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Australia Post Home Insurance

Australia Post Home Insurance

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They charge you cancellation fees of $40.

Also, it is not through Auspost, Insurance is through Auto & General Insurance. I had home insurance with AusPost for almost a year. They increased the premium from $40 to $47 straight & it is expensive than my current insurance provider (which has more cover). When I canceled the policy, AusPost charged $40 terming it as early cancellation fees.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeNo
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Hey Vikas, I'm sorry to hear you weren't happy with this service and fees. If you'd like to discuss your experience further I highly recommend contacting the Home Insurance team on 1300 858 747. ~Sami

Quick and Efficient.Highly Reccommend

Australia Post was great ,we had a break in October jewellery cash stolen .Submitted all details online.Quick and efficient with the claim no hassles.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey Petro, Thanks for sharing your feedback with us about your experience with the Australia POst Home Insurance service. ~Sami

it may be cheap but you get what you pay for

this was a complete waste of time and money.
I had flooding downstairs from a big storm.
I advised them over the phone. before they came out I had to pay for someone to look at it. and if they considered paying out I needed to pay them the excess outright which could have been $1000?? I've never known an insurance to do this??? I didn't bother. I changed my insurance straight away.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Ali, I'm sorry to hear you weren't happy with this process. If you'd like to discuss it further I highly recommend contacting our Claim support line on 1300 885 996. Roxy

Fast and Easy Sign Up

I have used Australia Post Insurance to insure my car for the last few years, and always found the service efficient and fast. So I decided to use them for my Home and Contents insurance. The whole process was done via the Internet, and the price that I obtained for my cover was well under what I was quoted by my previous Insurance Company.
I haven't made a claim, and hope that I never have to, but if the standard is the same as they offer on their Car Insurance then I am not expecting any problems.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hey Bourb, Thanks so much for sharing your experience :) Roxy

Dishonest and Unprofessional

And that's the only good thing I can say about my experience with this organisation.
I change my insurers every year. This year I did my usual search for a suitable Home & Contents insurer and Aus post came up as the cheapest but only when I factored in the $100 'complete stranger sign up bonus'. 'What's that?’ I hear you ask mimicking the real life insurance advert. Well, we all know that corporate Australia couldn't give a tinkers cuss about existing customers, loyalty does not exist in their vocabulary, if you can't spend it, can't measure it, it doesn't exist.
Anyway, I paid the Aus post insurance premium and awaited my $100 bonus. 42 days later I called the 'Oh God please don't call us centre' and was advised that I would need to contact the; Australia Post prepaid visa gift card department. (Registered offshore or course) After calling them, the Australia post prepaid visa gift card department asked me as series of question relating to my application for an Australia Post prepaid visa gift card. As I hadn't actually applied for this product I could only reply with, sorry, I didn't apply for a card; sorry I don't have an application reference number etc. I offered the rep my Australia post insurance number but this was rejected as a suitable matching or identifying reference item. Eventually, I asked the chappie on the phone to stop asking my questions about my application for a card or the card itself as I had made it quite clear several times that I had not applied for a card and was instead relying on the competency, with a silent ‘in’, of the insurance department to order the card on my behalf. The rep finally said that they had no details about a visa card in my name but suggested I gather as much information as I can and email it to them, which of course I did.
Shortly thereafter I received a response from the pre paid visa gift card department advising that they were unable to assist me and that I should revisit the Insurance department with my enquiry. I guess the forward function on their email service was malfunctioning that day so I called the insurance people back and the rep advised me that the card had never been ordered. Wow, was I impressed? One thing I really hate is the royal runaround.
I asked why I had been sent on a merry goose chase and her reply was that the previous operator had made a mistake. I suggested that perhaps my gift card should be ordered and then express posted to me given the circumstances. I’m sure they would get a good rate on their postal costs.

So here we are, another week has gone by and no card, no apology, no nothing. This Monday I will attempt to cancel the policy with a full refund and then insure my house and contents with another more reasonably priced insurer. I’ll let you know of the outcome.

Following up. Despite several calls they have still not provided the visa card, they don't call, sms or email. I requested a full refund on Monday (I actually gave them another week as we are relying on Australia post to deliver the mail ). Yesterday the 7th, I shared my concerns with the Insurance Ombudsman and by coincidence, I received a call today from guess who? No, not the village idiot. Anyway the Budget Direct Rep (yes, it's true Australia Post Insurance is just a shop front for Budget Direct) asked me if I had received the card and I think tried to order a card for me. Now we all know how that turned out the first time. I said I don't want the card now, I want my money back, nothing more. She said she needed to talk with one other person about my refund. So, I suggested she do that and call me back when it's been arranged. I also mentioned about the coincidence of me lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman and her call the very next day. Pure coincidence, wow, I just thought I saw a flying pig. I'll keep you posted.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi KG, It's disappointing to hear you didn't get your gift card when you signed up. The insurance customer support team will be the best avenue to chase this up, so if you still haven't received it I recommend speaking with them further. RoxyJust want my money back so I can put all this behind me.This is third time I've asked.

Questions & Answers

how do i get a quote for house and contents ins and are there any limits..i.e age ?...please reply via ....[email removed] regards Maria
2 answers
Well Maria, I would try the insurers website or better still try Canstar at https://www.canstar.com.au/ all your answers are just a question away. Regards KGHi Maria, You can get a quote online (https://auspost.com.au/home-contents-insurance) or by giving our team a call on 1800 220 044. They can also let you know any restrictions that might be applicable. Roxy

How can I get a renewal from you? Phone number would be helpful.
1 answer
Hi Joybell, You'll need to speak to our dedicated insurance support team, who can be reached on 1300 858 747. This number is also listed on the home page of our Home and Contents insurance: http://auspo.st/2h0ym3S Thanks, Roxy

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