1300 762 219. Regards

My dishwasher slowly fills up with the unit turned off. Is there an inlet valve that might not be working properly.
4 answers
Sorry but I don't think I can help you out with this one. May be that the only way to stop this would be to turn water off to the machine at the wall under the sink. Sorry. Ours operating perfectly at this stage. THe BearThanks anyway mate... :)Hi Christopher, It is difficult to tell what is causing this without seeing the machine. It would be best to call Arisit Technical Support on 1300 762 219 and arrange a service of the dishwasher. Regards

F15 error just two years old and Harvey Norman and Arisit are not taking any responsibility for a dishwasher which gets used maybe once a week during this time . I have been told that the warranty period two years is over and to get a service guy to come out and fix it at my cost not happy with either parties. DISAPPOINTED. FERMO
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LFF8M132CXAUS (Stainless Steel)LFF8M132CAUS (White)
Water Rating5.5stars5.5stars
Energy Rating4stars4stars
Price (RRP) $1199$1099

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