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Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TI01A / SMS88TI04A
Latest review: Cleans well. Plenty of programme options. Very energy and water efficient. Easy to install and set up and oh so quiet in operation. You sometimes wonder if it is on and working it is so quiet. The

Bosch SMS50M22AU / SMS50M28AU
Latest review: our dishwasher is only 3 months old and the rinse aid leaks right through. The door also makes a terrible noise when opening/closing and the compartment for the dish-ball doesn't always close.

Miele G 4203
Latest review: Bought this a month ago after fighting with a LG dishwasher for the last few years. It cleans the plates and easily without the need wash off. Haven’t had any issues yet. It was a great price from H

Westinghouse WSF6606X / WSF6606W
Latest review: My Westinghouse Dishwasher. The HEATING hasn't worked for a few months. Last week it tripped the house circuit. Repairman estimated $400 for repairs including 2 call out, parts and labor. I had a

Bosch SMS40E08AU
Latest review: Our second Bosch dishwasher both lasted 4 years and then it's either an expensive repair or a new one. I think an expensive dishwasher should last longer than 4 years. Most of the good reviews are

Bosch SMS66MW01A / SMS66MI02A
Latest review: Bought this machine to replace our old (only a few years old but terrible, yet that’s another story) Samsung dishwasher . This Bosch has been amazing thus far , it washes spotlessly and doesn’t leak s

Dishlex DSF6106
Latest review: I have had two of this brand put into rental properties. Both failed after 3 years of service and were deemed not repairable. They seemed to wash OK, I had one in a property I was renting. But it

LG LD-1481S4 / LD-1481W4
Latest review: I bought one 2 years ago and now the trays are already rusty. It was a wrong decision buying this thing. I thought LG is a good brand, I should have purchased a European brand instead. Never again

Bosch SMS50E22AU / SMS50E32AU / SMS50E52AU
Latest review: We scrap most food scraps from dishes before loading and the machine cleans the dishes extremely well. Never any food residue on the crockery. Leaves glasses shiny and clean. Easy to load and

Euromaid DR14S / DR14W
Latest review: We recently bought a house which had a new Euromaid DR14S dishwasher installed. Each time we have used it there has been at least a couple of dishes that have not cleaned at all. We have tried

Bosch SMS68M38AU / SMS68M32AU
Latest review: Husband chose the dishwasher. Great choice I wanted Stainless steel and a cutlery basket. This is all that and more. Cutlery tray and basket. Plus two pull out trays for plates and glasses

Bosch SMS50D08AU
Latest review: Dishwasher worked well during the 2 year warranty period, but the heat pump failed with error code E09 straight out of the warranty. Called the Bosch service warranty number, but was quoted $159 call

Bosch SMS63L08AU
Latest review: SMS63L08AU Bosch Fabulous, Great looking, Fast and Super Efficient dishwasher. I use the 29 minute cycle and dishes come out very clean. It is extremely quiet and you don't even know it's on. My

Beko DFN38450
Latest review: Had this dishwasher for about a month now. It's brilliant, dishes come out clean and sparkling, and 90% dry (some plastic containers not so dry). The modular frames and layout make for quite easy

Beko DFN16420
Latest review: Love the amount of wash selections you have on the dishwasher. It’s super easy to use and clean! Mostly I scrape and wash food of the dishes but if I’m putting the load through that day I don’t and st

Ariston LFF8M132CAUS / LFF8M132CXAUS
Latest review: I really liked this dishwasher while it worked - it cleaned well. But it suffered a catastrophic (electrical / mother board) failure before it was 3 years old. I'm incredibly lucky that I

Stirling (Aldi) Stainless Steel W60A1A401B
Latest review: My dinner plates are 10' 260mm they stop the sprayer from spinning. I dont think thats a large plate and what's the point of a dish washer too small for your dishes. Same goes for anything greater

Westinghouse WSF6608X / WSF6608W
Latest review: This dishwasher is a machine, we often put plates in straight after meals, they can sometimes sit there for most of the day before the dishwasher is turned on. The dishwasher has a variety of cycles

Fisher & Paykel DW60F Series
Latest review: This is an easy to use machine that works well. We did initially have trouble fitting the larger plates in - the top arm would hit them and we were not happy about this, but we since learned there

Ariston LFB5M019
Latest review: I bought this dishwasher only because it offered a 5 year warranty. In fact I had never heard of the brand. Very tired of machines dying in a short time. The Ariston replaced a Smeg which only lasted

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