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Asko D5424

Never again

Totally frustrated by the operation and Asko service provided . After getting this 4 year old dishwasher serviced ( no real service provider in regional Victoria.) nothing comes out clean.
I've tried tablets and liquid. I feel sorry for the complaints line people. I recently purchased a Miele for my city home. The difference is like night and day.

Purchased in April 2015 at Harvey Norman.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Solid machine but cannot start when weather is humid or air is damp (rainy day or muggy winter day)

1. Solid machine that washes well. Just test how rigid the door is. Only scrape the stuck food scraps however it cleans well.
2, Pity about the electrostatic start/stop buttons which are susceptible to moisture in the air. Poor design choice for these type of switched for a machine that is normally in proximity of wet area, e.g. under the sink counter. A better design would use a mechanical start/stop switch. To fix this issue we have to resort to a hair dryer blowing at the said start/stop button, switching it OFF and leaving for 10 minutes or so till it resets?
3. Otherwise its a good machine when it works. We use powder detergent ( 1 cap) and 3 capfuls of vinegar in the other container.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Works well until the electrics go. Only get 4 years.

This is my 3rd Asko but will not be buying ASKO again.
The first one lasted 13 years. The second 4 years ,the third 4 years. The ones that only lasted 4 years stopped working due to the electrics, both had the same issue. These clean really well when they work but unfortunately 4 years is not good enough. The cost of 3 service calls and two machines in under 8 years makes them way too expensive. Will not be buying ASKO again. Just junk!

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Suggest you steer clear of this model or try another brand

I've been an Asko advocate for many years, having owned 4 Asko's over 20 years without incident at 2 locations. Unfortunately this particular model seems to have design issues.

In recent times I have purchased two D5424 and have the same troubles with both.
- The tablet dispenses only half of the time - I.e. The dispenser door opens but the tablet does not dispense
(tried numerous different tablet products and still exhibits the same issue)
- Dishes are often covered with food particles and residue at the end of the cycle
- Wash cycles are excessively long
After a long history with Asko I am left with no choice but to change to a different brand.
Other friends have indicated they've experienced similar issues

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Satisfied customer

I was very unsure about purchasing this product as I did not know anything about it. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with its performance to date. I scrape the dishes and sometimes lightly rinse them before putting in dishwasher; I have used the rinse and hold a couple of times. The tablet (Aldi's brand) fits nicely into the holder in the door and pops out easily each time the machine is used. The dishes are washed to a gleaming shine and they are completely dry when I remove them from the machine. I have read quite a few negative reviews of this product and I will edit this review should any problems arise in the future. Purchased from The Good Guys Loganholme and the machine was delivered and installed within two days of purchase. The installer was professional, polite and extremely tidy. All in all very satisfied with our purchase.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Works well till plug jumps out

9 months old but it spits out yellow plastic plug under basket and sends out a very loud sound but keeps working till I stop it only after around 9 minutes Turn it off sop up allthe fouled water with towels take out grubby basket and put yellow plug back in and away we go till next time. About 1 in four times I wash it happens Very v v frustrating

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Plates are now always shining white but sometimes smell

After one wash the plates come out of our Asko super shiny but some smell. Contacted our Bunnings shop and they told us to clean out the filter despite having only bought it in March this year. It still smelt until we found running a wash before hand helps greatly reducing the smell. The plates still come our shiny so can't complain to much and the smell isn't very bad yet.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Quiet operation and works well

This dishwasher runs quietly and the dishes come out clean. I do soak and rinse most of the items before they go in as I like to use minimal dishwashing powder. When the machine 'beeps' to advise the cycle is complete, it is helpful to open the door and let the steam out to assist with drying. I usually take the plastic items out and cool/dry separately on a drying mat situated on the kitchen bench. When on my own, I use the D/W approx. every 5 days. When I have visitors, the machine can be used daily.
I purchased the D/W through Harvey Norman & they were helpful. I paid the extra dollars and had it professionally installed by ASKO.
The ASKO customer service person I had to deal with was hopeless. I requested a particular day of the week to accommodate my work commitments and the customer service person booked it in on a completely different day and time. I ended up having to leave work and race home to accept the install or wait another week before it could be re-scheduled. Incredibly annoying given I was paying for the service!
Otherwise, I am very happy. The machine has been operating well for 8 months now.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Will never buy another Asko

This is the third Asko dishwasher we have had and by far the worst. Glasses and dishes frequently smeary. Has broken down three times and whilst the service men are good, dealing with Asko head office in Melbourne is not. They take no responsibility and are extremely discourteous. We would not buy another Asko.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Don't buy this if you are seeking longevity

Have had two D5424 Asko Dishwasher's. First lasted max 4 years. Foolishly bought another new one at a very low price from a white goods retailer. Lasted 3 years. Would be interesting to know how may of the people on this site praising the machine within the first 2 years of buying it still have a working one. Stay away from this expensive brand. Buyer beware.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Terrible Machine & NO service

Bought this machine as had recieved good reviews of asko dishwashers lasting well however began having issues after 4 months, the heating element broke first and the computer also needed replacing twice. First two warranty claims were fixed taking about 2 months, 3rd warranty claim asko didnt want to know about however after calling twice a day for 2 weeks, calling harvey norman as much it was fixed eventually. Recieved terrible customer service from Asko, Asko did not return phone calls, I was frequently on hold for >30mins at a time and frequently transfered to different departments, to my emails I would recieve single sentence replies days later. Harvey Norman although required by ACCC law was required to ensure my issue was resolved would only direct me to Asko. Will not be buying from harvey norman again, rude staff and only interested in you until transaction complete! Asko are sold to you as premium brand with reliability and longevity. Will not buy another asko either as not worth the risk when you have paid so many $$$$

Date PurchasedJun 2016


Cleans dishes ok but the times for the different settings are not working properly. Up to 6 hours for one setting. 4.5 hours for eco setting. Only setting that is correct is the rinse setting - 7 minutes. Have had this fixed under warranty before. Would not recommend an Asko dishwasher. Had hoped it would last more than 3 years without having another lot of issues.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Wouldn't buy one again

Compared to our previous dishwashers, an LG and a Beko, its really no better at all. It does wash OK, but doesn’t dry very well unless you open the door. We think it lacks wash options. It does have an ECO wash, but from our experience it is no more economical to use this cycle than the normal cycle as it takes a lot longer. The racks are pretty well thought out, but don’t expect to fill it with 14 normal size plates. It is quiet, but again no better than our old LG or the Beko. The cutlery cage looks good, but has some pieces to it that restrict the available space.
We did have problems with the dishwasher in the warranty period, and the retail store that sold us the appliance only directed us to Asko. Asko couldn’t have been any less helpful if they tried, and for us the warranty was pretty much useless. For the price of them versus the risk of something going wrong, I would not buy one again unless they became significantly cheaper and the Asko customer service improved.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

The best dishwasher

I have had this machine for approximately 2 years and absolutely love it. I was a little hesitant after reading the reviews, but the sale person at the good guys convinced me it was a great unit and it definitely is! It cleans every time to perfection. The button is a soft touch, as others have mentioned, but seriously you do get used to it. This dishwasher is the best!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Buyer beware!

Worst dishwasher ever. Dishes still come out dirty and you end up having to re-wash by hand. Tablet only pops out and dissolves sometimes if you are lucky. Have to pre-rinse dishes and clean filter and arms after every single wash and then it still does not clean. Had a Meile for 15 years, wish I had brought another one.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Quiet and efficient

Asko was first recommended to me as the dishwasher of choice by my Danish sister-in-law. The whole family now uses Askos and Mum's has been going strong for more than 12 years. The poor little wheels on the bottom rack are nearly ready to fall off, however. No apparent built-in obsolescence with this brand. How refreshing!

Date PurchasedJul 2015

just ok

We got it about 2 years ago. main reason is this one can connect direct to hot water as we only have hot water supply under sink for dishwasher.
Very quiet,
clearing good.
space is huge as we got a built in one.
But :
the mark on the switch are begin to fade after few weeks.
the Tablet not dissolve some time. even on some powder .
You can see the Tablet hatch door can not open fully as it will touch the upper basket. it only open about 30 degree.
so when the hatch door opened during the cycle. the tablet may not drop to the machine floor. it only used the jetted water to dissolve the power or table.
I try use cold water connection but no different.
At all this is good machine but consider the price and some defective deign we not really happy.
Maybe we should use gel ...

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Rotten lemon

The previous dishwasher was a Miele and I wanted to have a better one, I should not have done that, tn four months I called the service department four time because of loudness and racket the machine does, the second time the technician removed a water restrictor in line with the cold water, it seemed working, however shortly later it was screaming again, I called the service but they could not find the problem.
I asked to have it replaced ( it was only 4 months old), however , the manager wanted to have a recording to prove the noise,apparently the report from they service technician was not enough, I could not send it because, for the email server, it was too big of a file.
I am stuck with it, when the machine is operating we all must leave the house because of the loudness (we cannot hear the television). In my opinion the machine is a dud, worst than a rotten lemon, I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good looking and easy to use.

Always cleans well, we mainly use the economic cycle and it has never let us down. The machine is relatively quiet and runs the cycle at a reasonable speed. I particularly like the quality of the racks. They don't rattle as some dishwashers do. This was pointed out to me by the salesman that recommended my first Asko dishwasher. So when the time came to replace it I noticed the difference with the quality of racks in other brands.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Heaven, I'm in Heaven ...

Our 20 year old Dishlex gave up and we went looking for a replacement. The Germanic dishwasher we selected and had installed didn't wash or dry. It went through the motions but when we opened the machine at the end of the cycle the plates weren't clean and everything was still wet. We persisted for another day but the results didn't improve. So we asked for a replacement and the people at The Good Guys turned out to be good guys. We declined a straight replacement machine and selected a different brand, this ASKO. And we are so happy we did! It washes and dries perfectly. We don't need to rinse anything because it has a rinsing cycle that gets rid of food particles before it starts the wash cycle. Anyway, after a few days of good results we thought we should really load up the machine to see what it can do. So we put frying pans on top of the sauce pans which were on top of plates. And this machine washed and dried the whole lot! And doesn't make a noise like the Dishlex used to. The controls are very simple to use plus it has a display that shows how long the wash will take. Five stars out of five. We're in dishwasher heaven!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

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No, it's not from overfilling. We have tried half full, liquid and tablet detergents.

I have an ASKO D5424 with f12 fault , have checked inlet water flow and removed and tested inlet water valve in the machine( opens when power applied) . Is there anything else to check easily? Thanks Keith
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Has anyone had trouble with your ask dishwasher stopping mid cycle? have tried it on a few cycles - goes for about 30mins and stops. Like the cycle has to restart
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D5424SS (Stainless Steel)D5424WH (White)
Water Rating4stars4stars
Energy Rating2.5stars2.5stars
Max Noise Level50db50db
Price (RRP) $1399$1199
Release dateJul 2011Jul 2011

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