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Endless issues in the 1st year of ownership from new

Ordered an Endeavour 19.6 series at the Brisbane show last year. Sales manager Michael marketed the caravan as a high quality van for its' price and appeared to be. Delivered as promised to us before Christmas. Endless issues to date, slowly being rectified but I certainly do not think this van was QC checked before release from the factory.
Electric brake wires hanging down ready to be snagged and ripped out. Had to secure wire terminations correctly and then strap up as was not safe to drive.
Both water tanks leaking from drain tap thread. No plumber tape put on thread and silicon seal not sealing.
Draw runners pulling away from cabinetry. Dealt with on Warranty only after I found a service agent willing to do warranty work local to me south of Brisbane.
Hinges missing screws and where screws were, 40% were loose requiring part of match-stick put into hole for screw to bite. Holes seemed to have been drilled with incorrect drill bit. Brought a screw pack from Mitre10
Water Tank sensor not working, registering full when empty. Had to get replaced on warranty.
Front White reflector came away from backing, replaced on warranty.
Water tanks leaking from top pipe which I gather leads to taps. not sure. Had to put more silicon around both to seal as a quick fix but need to go back and recheck.
1 water tank filler leaking inside caravan under fridge. Need to check this and put right. Appears possibly to be due to poor silicon sealing of filler neck to flexi-pipe and securing with hose clamp.
Biggest issue reported before but not resolved as previous service agent advise normal and no issue. When at dealer recently for separate warranty tabletop replacement, advised that there appears to be a twist in the frame for the door. Had to take to different service agent as Atlantic thought to be issue with Dometic door. Inspected and identified to be the door frame in caravan side not to be plumb/straight causing a twist. Causes door to require hard closure from outside, slammed from the inside to pull bottom of door in. Not good when at camp sites. Door sits apprx 2mm inside at top of frame and sits apprx 3mm outside of frame at the bottom. Advised by caravan repair outlet not to allow door to be twisted to allow improved closing as will introduce other issues.

When will these head-aches finish on this expensive purchase item

Purchased in November 2018.

Mileage 2,500 km
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

atlantic do not take responsibility for their product they. hand ball every thing to their suppliers

our van is 3 year old and now has wood rot in front of the van because it was never sealed properly when built.the cause was clear when front of van was taken apart to find the leak. i was told it was my fault and fault should have been found at the first service???
a broken axil was also not their fault and was hand balled to a supplier leaving me $3,000 out of pocket
problems with tail light replacement not addressed. another $600 out of pocket.
total disregard for aust consumer law in regards to van being fit for purpose. thanks atlantic

Purchased in June 2016.

Value for Money
Car ModelIsuzu MU-X Series I LS-T, 4WD
Exterior Build Quality
Interior Build Quality

Buy another Atlantic, no way

My wife and I have had our Atlantic Murchison caravan for a bit over three years (purchased new and a custom design) and all we can say is we wish we never purchased it and would not recommend Atlantic to anyone.

The van was never constructed to our specification but we had to accept it, as was, due to some trying personal circumstances at the time. Since purchasing we have returned the van twice, from Queensland, to the factory in Melbourne for warranty work that was never completed (always an excuse why) or band-aided and after having run out of warranty are fixing up major faults at our expense.

Water ingress and water damage are the major issues but the list of defects is substantial. The van has never been off road and even though we travel consistently, we maintain the van to a high standard however a lot of the work on the van has been correcting construction faults or deficiencies. A prime example is our van has a slide-out that Atlantic installed incorrectly which cost $2,000 to rectify. Now we have just discovered rotting internal panels which indicate severe water damage and may mean the front of the van has to be ripped apart.

I could write an A4 page on defects and my experiences dealing with Atlantic but I feel readers get the gist of my feelings. If you buy an Atlantic ensure you get what you paid for, inspect every nook and cranny for defects and if you return the van to the factory for warranty work ensure you allow plenty of time as you will not be a priority compared with new sales.

In my opinion Atlantic needs to vastly improve their quality control during construction and address how they handle warranties.

Buy another Atlantic, no way.

Floor PlanM246-1S RD (now Endeavour 246-1S RD)
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Thank you for your review John, We are sad to hear that you had a negative experience with our product and service. Although I can not speak to your individual purchase, please know that as a manufacturer of premium caravans, we take your feedback very seriously. Your review has been passed on to management and to the design department to ensure that the faults you reported do not occur again. We are determined to deliver a product and service that exceeds our customers expectations and are working hard to improve not only the product but also our ability to respond to reported warranty issues. We encourage any customer who is experiencing any difficulty or issue with their product to contact us at warranty@atlanticcaravans.com.au or call us directly on +6103 9357 6971 -Atlantic Caravans

Useless tv antenna.

We r very happy with our New Generation except for the TV antenna- it is absolutely useless!!! Even in the middle of the Gold Coast we cannot tune into any channels!

Floor PlanNew generation
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Hi Outatowners, Thank you for your positive review! We love hearing feedback from our customers, be it positive or negative, as this inspires us and challenges us to improve what we think is a fantastic product. I have passed your feedback on to our manufacture department and encourage you to contact us if you are still experiencing any issue with your TV antenna. Thanks Again :) Atlantic Caravans

My 1 Atlantic

I have always declared I would NEVER buy a caravan.
Eell hubby took me to the Rosehill Caravan and Camping Show last year just for a look.
1st caravans we saw were the Atlantic. Had a good look through them and went away to look at other brands. None made an impression on me as much as the Atlantic did. So at the end of the day we had signed up for our first full van. Hubby couldn't believe it was happening. He was stoked.
We have done 2 trips and I LOVE my ATLANTIC.

Floor PlanWe got single beds. Much more room.
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Thank you Rosie for your 5 star review! We are thrilled that you are enjoying your Atlantic Endeavour Caravan. Happy Trails Atlantic Caravans

Great van and after sales service

We purchased our 17.5 Atlantic Endeavour off road van a little over 12 months ago and are very happy with it. We have taken the van on 3 trips, it tows well and the layout of the van suits us. The overall quality is good, we only had 1 warranty issue related to minor crinkling in external front wall which is booked in for repair next month. I would also like to thank Taylor from the Atlantic warranty team who has been very helpful and prompt in responding to my requests and questions.

Floor PlanN/A
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Hi Trevlj, Thank you so much for your generous review! I'm glad we were able to sort out the minor issue with crinkling and deliver a product that will hopefully create many happy family memories. Enjoy your Atlantic Journey! -Atlantic Caravans

Excellent design with some Quality Assurance issues in build.

My Endeavour off road was excellent in fit and finish except the sliding door requested for bathroom cupboard (show van had a low railed shelf which would not even secure a toilet roll) was the worst, ill fitting, untidy "sheet of ply with a finger hole". The retailer sorted that one with glass slider..
The three water tanks (third was option) had only one fill point at single rear tank and took seven days to trickle through to get all tanks full. Atlantic have authorised and are paying for fitting a second fill point which should rectify the problem.
Overall I got the impression that they have an excellent product but suffer a little from an unnecessarily defensive attitude about the final QA. We eventually got on to the "same sheet of music" and I would recommend them provided that, for defects, you make one on one telephone contact supported by subsequent email "for the record". Nice enough and helpful individuals when you eventually get through the "corporate firewall".

Floor PlanE170-1 MD
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Hi Mark, Thank you for your honest review. As a premium caravan manufacturer we aim to deliver a product and service that allows our customers to tailor their caravan to their individual needs. We are proud that we were able to come through on this promise to you and your family. As a growing small business we are constantly improving our customer service, warranty response time and procedures and aim to deliver on any issues reported with our vans. Happy Trails -Atlantic Caravans

Fabulous van and fantastic staff and service

We have recently purchased our 2nd Atlantic caravan due to the great quality and build of our previous one. In addition the staff at Atlantic are fantastic with nothing being too much trouble. They have gone out of their way to help us in every respect.

Floor PlanE206-1S RD

We are very happy with our Endeavour 19' all terrain van. We've only had it for two months. There h

Finish is very good. We did however leave the factory with the stove/oven not secured - moved a couple of cms at the end of each day (tarmac travel). That was easily fixed. Not all brakes bedded in together. Going to a brake specialist this week. A fuse broken on USB port since handover, also easily fixed.
Other than that we're happy campers.
Overall a great van but the real test will be when we take it where it's built to go.
Conclusion - Early days, the jury is still out.

August 10th 2018 Update: Mostly a happy camper

I wrote a review of this van after two months, this is a follow up after 12 months.
Mostly we're happy. This van has the All Terrain Pack making it a semi off road van. We've just completed a 3 month trip to WA travelling on the Great Central Road and the Gibb River Road. We probably travelled about 3000kms of gravel of a total of 18000kms of travel.
When on both these tracks we were averaging 40 to 60kms/per hour. Although the range went from 20 to 70kms/per hour. When on gravel I tightened things from wheel nuts, spare wheel bracket, cupboards every screw I could find and after about 4 days I'd start again.
This seem to pay off as the van survived. But gas bottle brackets loosened, door catches fell off, cupboards opened (one only but regularly). At Broome the van got a full service plus a lot of silicone. Our dust ingress has diminished. More silicone needed.
Some warranty issues to be done but mostly it's a tick from us.
Fit and finish 7/10
Reliability 8/10
Comfort 9/10
Towing 9/10

Re towing - I'm using H/R sway bars and I've added ESC

Conclusion - Good job Atlantic but don't rest easy.

Cheers Richard

December 6th 2018 Update: Mostly a happy camper

We took our home away from home to WA fro 4 months travelling on the Great Central Rd and returning via Gibb River Rd. For a semi off road van with the All Terrain Pack it performed very well, although we drove to the conditions sensibly. We also did a detour to Mitchell Falls although we left the van at Drysdale Station.
The van towed well, however, we used anti sway bars and added ESC before we left. On our return we put a scupper vent. Needless to say the dust ingress was significant, to put it politely.
Haven't tested the scupper yet.
Our fridge died but Dometic replaced it. The other warranty work was minor - bubbling in floor, gas strut, one cupboard kept opening. But overall I'd give it 7.5 to 8 out of 10.

Floor PlanE19RD

Not Happy

We purchased an Endeavour 17 ft off road van in Dec 2015.... lovely van BUT in Jan 2016 a yellow discolouration appeared on ALL the white panel board used in all of the cupboards both inside and out. The bedroom kitchen and bathroom are badly affected even the bed base. At first it was very light yellow which looked like glue coming through and within weeks it turned into very visible yellow blotches and is getting worse every week. We have been accused of using some harsh cleaner which is not the case as the discolouration is even in the back of the HWS cupboard. The van has been used for 2 weekends and 1 week in 18 mths and is currently sitting in my shed awaiting some form repairs or compensation from Atlantic. Two repairers have looked at the problem and don't want to touch it. It looks to me as though a cheap nasty panel board has been used. There must be others out there with the same or similar problem. If so could you please contact me. [contact details removed] helen_russ3@bigpond.com Russ Doughty

October 5th 2017 Update: Not Happy Continued

Our problems with Atlantic are ongoing or should I say going round in circles. They are arguing with the panel board supplier who denied supplying the material. NOT my problem. They want to PAINT over the problem. NOT going to happen Atlantic. We are now about commence with a court hearing as my solicitor won't be pushed round in circles. 109 people have viewed my original post.... surely someone out there as the same problem!! Contact me if you have. Russ [contact details removed]

Floor Plan17 ft x 7ft 9in Mid Door


Success at last! Back on track....NEW WARRANTY MANAGER....
Phone calls returned, emails to keep us up to date as to what was to be done or been done. All jobs now complete! Thank you very much!

We have always loved the vans quality and value for money! When friends and other van users look at our van they are very impressed with the features, layout and height inside. The linen cupboard in the bathroom area big plus and shower good size.
Tows very well, definately no problems in that area.

We believe that Atlantic are not the only caravan company to have problems with warranty issues, may be, the industry needs to look into this as a lot of $$$'S are taken Australia wide. No customer should have issues with warranty it really dampens the caravaning experience. But now, a thing of the past, with Atlantic, as they have a great warranty manager.

Floor Plan20' Rear Door

Every thing works as intended

Our Pearl is now three years old and we have just ordered a New Generation 21.6 mainly because we want a club lounge and a little more space as we travel for five to six months every year. The Pearl gave no problems at all. At servicing time Warrnambool RV and Caravans were only to happy to attend to minor issues. We specifically bought locally thinking there might be problems ( as seem common in the caravan industry ) but these did not eventuate. I notice that some reviews criticise the Atlantic factory rather than pursuing problems via the selling agent who should attend on the customers behalf?

Floor Planpearl 20ft

Warranty Issues with Atlantic....absolute MINIMAL response...Disgraceful service..!!

The Van itself is great.
However, incorrect build issues, Warranty issues, and TOTAL lack of co-operation from Atlantic, have taken their toll on my patience, and as far as I'm concerned, they can have it back, and give me a refund.

I'm certain that there are Manufacturers out there that actually have SOME pride in their brand....
but Atlantic Caravans isn't one of them...

A 22' 6" New Generation S4, with MANY options added, was to be our dream van, and was picked up in March 2016, from Hinterland at Burleigh Heads, who were, and have been, TERRIFIC, and thanks go to them.
Atlantic, on the other hand, have ignored us almost totally.

REPEATED emails, messages, phone calls and pleas for "an update of where things are" have met with little, to no response and what contact there has been, has only been to stall us, and shut us up for a while.

In the meantime...nothing has been repaired....NOTHING...!!!
Nothing has even been authorised to be repaired...!!!! Well.... No more..!!
I've submitted a complaint to the RVMAP (Caravan Industry Association), to the ACCC, and I've posted on here...and for me, that's just the start.

We told them we weren't going away....something has to happen and they ignored that too...
Read the reviews of how many people are complaining about the same thing!!
Is this a coincidence....or are they really that inept...??

It will be interesting to see if this review makes it onto the website, let alone generates a response.
I'll watch (& wait) with interest.

January 22nd 2018 Update: Leopards don't change their spots.....!!!

Funny.....I had to give it rating to be able to submit this.
They don't do zero....with an Anchor......

After my previous rant, it looked as if we were getting somewhere....

EVENTUALLY got a call from a lovely lady at Atlantic, (around 3 months later) who advised that all would be taken care of, and we'd soon be right as rain..
Shortly thereafter, the Van was taken to a Gold Coast Dealership who worked on the Van for two days and rectified all bar two things, which they were waiting on approval from Atlantic for.
Not long afterwards, the Dealership severed ties with Atlantic through inaction on Atlantics' part.
So, now we move into the next phase..
The lovely lady from Atlantic contacted me again, and asked would I consider taking down the previous post, as it was causing some angst........................ (Presumably amongst Management)

My reply was simple.

"When everything has been attended to, I will put up another post that will ACCURATELY REFLECT Atlantics' performance, and attitude towards finalising these issues" July 2017.

So here we go.....
Nothing has changed.
No response to emails, no response to messages left with Personnel who answered the phone because
"............has just stepped out for a Coffee.."......, no response to Verbal messages left on the recording device at their main number.....and now........ "The recording Message Box is full....Goodbye..."

We are approaching 2 years with this Van....2 YEARS .....and in that time, have had nothing but being fobbed off, and lied to....Yes, LIED TO....by Personnel at Atlantic....from Management down......

If they had the only Water Tap in town & I was dying of thirst.........I'd die.
What is so damn difficult about this...???
They have all the facts, all the dates......God knows they've got my contact details.....and nothing.

One problem is that, we have two holes in the Wall of our Van, that plain & simple, should not be there.

An analogy I used was..... " If I was to come to Melbourne, and drill two holes in the Managing Directors $80K+ car, would there be a problem..??? Would I be required to fix that..?? Or could I just ignore it" ??"
Answer...."I'm sure you would have to fix it, Yes..!"
My Response... "So, can you see why I'm contacting you in relation to the holes in our Van..??
Answer..."Absolutely ..!! .... I wouldn't stand for it either... It's not good enough..!!"

Since then....no contact...as before. Their position hasn't changed at all.

....and we still love the Van......as before.......My position hasn't changed at all.

Floor Plan22' 6" New Generation S4 Rear Door, with a host of options.

No response from anyone re warranty jobs...

We love the van but have some small issues with it, have spoke to dealer he assures us he has past on the issues to Atlanctic. Rang reception area of Atlantic told to email VIN / Chassis Number to warranty department done this and still not even a reponse as to why the delay or why no warranty on this caravan..They have a good van but oh! how frustrating when it comes to warranty and you live over 500kms from dealer or manufacturer.
When we bought the van, and spoke about if there were any warranty issues, " no problems they would be addressed" and it could be done locally......oh dear me we feel like wallies. Lesson has been learnt buy from local dealer.....and after this another manufacturer.....so sorry Atlantic....you dont treat your customers fairly.

Floor Plan20' Rear Door

Problems with van - no response from Atlantic

Picked up my new van from Parravans at Windsor on 23/11/16. Staff had to repair airconditioner before I left as it was not working correctly. Drove the 450 Kim's home on good roads and next morning decided to give the interior a good clean as it was dirty. Whilst doing this I found that the top part of the refrigerator was comming away from wall and one of the windows near the bed was also comming of the wall. There was also scratches on a couple of the cupboard doors. On inspecting the exterior I found that the front section of the roof had dents in it. Sent email with photos to Parravavans - NO RESPONSE. Contacted Atlantic via their website - NO RESPONSE.

Floor Plan19'

Great after sales service

I picked up my customised Pearl caravan in June 2015. I am extremely happy with it although there were 2 issues with the van.
1. Television antenna was useless but was replaced with a different antenna that works perfectly. All new Atlantic Caravans are now being fitted with these.
2. There was also an issue of bugs getting in the van through gaps around the screens . Pelican Marine in Goolwa, South Australia sealed up these gaps professionally at no cost to myself.
nb. If you're looking at buying a new van, ask them about this issue.
Apart from these 2 issues, i love this van. It is well constructed with quality fittings. IT is well laid out and well balanced. I have found it easy to tow and reverse.( solo from Darwin to Adelaide in under 4 days).
After sales service and advice with Atlantic Caravans directly and through Pelican Marine RV(new owners) has been excellent.

Floor PlanPearl

Warning re Caravan purchase

Purchased new van Hinterland Caravans, Morisset. All weights incorrect. Van not fit for purpose. 15 months Fair Trading. We won.
Would not buy an Atlantic or wheelbarrow from them. Beware weights shown on compliance plates. Van over ATM with only fluids.

Floor PlanUnknown

Atlantic New Generation

We would like to say a very big thank you to Kevin and his team at Motosport RV from Springwood for the excellant customer service that we have received from the team. We love our New Generation Atlantic and couldn't be happier with it. Thank you for making our dream come true and for making the whole journey smooth and trouble free. Sue and Brad

Atlantic Pearl

We bought an Atlantic Pearl in 2015. It is our 4th caravan and we are delighted with the fit out and finish of this van.

We have done several very long trips and apart from a few minor issues we have had no trouble with the van, tows very well, easy to manouvre.

Contacted Atlantic in Melbourne when we were down there and Nick had problem sorted for us on the same day(problem with wall under shower door) ... very impressed with their customer service.

Have had two people ask to buy it from us on our travels but we are not parting with it any time soon ... too many great adventures to be had.

Broodyh3 Finaly took delivery Murchison 23ft dirt road

To be fair the van is well constructed, and is everything we have asked for except the second spare tyre and the plumbing being protected, as the van was built for going down dirt roads. Our only complaints so far are the type of tv antenna that you get as standard, and a surround sound system that doesn't work properly but that can be fixed when we finally get it back to W.A.
My real concern is the way the plumbing is done, the plumbing for the washing machine cuts across the cabinet next door to the washing machine making the top shelf of the cabinet useless, the plumbing for the wash basin it is done the same way and being a smaller cabinet you cant use the top or bottom shelf at all. The use of flexi hose as drain pipes is a real issue in a dirt road caravan as it will sooner or later give out through to much flexing as we go down dirt roads, the quality control over the plumbing is sadly missing.
All in all it is a great towing van with the simplicity suspension, well constructed, and so far we are very pleased with it we have only had it for four days at the moment and it is not fully loaded.
Stay tuned for more in the future.

Hello again, further to our original review now that we have towed it across Australia and are now back in Perth these are the issues that we are finding with our choice of van. the van itself is an average van for the money you pay you would expect a bit more up market fittings as in light switches. The real concern is the ball weight although we stipulated not to be over a certain weight it has apparently fallen on deaf ears, and you expect the wrap around of the laminate to go under the bench top so that there is no gap between the end of the cupboard and the end of the laminate, but on ours there is. I have had a look at several other makes of vans and there is no gap in there construction of the bench tops. the Jury is now out to see what Atlantic caravans ca do about rectifying some of the smaller issue that I have with the van. On the surface it is a beautiful van, just bad workman ship or lack of quality control. stay tuned for further updates.all our warranty issues have been attended to. Atlantic did not have the plumbing replace with solid pipes, so we have the flexi hose and so for we have had four leaks from the washing machine and three from the kitchen sink. Going down corrugated roads and flexi hose don't mix, but apart from that we are happy with the van. so ends the story, and the moral of the story is DONT USE FLEXI HOSE FOR PLUMBING IN CUPBOARDS. rating Atlantic Service 4.5 out of 5. Construction.5 out of 5

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Questions & Answers

We are at a caravan park and connected to the water. After a couple of days we found our water tanks were full and overflowing. This has not happened before. We have a 2013 Atlantic Pearl. Can anybody tell us where the two way pressure valve is. We have looked but can’t see it. Thanks Catherine and Grahame
2 answers
Hi, I had exactly the same problem with our van twice before I found out that the problem was caused by plastic swarf from the water tank/s installation jamming the pistons of the 12 volt water pump open thus allowing a slow backfill of the water tank/s when on town water. The first time it happened we found that Atlantic had not connected the tank overflow hose correctly and the rear of our van got flooded. The point where your water tank plumbing meets up with your town water plumbing is the 12 volt pump. When in 12 volt mode you suck water from the tanks which is then distributed around the van via the mains water plumbing. When in town water mode the 12 volt pump "should" stop water back flowing into the water tanks. If a pump piston gets jammed open by bits of plastic from the tank installation, like mine did, the town water back flows into your water tanks, filling them. I had to install a small course water filter between the tank and the 12 volt pump to stop any more swarf coming through as well as a one way valve allowing water to flow from the tank to the pump but not the pump back to the tank. It is important that the filter is the first installation after the tank otherwise swarf will get into the one way valve jamming it open. I hope this helps. Regards JohnThanks for that. Will look into that.

what is the Tare and the ATM of this van?
1 answer
Sorry Graeme but I own a Murchison and would have no idea about the E Series. Rgds John

Can Atlantic New Generation be dust proofed for off road travel We recd our van July 2014. Has Gas and electricity . Abt recommendations for someone to do the job in the Hills district Sydney and what should it cost please?
No answers

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