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Asko DBI654IB

Asko DBI654IB

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why did I buy it?

From purchase to delivery aindinstallationm was less than 36 hours, (whereas to have the old Asko Professional services was more than a week and who know how long to get a quote for the repairs)..So I purchased a new one, installation was painless, quick and friendly and on time (unusual for tradies but well done) and then we ran it to wash the backlog of crockery and cutlery and voila, the RED light comes on....... the manual does not give any indication as to what is wrong, tried restarting it and no joy

Purchased in March 2019 at Winnings Brookvale for $2,199.00.

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And additionally there are two dents in the front stainless steel door from the inside to out..... which had to happen at manufacture...

Great dishwasher

Our Kleenmaid dishwasher died after 20 years and we were confused with the many options. The Good Guys steered us toward the Asko dishwasher due to its reliability and full stainless steel interior and spray arms. I also wanted a cutlery tray. We had great service from Asko and The Good Guys. The dishwasher was not available at the time of purchase and they said delivery would be early December. It arrived on time due to the company upgrading us to the next model, an outcome we were very happy with. The Asko installers came on time and did a wonderful job of installing it under the bench top (built in). Our previous dishwasher was a freestanding one, so the built in look was much nicer and I was happy to pay the $160 to make sure it was done properly. The guy went through the operation of the machine with my husband and I also found it very user friendly. I was a bit skeptical about the "no fingerprint" stainless steel front, but it is totally true. You don't get the nasty fingerprints everywhere like I get on our other stainless steel appliances.

The machine is very quiet when operating. It very roomy inside holding heaps of dishes, bowls and cutlery. It is easy to fit everything in as it is very deep and the layout and racks are versatile. The wine glass holder works well and we are very happy with the choice. I used to always pre-rinse dishes before I put them in my previous dishwasher but the salesman said not to worry about that with this one, so I am not pre rinsing this time. The only problem I have found is that on the setting we use regularly it does not get the saucepans very clean. I may need to adjust the setting to a pot & pan one, but I just give them a quick wipe with a kitchen scourer to get that stubborn boiling ring off before I put it in and that works. I love this dishwasher and I certainly hope that not pre rinsing won't limit this machines life span as I would like to get 20 years out of this one! I think it was worth spending a bit more to get this dishwasher.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

AMAZING Washing Power

After having our old ASKO dishwasher for over 10 years and using it a minimum 2 times per day, this is our NEW baby. This machine is sooooo much better than the old unit. The dishes are so much cleaner and also the noise it DOES NOT make, you think it is not working. The silenced motor is awesome. There is a cutlery tray up top, as well as a cutlery basket that can be removed. The cutlery tray is much better than I thought it would be. The upeer basket is adjustable. The spray arms are also very robust. They are made of stainless steel. I have yet to see another machine in the Australian market that uses stainless steel spray arms these days? Options galore for washing dishes as well. The settings panel is hidden and easy to navigate as well.
LOVE this machine!!!!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great machine. ***** Installation service poor *

This was one of the most well constructed models and brands in the store. It feels solidly built. When you pull out the shelves they run smoothly. The top shelf can be lowered up and down which is a function I had with my last Kleenmaide dishwasher and used a lot. There is a shelf for cultlery that will suit those with OCD as cutlery can be layer out in rows. There is of course the usual cultlery basket. Racks on the bottom shelf can be layer flat to accomodate pots. There is a Pot scrubbing function that is essential for me when considering buying a dishwasher. There are numerous options for cleaning including green, heavy etc . You can choose to wash just the top shelf or just the bottom shelf. It’s like the rolls Royce of dishwashers. The main thing is it cleans the dishes and it does so quietly.

Critism don’t get talked into the $160 installation fee. We were told the dishwasher would be installed and the old removed and taken away as well as a full demonstration of the runnings of the dishwashers numerous functions. The guy came while my husband was home. Apparently the kick plate was too big. So it was left job half done. No run through of the machine settings at all despite what the salesman told us was the reason for this hefty $160 fee that was the apparent the gold ribbon service of Asko. It was then up to us to order a smaller kick plate and install that ourself which was according to the installation guy so “easy”. So easy that he couldn’t do it himself. My husband said the guy was in a big rush. Sorry?? A rush . Sorry to be a bother we have only paid you $160 to install this bloody thing. We then had dramas with Toll the delivery service who took three attempts to deliver the item because they they gave no advice of the days of delivery and the item had to be signed for, and then this tiny box was supposedly too big to be left at a pick up location near to us, they argued and contradicted each other whether we could give authority to leave the parcel, they were nuts to deal with. We finally get the kick plate and the new one is too small. The original kick plate is a better size we just to figure out how to attach it as it’s fiddly, which is why the “ in a hurry “ installation guy had trouble. He would have had to take a bit of time. So my advice do the installation yourself and save your money.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Questions & Answers

How do I clear the RED status light?
1 answer
On our dishwasher, the LED red light indicates the machine is in the wash program and the door is locked until the cycle is over. Once the cycle is over it automatically turns to green to indicate the program has ended and you can open the door. This green light also turns off automatically. Is this the red light you are talking about ?If the red light is not turning off at the end of the cycle this could be a fault and you need to contact the Asko service centre. We did have a fault with our power on off button in this same model, the machine would not turn on at all. They changed the circuit board this didn’t help then they changed the “power on “ button . This fixed the problem. This happened after only owning the machine a couple of months. It cost us nothing. Hope this helps


Price (RRP) $2099$2199
Water Rating5stars5stars
Energy Rating3.5stars3.5stars

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