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Waste of time

Don't waste your time with these guys. I bought two movies on back order off them at the end of December last year with the understanding that while they didn't have any in stock at that time that they were going to have more soon, as that is what I read on their site. The day after I made my purchase I noticed the two movies I'd bought were no longer on their site. I didn't think much of it until nearly two weeks later when I received an email from PayPal saying that Atomic Movies had refunded my money, the only explanation being a tiny note in the corner saying the titles were no longer available. I was furious as they'd clearly known this since I placed my order (hence why it mysteriously vanished from their website) and yet it took them two weeks to give me back my money! I thought about sending an email to complain but after reading other reviews here I realised it would probably be a waste of time as it's clear they couldn't care less about their customers, so I decided the best thing would be to warn others so they don't make the same mistake I did. There are plenty of better places to buy movies such as eBay or Fishpond so I highly recommend that you avoid Atomic Movies and try one of these instead.

I Love buying from Atomic Movies

I have placed several orders with Atomic Movies & I HAVE received every Order promptly. I was also fully aware that some of the DVD's I was purchasing were not the correct region code, as it clearly stated in the DVD Details - on the Atomic Movies website. So I brought a cheap DVD Player that plays all regions (from another website). I'm a very happy customer & will definitely buy from them again. No worries.


I ordered a DVD and sent an email to confirm if my payment had been received. I read some of the bad reviews and was worried about them replying. The reply and confirmation was prompt. My DVD arrived a few days later to my front door. Prompt service, and despite being a rare DVD was in region 4 so it worked straight up.

Still waiting for my order

I ordered two blu-rays in June the 18th from Spain. I'm still waiting for them. It's been five months and perhaps shipping from Australia to Spain takes such a long time.

I have sent atomic movies and e-mail and opened a dispute, but they have not answered me at all. They don't seem very customer friendly if they don´t answer.

Update: I have received a message for my dispute. The parcel has been found by Australian post. Atomic Movies will contact me when they learn why the parcel has been returned to sender. It seems i didn't gave atomic movies enough time to respond.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend

While some people have poorly reviewed this company our family have used them for several years now and have no complaints about their service. We've used them about half a dozen times so far.

We have been able to order some favourite movies and tele series through them which we couldn't find in shops that sell DVDs - e.g. Little house on the Prairie Seasons 9 & 10, Gilligans Island, For Richer or Poorer, F Troop, Enid Blyton Adventure series, Wild Wild West, Remington Steele etc.

I'm not sure why several people are complaining about the wrong region codes. If you click on the picture of the movie you want it clearly says which region it is (Australia is region 4). Sometimes a region 1 (US) or region 2 (UK) version of a movie will be cheaper or it will come up first if you make a search-by-title. Occasional the region 4 version of the movie might be on the second page. I usually save movies to a wishlist and then double check before ordering them to make sure they are the region I want. But because we own a region free player what region we order isn't a big issue to us anyway.

So far we've only ever had trouble playing one DVD we bought thru Atomic Movies - this was a two movie pack Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2. It was a region 1 DVD - but for some reason it wouldn't play in our $100 Thompson multi-region DVD player - even though all other DVDs (including other region 1 DVDs) worked on it. Some time later we bought a new region free DVD player (a Toshiba region free player for $38 from Good Guys). The Toshiba region free DVD player played the troublesome region 1 Cheaper by the dozen DVD - even though our other region free player wouldn't play it. I'm not sure why.

In our experience, if you want movies for Christmas order them from Atomic movies by the first week in December. Once or twice we've had to chase up part of an order via email but when we've done so it has arrived within a week of us requesting that the order be chased up. We've also made several email queries and always had them replied to within a few days.

All in all - we've been satisfied to date and we plan to keep using them.
Stock a range of our favourite DVDs and tele shows that you can't buy in the regular shops

Professional and Reliable

Atomicmovies.com.au is a very good online website if you require box set t.v shows, etc. I'm very happy with the service...very professional and they dispatch items very quickly. Their advertisements are extremely honest and up-to-date and the website is very easy to navigate. I'm very satisfied with service and delivery.
Reasonable prices, quick delivery and professional customer service

Good Service

I've used Atomic Movies twice in the last year and have had good results on both occasions. The DVDs that I ordered arrived in good time and in good order. The company sent emails to me when it received the orders, when the order was processed and when the order was shipped. I'm quite happy to use this company again.

7 months waiting then after 3 emails it finally arrived DVD didn't work- wrong region code

Poor communication, sends movies with wrong region code.even after contact and waiting 7 months.
Dont bother with [name removed] she is aggressive and the amount of bad reviews are totally warranted.
When I send an email with registered delivery and notification she doesnt let the notification get returned simply reading the email and then deleting it.
eventually received DVD
waited 7 Months

Not impressed

Like others I thought that the dvd I purchased from an Australian company would be compatible with australian dvd players. I didn't come across the website info advising this may not be the case until after I'd paid by which time it was too late. Perhaps owner could put a caution nearer the checkout or somewhere more obvious. Emailed them re the fact the dvd didn't play, got a nice reply from Mandy saying to let her know the player model and she'd check if it could be unlocked. That was the sum total of their communications. Sent them 3 emails with model details (5/7/13, 16/7/13, and 29/7/13), no courtesy of reply, resorted to phoning them 8/8/13 and left message and never a reply from that either. Have now done my own googling and found an unlock code which I hope works, otherwise I have wasted not just my time, but money with this company.

No responses let alone customer service after initial email reply

Worst business ever. I hope they close down.

I am writing this review because I keep on getting their spam emails even after I specifically unsubscribed numerous times and even sent an email directly to them stating that I didn't want to be on their list anymore.

I ordered a box set of BIzarre Foods DVDs from eBay a few years ago and it stated that the DVDs were in Australia, so I thought that I would receive them promptly, but no. Turns out the DVDs were ordered from America by Atomic movies (as stated on the package that I received).

Not only were they late (Christmas Present). It was missing a DVD when I eventually received the package after emailing numerous times, asking where my DVDs were.

So long story short. Let me unsubscribe from your stupid emailing list. Don't buy from here if you want bad customer service.

Bad customer service, won't let me unsubscribe from their spam list

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I have looked into this complaint, our newsletter emails are fully compliant and are opt in, each message contains an unsubscribe button, when this is clicked it takes you to a page to unsubscribe your email, if this is not fully completed you will continue to receive newsletters. Of course you could just click the junk button on your email app and you will not see them anymore. The email service is fully automated we do not manually or deliberately send out messages just to annoy people, nor does the email newsletter actually have any reflection on our customer service. Without having any knowledge of who this customer is (an order from eBay a few years ago is not something we can easily follow up as there are many thousands of these) it makes it very difficult to further comment.

Suitable DVD for country

Bought and recieved a DVD lovely, except the DVD does not work with standard machine bought in Australia. I made the assumption that if I ordered from Australia paid in Australia and had the DVD sent to an Australian address, the DVD would be standard issue for this country but not so not yet recieved a reply from email as yet.

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We do very clearly outline on our site relevant region coding and country of origin information for all our products. We also recommend contacting us with any queries about product suitability prior to purchase.

Pretty good experience! Would recommend!

This is the first time I've ever actually wrote a review for something! So I'm not exactly sure what to include or if I'm even doing a proper review! Anyhow..

Out of all the websites that sold DVD's online - I went with Atomic Movies mainly because they had the Verisign Trusted logo and pretty good pricing on a majority of the DVD's that I was interested in compared to the few other sites that I've looked at.

Since then, I've bought a few DVD's from them and never really ran into any problems. All the DVD's that I ordered - came well packaged and arrived within a reasonable amount of time.

Only recently, I ran into a problem with one of DVD's that I ordered (The DVD set only came with 1 Disk when it was supposed to come with 4. *I assumed it was the mistake of the manufacturer*) and promptly put up a dispute in the resolution centre on their website.

They replied to it really quickly. I think it was about 20 minutes or so and offered to send a replacement. The replacement came in about 2 weeks or so later (which I thought was understandable since the item was on back-order).

Overall, was a pretty good & positive experience. Would most likely buy from them again!
Verisign Trusted, Good customer service, Items are well packed

No item, late unhelpful contact

Ordered 1 DVD, waited 3 weeks before enquiring for postage date. Told me I should check the post office, offered no help, no emails confirming postage or receipts. No apology, no refund. Will not buy from them again

bad service, no refunds, item never received

As the owner of Atomic Movies I would like to add the following: We answer all customer inquires within 24 hours and all orders receive emails for both payment and dispatch. If an item does go missing in the postal system it is dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. We have a contact email address at contact@atomicmovies.com.au We do recommend that if a customer is not receiving our communications then their email address may be incorrectly entered into our system or their spam filters may be blocking our messages.In relation to the comment posted above: The item in question was sold as a pre-order, unfortunately the distributor cancelled the release, the customer was immediately notified as soon as we were made aware of this and fully refunded. Occasionally pre-orders do get postponed or cancelled, it is not something we can control ourselves. I am sorry we could not provide you with this title at this time.

Really Good Service

I was a little dubious about this store as I had not heard about them before and I have had a couple of bad experiences with other big online DVD stores.
I made a smallish purchase first just in case, the DVD arrived really quickly and was very well packed. I have since made 2 more orders which have both been good as well. The best thing is they have a phone number which seems a rarity in these days, its nice to be able to call and speak to a someone if you have any questions.
reliable, good range, phone support

No Delivery of DVD

I placed an order with Atomic Movies in March of this year. I received one of the orders about two weeks later, and assumed that the other one was being dispatched from another location. However weeks passed and I did not receive the order. I sent an email to the company last month explaining my issue, in which they responded once with "it may be left at the post office". I have emailed, phoned and left messages to the company since then and I have still not received any response. Almost one month later and I am still not receiving any responses!

Unprofessional customer service

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