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Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TI01A / SMS88TI04A

Latest review: Cleans well. Plenty of programme options. Very energy and water efficient. Easy to install and set up and oh so quiet in operation. You sometimes wonder if it is on and working it is so quiet. The

Bosch SMS50M22AU / SMS50M28AU

Latest review: the team at Bosch have been excellent in the way they have handled my issue. Ebony in particular was so prompt and polite in her approach. The dishwasher itself is outstanding and cleans really

Miele G 4203

Latest review: Bought this a month ago after fighting with a LG dishwasher for the last few years. It cleans the plates and easily without the need wash off. Haven’t had any issues yet. It was a great price from H

Westinghouse WSF6606X / WSF6606W

Latest review: My Westinghouse Dishwasher. The HEATING hasn't worked for a few months. Last week it tripped the house circuit. Repairman estimated $400 for repairs including 2 call out, parts and labor. I had a

Bosch SMS66MW01A / SMS66MI02A

Latest review: We love this dishwasher, it is very quiet, has a 60 minute wash which does a great job and saves power. We usually give the plates a rinse under the tap first to remove any food. The dishwasher also

Bosch SMS40E08AU

Latest review: I bought this dishwasher just over 2 years ago. After about a year the tablets stopped dissolving and glasses all had to be hand washed afterwards. I rang Bosch and they told me to clean the arms,

Dishlex DSF6106

Latest review: 2 month old machine quite operation. Dishes are wet even after the heavy duty load and always have to rewash something. Top rack difficult to stack and tired of the water trail from cutlery basket.

LG LD-1481S4 / LD-1481W4

Latest review: I bought one 2 years ago and now the trays are already rusty. It was a wrong decision buying this thing. I thought LG is a good brand, I should have purchased a European brand instead. Never again

Bosch SMS50E22AU / SMS50E32AU / SMS50E52AU

Latest review: We scrap most food scraps from dishes before loading and the machine cleans the dishes extremely well. Never any food residue on the crockery. Leaves glasses shiny and clean. Easy to load and

Euromaid DR14S / DR14W

Latest review: Good stainless steel DW for a bargain price of $579 from HN. 2 years manufacturer warranty. Did not buy the Product Care for additional $99 for another 2 years. Cleans perfectly with no residue.

Bosch SMS68M38AU / SMS68M32AU

Latest review: Husband chose the dishwasher. Great choice I wanted Stainless steel and a cutlery basket. This is all that and more. Cutlery tray and basket. Plus two pull out trays for plates and glasses

Bosch SMS50D08AU

Latest review: Dishwasher worked well during the 2 year warranty period, but the heat pump failed with error code E09 straight out of the warranty. Called the Bosch service warranty number, but was quoted $159 call

Bosch SMS63L08AU

Latest review: SMS63L08AU Bosch Fabulous, Great looking, Fast and Super Efficient dishwasher. I use the 29 minute cycle and dishes come out very clean. It is extremely quiet and you don't even know it's on. My

Beko DFN38450

Latest review: I love my Beko dishwasher, it has 1/2 load for smaller amount of dishes and 6 cycle options. I rarely rise prior to putting dishes into the dishwasher and they come out clean. Not clogged yet and

Beko DFN16420

Latest review: Only issue i have so far is with long stem wine glasses. Even when the adjustable holder is set low (top rack) the base of the glasses hit the top of dishwasher. The top rack needs to lowered

Ariston LFF8M132CAUS / LFF8M132CXAUS

Latest review: I really liked this dishwasher while it worked - it cleaned well. But it suffered a catastrophic (electrical / mother board) failure before it was 3 years old. I'm incredibly lucky that I

Euromaid EBM14S

Latest review: Being skeptical because I am not really familiar with the Euromaid brand for dishwashers I and have been overwhelmed with the quality. This dishwasher isn't the most expensive out there and it's not

Stirling (Aldi) Stainless Steel W60A1A401B

Latest review: I am satisfied with setting, once you work it out I do rinse dishes before I put them in washer Dishwasher never clogged up yet Good money for value highly Recomend 4

Westinghouse WSF6608X / WSF6608W

Latest review: Recently purchased this on sale from Good Guys. The unit washes dishes well, runs quietly and washes quickly. A few people have mentioned that it doesn’t fit full size dishes. There are handles on

Fisher & Paykel DW60F Series

Latest review: This is an easy to use machine that works well. We did initially have trouble fitting the larger plates in - the top arm would hit them and we were not happy about this, but we since learned there

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