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Australian Security Systems The Protector Series Standard

Australian Security Systems The Protector Series Standard

4.1 from 34 reviews

Excellent DIY Security System

Got the Protector series II deluxe kit. Simple to set up, great tech and back up support. Would recommend to anybody wanting a DIY security system. Cheers to all at Australian Security Systems

Protector Series II and Camera System

Protector Series II and Camera System. Absolutely amazing service, value for money products, easy to install and would highly recommend. Haven't had any issues with either of the systems and they work!

I love my security camera

"I love my security camera. I now feel much more secure at home knowing that the camera is recording. It works really well and was easy to install.
Australian Security Systems are a great company to buy from and are more than happy to help and give advice.

Quality service, quality product

"Great product, and great service.
The protector system was easy to install and having the peace of mind in knowing that technical support is only a phone call away, means no added installer costs.
I highly recommend Australian Security Systems for your security needs."

Really happy

Bought this system a month ago and it has been great, its really easy to use and when i needed a little help programming the siren i called the tech support and they helped me set it up in 5 mins. Overall im very happy with my purchase and have recommended to my friends.

Awesome System !!! Very Reliable

I want to take the time to THANK Australian Security Systems!! I have had 2 systems fail on me in the past..
I am now going on 2.5 years and havnt had 1 problem.. this morning when I armed my alarm again, this is what promtped me to write this review.. couldn't reccomend these guys anymore for a better and reliable system

Basic quality but does the job

It is cheap materials but once set up it does the job fine. The instruction manual needs an update as some of it doesn’t make sense so I just used my experience of setting up my old system to get the hang of it. One sensor kept false alarming didn’t matter where I put it so I reprogrammed the whole set and now it appears to be ok. Only criticism is the design of the plastic on the back of the sensors isn’t flat so sticking them to the wall with Velcro is difficult and I didn’t want to drill them in. Found if I put a few thick layers of double sided tape it stayed up ok.
If I knew then what I was getting for the price ($650) I would just buy a better quality alarm system for two hundred more and have more faith in it lasting. Will see how it goes but it is very cheaply made and I’m not sure based on reviews below it was worth it.

Faulty battery backup system

After an initial slow response from the company things have greatly improved both in company communication and battery backup life. The backup battery is supposed to last between 24 and 48 hrs but on the two products that I purchased the battery only lasted around 7 to 8 hrs. Replacement products have finally arrived under warranty and the initial test on one panel gives and impressive backup battery life of 40 hrs and the second panel 30 hrs.

Good security system for the Price

Great system and customer service needed with a few questions was fast and helpful. PIR sensors have quite a limited range and you need to play around a lot to get angles right and they need to be positioned very low (unlike regular sensors). However system is easy to install and program with some great functions, like messages and the ability to arm/disarm via the mobile etc. Very easy to order & fast delivery.

Improvements possible

Ordered the product and the online ordering system seem smooth. Front office lady/girl answering the 'phones was polite and helpful. Product arrived okay and was well packaged. Found misleading, missing and erroneous information in the user manual so emailed tech support. No response until I followed them up a few days later. Even then they didn't answer all the (clearly listed) questions. I gave up after three attempts. Web site claims 24/7 tech support but that is not true. Product was easy enough to install but only if you can read between the lines of the manual. Hope I never have to make a warranty claim because I have no confidence that it will be handled properly. The product has potential but not with the current business model. Would I recommend this to my friends ?... no.

Another satisfied customer

Very impressed with your customer service and the speed of delivery of the products. All the components worked and pricing was competitive. I also thought your website was easy to navigate through - quite user friendly. However I was a bit disappointed that batteries were not supplied for door sensor but so far l am very happy with the system. Just one suggestion - I think the User Manual whilst very good, could be a bit more explicit in relation to explaining the various system functions for example what does "Stay Mode" mean?

Love love love this alarm system!

We installed these alarms just over 3 years ago and absolutely love it. We feel so much more at ease having this security system! It was so easy to install and anytime we have needed any help or had any questions the service support has been awesome and we’re always able to assist us! Before I purchased the protector series I did a lot of research and these were by far the best value for money and I’m so happy with our purchase!

Cheap with compromises.

I've had mine installed 4 years ago now but have been getting more frequent false alarms in the last 2 years (soon after the warranty expired). All are triggered by failing PIR sensors that I had to remove the battery completely to stop the alarm even when the unit is in standby mode (not armed). Just last week the external siren have failed as well.

The alarm system is definitely one of the cheapest on the market and is as easy to install as advertised. But it comes with some compromises. The menu is not exactly user friendly. The button press beeps can get quite annoying after a while and each button has different sensitivity. The overall design can be more stylish.

Technical support was responsive but not helpful. The system was indicating a test signal from the PIR even when it is in working mode. At the end, they admited there is no solution and said that's just how it works.

For the price of the system, it is a good unit for the period of the warranty. It did it's work. Especially when you get a discount on home insurance when an alarm system is installed. But now it is used more as a visual deterrent than anything.

So Good !

Thanks for the great service ! .. What an awesome set up I have now with access to my security at the tip of my fingers ! .. Cant beat it ! .. Cant wait for the hard drive to arrive !

Great product

Purchased this system for our new home as we wanted extra security with our young one around. So far I have found it great. It was easy to install and am feeling much more at ease with it installed however it has been set off a couple of times just by our dog so it is quite sensitive but I guess that isn't so bad. Would recommend

Low priced alarm with premium features

I have had this system at my home for the last two years. I initially bought the Protector Series 1 that worked fine with an Aldi SIM Card but due to Telstra switching off the 2G/GSM network ( Aldi uses the Telstra network), I recently upgraded the panel to the Series II that works with 3G. After installing the upgraded 3G panel I had some mobile reception problems. To fix this problem, Australian Security Systems (ASS) provided me with a replacement panel that works perfectly now.

The system is easy to install and program. The arming and disarming function via SMS is very handy as well as the alarm notifications via SMS.

The 9V batteries on the PIR (motion) sensors last between 6 and 9 months depending on how much movement I have in that room. However, the door sensors batteries (23A12V) last a shorter period of time, between 2 to 3 months. I would recommend you use good quality brand batteries. The remote controls use A27 batteries that I have replaced only once in the last two years.

I had one PIR and one door sensor that became faulty which ASS exchanged as part of their two-year warranty program.

It is an inexpensive system with features that are comparable to premium systems. Also, after the shutdown of the Telstra & Optus 2G/GSM networks you will not find many other security alarm brands that have upgraded their systems to 3G, leaving you with no option other than using the landline function only, which would have limited functionality.

Ongoing costs for this system are:

- 9V batteries for the PIR sensors, which would need replacements every 6/9 months approximately.
-Door sensors ( 23A12V) batteries that need replacement every 2/3 months.
- The remote controls batteries ( A27) last longer ( one replacement in two years).
-To activate the SMS function, which is very handy, you will need a SIM card. Suggest you use a long expiry plan( Aldi, Optus and Vodafone have them) and its cost would depend on how much you use the SMS function to arm/disarm the alarm. I personally use an ALDI SIM card on a 365 days expiry. A $15 recharge should be enough for a year, especially if you don't use the SMS arm/disarm function and use the remote controls instead.

Be aware that the advertised sensor's low battery notification feature does not work. Therefore, you will need to monitor the sensor's operation yourself. A lack of a motion red light in the PIR sensors or a door open red light in the door sensors would mean a depleted battery.

The good:

Good customer service
Two-year warranty
Mobile 3G compatibility in addition to landline connection
Easy to install and program
Capability to add additional sensors and accessories, such as remote panel, wired siren, door bell, panic button, glass breakage sensor, etc that you can purchase from ASS.

The not so good:

The advertised sensor's low battery notification feature does not work
The panel comes with a very short power cable.( 1 metre long approximately). A nearby power outlet is required or an extension lead is needed.
No indication on the external siren when arming the alarm. The blue light flashes only when disarming it.

I am happy to give it 5 stars and I hope you find this review useful.

Poor Customer Service

This is a mum and dad outfit. All OK until you have problems and then they filter their calls to the assistance mobile number and never return calls. You need to make many calls and then, just maybe you will get some assistance. A pity as when the system works it is not bad for the money BUT BE WARNED, based on our experience YOU WILL get faulty equipment and need assistance. To date we have had 1 x PIR + 1 x External Siren replaced. With the closing of 2G, whilst this is a 3G compatible unit you will have to find out for yourself who is the right telco to use for SMS ----- and it is a little technical -------- You will get nil assistance from ASS (Aust Security Systems)!!!!!

Perfect system for home or business

A Smart and affordable security system. Easy to use , install and operate. Ideal for home and business. working great with phone line or GSM. I have used mostly on GSM and works as wanted.

This is great... best system yet !!!

Installed The Protector Series 3yrs ago. All is great. Recently upgraded to the 3g model, smooth change over. I can't fault Australian Security Systems tech support are Aussie & easy to understand

Good products, but beware of some advertised features

I have been using the Protector Series for over a year now, it's the time to give a review of the system. I installed the Protector Series in my newly built home last March, and the system literally saved by house for being totally cleaned up by two thieves. The system promptly called my phone when the PIR was triggered, and scared the would be thieves away. I held this system in high regard, however, over time I since found some of the advertised features do not work as below:
- Low battery SMS alert never worked. The system false alarm a few times as a result. ASS acknowledged this issue and have no solution for me.
- Door sensor battery drainage issue, the battery barely lasts 3 months, again caused the system to false alarm. ASS acknowledged this issue but again do not have an answer for me.
- The panel unit is a pain to clip on if you want to change SIM card.
- The wireless external strobe light some times does not work when the alarm is triggered. Sometimes once it's triggered accidentally you cannot shut it off and you have to wait for the 1 minute alarm to ring out. Imagine you accidentally triggered it at night, you can't shut it off immediately.
- Now with the shutdown of 2G, you have no choice but to spend hundreds of bucks more, not ASS fault.

In summary, DON'T BUY the Protector Series, if you want to get this, buy the Series II (worked with 3G) but make sure all the advertised features I highlighted above worked first. I don't plan to upgrade as I am not sure whether those advertised features worked with the new Series II.

I could have given it 2 stars, but it did saved my house from further destruction earlier on so I guess it's an OK system.

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Questions & Answers

Is your security system compatible with the NBN and can I get a battery pack for power blackouts?
1 answer
The alarm system works with either a 3G SIM card (like the one in the mobile phone) or the PSTN land line (pre-NBN old school style phone line). Like many existing unmodified machines (fax etc) they are not set up to work with NBN. Maybe the next version to be released will support NBN but not the current one. Regarding the power for blackouts, there is an internal battery in the main unit that will continue to work for about 24 hours (depends on how much you use it). But if you like DIY then you can always make a connector to an external 12V battery pack.

Are all PIRs wireless, how long do the batteries last?
2 answers
As far as I know, all are wireless. Batteries on the door sensor run out very quickly, you will be lucky to get more than 4 months out of the battery. This is an issue the company is aware of but have no solution. I don't bother using the door sensors anymore due to the constant need to change the battery. Batteries in the PIR (normal ones) last a lot longer however, it lasted almost 12 months using alkaline battery. The battery longevity also depends on where you place the PIR, e.g. one in the lounge dies quicker than the one in a place where there is less movement.I believe they're all wireless for ease of installation of their kits. We had similar issues with batteries running out without notification (we were told the system would monitor and notify us of low batteries for the sensors but that never happened). Pet PIRs lasted about 12 months, but the door sensors only lasted about a month for us. It's worth factoring in battery replacements and SMS as ongoing costs.

What is 4.8 out of 10 mean?
1 answer
I think that people may have problems with getting false alarms. No one wants a security system that "Cries Wolf" that is worse than useless. From my experience there are a number of things you need to be aware of to ensure you don't get false alarms from the PIRs. Don't aim them at windows or doors Understand that they do not detect movement! What they do detect is changes in temperature so if you have anything, ANYTHING that creates heat it will be a problem. In my experience I have had issues with a fridge, and sunlight shining through a door and a window heating the floor. Remember it's the heat from a persons body that the PIR detects. Draw your curtains and close internal doors. In Queensland if you have a western facing window that gets the afternoon sun don't put a PIR anywhere in that room. The heat generated by the afternoon sun will set it off. My system is now completely reliable and I get no false alarms. I would however recommend that you disable the external siren until you test for a long time before you reenable it. Disable by setting the time to 0

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